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Fairy tale meet 1.1.2014 - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Fairy tale meet 1.1.2014 [Feb. 2nd, 2014|07:07 pm]
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On February 1, to start the month off fine, there was a fairy tale themed J-fashion meet in Antwerp, that Caitlin had organised.

Almost group shot

Having to be there at noon at the latest, with a train that either arrives at 15 or 20 past the hour, I was NOT pleased about having to get up an hour earlier as it fucks up my body rhythm (and to be fair I don't think I'd do that again as I'm busted today).
I much more prefer the Belgian Cupcake's thing of "be there between noon and 12.30". But hey, every organiser is entitled to set their own rules, so it was how it was.

Joke and I arrived at about 10 past 11, so we went to Panos to have early lunch because we weren't sure when we'd be be going for food with the group and didn't want to risk starvation.

I had invited Laurens and Dorian of Artifakt, and somewhere in my explanation of "it is a fairy tale themed Japanese fashion meet, with the dresscode being fairy tale but steampunk fashion is ok" it got translated to "hey there's a Gothic meet in Antwerp".
I'm not entirely sure how THAT happened, but it does make me wonder about my crew at times (I love them all, honest, but sometimes I do wonder ^^).

Whilst we waited for everyone to arrive I took an outfit shot for Laurens and Maarten.


When we had found everyone we went to the Rubenshuis, which is, as the name suggests, a museum dedicated to Peter Paul Rubens, who was a painter, diplomat and apparently quite the womanizer. I knew the first two bits, but Caroline had to tell me the third, it's true that you learn something every day I suppose :)

Mdina and Matthew didn't go in with us because they didn't feel like paying the € 6 entrance fee and were going to meet with us again for food later.

And here we see Seneca

Next to leave were Silke, Merel, Nicky and their friend (who's name I don't know). They kind of wandered off to get some air and we didn't see them again. Which was random (but Merel ALWAYS wanders off with her friends so no one was really surprised, generally they show up again though, so this time was slightly different).

After looking at all the pretty art inside, we went outside to take some photos. We took some photos at another location in Antwerp too, but to keep outfits entirely together with detail shots I may mix them up a bit. It's easy to see what was taken where in any case :)

picture time!


Margot wearing Dolly kei.

@ RubenshuisMargot - detail shot
Margot - detail shotMargot - detail shot

Caitlin and Margot were doing their own take on Hansel and Gretel, calling it Hannah and Gretel as they're both girls.
Caitlin asked not to be online publiclyin photos where you can see her face, so I'm posting this photo of their backs instead :)


Caroline the flower fairy.


Joke was Goldielocks.

Nele and PoseidonNele

Nele's outfit was Mermaid themed.

Dorian and Raven-Lynn

I'm not sure what Dorian was, but Raven-Lynn was a witch. Kudos to her for being so persistant she wore sandals in winter!

I went as Puss in Boots. Mainly because I could pull that together from my outfit. I originally wanted to be the Big Bad Wolf, but I didn't have wolf ears (and still don't) and I found out about a meet a little too late to be able to order a nice pair from China. They're cheaper on that shop than the material costs of me making them myself, so at some point I'll just buy a pair. I'm going to see if I can find a pair at Made in Asia next month for the same price before I place an order online though. Next fairy tale meet I'll hopefully manage.
In the original drawings of Puss in Boots, the cat wears bucket boots, a hat and a cape jacket. Bucket boots I had, a hat was out due to the cat ears and whilst I own a cape jacket, it didn't quite work out due to me having to take a backpack along. So this is what it was in the end :)

outfit 1.2.2014outfit: 1.2.2014
detail shotdetail shot

Spiked cat ear headband: Forever 21 (I added the brown roses though)
Scarf: knitted it myself
Shirt: thrifted (vintage C&A)
Corduroy blazer: Impuls
Mittens: H&M
Cat bag: H&M
Satchel: Zatchels
Skirt: made it myself
Petticoats: Dear Celine and American Apparel
Leggings: H&M
Boots: Champion Attitude Boots (the company that did the pirate boots for Pirates of the Caribbean, they sell them made to measure commercially as well ^^)

Photos are all by Margot :)

Robin & Laurens

Laurens and Robin


Maarten, who for some bizar reason thought it was a Gothic meet.

After taking photos in the garden, we went and got our stuff from the lockers and were ready to get lunch at Désirée de Lille. We stopped for a group shot at the mural of the Tree of Tales, because it was excellent for a fairy tale meet :)
Seeing Caitlin didn't want to be in a public photo, the one with her in it isn't online, and I'm posting the one she took.

Almost group shot

Apparently the second we have members of Artifakt amongst us the ability to take a normal group shot flies out of the window.
I'm actually inclinded it's Dorian's fault, because last time Laurens was there too and the group shot came out pretty alright :)

After that we went to aforementioned other location to take more photos :)


Photo of the day: 2.2.2014 (day 32)

Caitlin had rang Désirée to make a reservation, only to be told they didn't accept one for Saturday but there should be room. I went inside to check if there was and huzzah, we could all be seated upstairs. Not all at the same table though so the J-fashion bunch flopped down at one table and the others took another. Sad but couldn't be helped alas.


I had a regular croque monsieur and an ice tea green. I wasn't that hungry so I had something small. I'm glad I did, as it turned out I didn't get to eat dinner 'till 9 pm due to family stuff (which is so fucking swell for someone with a heart condition that needs to eat at more or less set times).

Because it was only 20 past 4 when we left Désirée again, we decided we could do the tour of three thrift shops more or less on the way to the 8tea5 bubble tea bar where we wanted to go have a drink. The non J-fashion group left a little before us because they wanted to catch a viewing of Desolation of Smaug. I hope they liked the movie and had a good time :)

We didn't find anything at the first thrift shop, and before we got to the next one we wandered into Vegas. Which had the most epic retro dress in the universe. It had an octopus print and everything. I totally want it, but at € 125 I don't think it's going to happen ><
(heck, that dress cost more than my wedding dress!).

In the thrift shop some of us managed to find bits and pieces. I found a unisex dieselpunk blouse, just before Matthew saw it, but because I knew I wouldn't wear it much at all, I let him get it instead :)

At the last thrift shop for the day he lucked out again when Joke found a short hooded cloack she let him get instead of getting it herself. So he definitely lucked out that day :)

And then it was time for our last stop of the day before heading to the station: 8tea5 bubble tea bar :)

fun at 8tea5green apple tea

It really was an awesome meet, and I had a great time :)
All the photos of the meet are here :)

And today's photo is still relevant, as I took a photo of my trusty pirate boots :)

Photo of the day: 2.2.2014

[User Picture]From: livingshinigami
2014-02-03 02:49 pm (UTC)
I think Dorian and Raven-Lynn were doing Beauty & the Beast. Dorian was the Beast and Raven-Lynn was the witch who turned him into the Beast. =)
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2014-02-03 02:52 pm (UTC)
Dat zou best wel eens kunnen, ik weet dat Raven-Lynn definitely een heks was, maar Dorian was een tijd terug aan het zeggen dat hij als tovenaar wou komen. Ik ga het hem vragen de volgende keer dat ik hem online zie :)

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