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January Artifakt steampunk meet: 5.1.2014 - Hasselt - Belgium - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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January Artifakt steampunk meet: 5.1.2014 - Hasselt - Belgium [Jan. 6th, 2014|11:53 am]
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We didn't manage to do a Christmas meet in December due to circumstances, but because Christmas markets in most Belgian cities were sticking around 'till Sunday the 5th of January, we profitted of the occassion to make the January meet our belated Christmas meet and go to Winter Wonderland in Hasselt :)

Group shot at dusk

After some mishaps with the NMBS (train company) infrastructure (dear NMBS, please note that train doors are supposed to OPEN upon arrival in stations, thank you!) Marijke and I found each other and we drove to Hasselt. She was so kind to let me catch a ride in her car, and save me from train caused mishaps! Seriously, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

So we got to Dorian's place, thankfully without further mishaps, and managed to park right outside his student room :) Huzzah!
We spend some time at his before it was time to go pick up Natacha from the bus stop and go to Winter Wonderland :)

I quite liked Winter Wonderland. First of all it wasn't hectically crowded like the Antwerp Christmas market was on December 22nd. It being well after Christmas probably had something to do with it. It was full of Santa statues, a lot of which were painted kind of zombie like, much to our amusement.

Santa statueSanta is totally omnipresent!


Dorian has a Christmas hat and Santa like gloves :)

It was also much more like a fun fair (kermis), Christmas market, food court and ice skating rink combined, which was kindda cool.

oh no, what now...

Santa statues and tomfoolery had to happen sooner rather than later. This is also my photo of the day for January 5th, I didn't get a chance to post it yesterday as I was home in the evening and really tired.

The undead!

For diversity's sake, they also added some snowmen.

Snowman statue

For lunch we went to get food at various stands and went to sit down to eat in one of the areas they had sorted for that.
I had churros, Marijke had beignets, Natacha had calamares and Dorian had a burger. Yeah we didn't eat very healty at the fair, oops!

churros for lunch!

Because we are crafty people, we decided to go check out Veritas. Normally shops aren't open on Sunday, but as it was the first day of the sales it was a shopping Sunday so they were exeptionally.

Dorian looking for craft supplies

Looking for the right yarn for an air kraken

Marijke is looking for the perfect yarn for an air kraken. She did find one in the end, it's now at my house because I shall turn it into a kraken as soon as the scarf I'm knitting is finished :)

My outfit, yes I was wearing a steampunk lolita outfit with *gasp* colour! :)
Photo by Marijke :)

outfit: 6.1.2013

Top: E.D.C.
Cardigan: H&M
Globe necklace: Atelier Tausandschön
Key necklace: vintage
Hip bag: Zara Kids
Kisslock bag: customised Claire's
Cog/gear print skirt: made it myself
Petticoats: Dear Celine and American Apparel
Stockings: Insua (grey, I really need to get a lighter grey pair) and American Apparel (orange)
Boots: Schuh
Accessories: Hema, vintage, handmade, Theo, Moonraven Designs, Poorman's Gold Label

Sadly I didn't manage Natacha's outfit photo because the Veritas lady said we couldn't take photos in the store :(

We wandered around exploring some more, and of course forgot to get a group shot and fujiroid shot sorted whilst it was light. BUT we did find these super friendly ladies that were shopping that were happy to take our photo for us at dusk. Like Dorian said: it's something else to have a group shot from that time of night :)
So: mission accomplished after all :)