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December catch-up post #2: Lolita fashion meet for Kyla - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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December catch-up post #2: Lolita fashion meet for Kyla [Jan. 1st, 2014|10:03 am]
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Kyla is an American Lolita, who is dating Peter who lives in Ghent. She's thinking about maybe move over here, so to make sure she got to meet some of the Belgian and Dutch Lolitas, Tamara set up a meet in Antwerp just for her. Which was mighty nice and awesome of her I thought! So 30+ Lolita and J-fashion affectionados answered the call and flocked to Antwerp on Sunday, December the 8th to hang out and have a general good time :)

Group shot

Joke and I, seeing we live in the same town, took the same train to Antwerp, so the photo madness obviously had to begin at the platform :)

ready to go!ready to go!

And continued on the train :)

Joke playing Animal Crossing

I had pretty much just arrived when one of my friends (I think it was Saltje) pointed out someone I knew was behind me. And it turned out to be Laurens from my steampunk crew Artifakt! Huzzah! Seeing Laurens dresses Dieselpunk on a daily basis, and was there anyway, he decided to come along :) The more the merrier!

There's always some people that still have to arrive after the meet time starts, so I figured that whilst we waited I'd take the outfit shot of those that wanted one on the stairs :)
I can't remember everyone's name, so I'm just posting those here of the people I do know the name of, and you can see the rest here in the flickr set :)
If you see your photo in that set, and I've missed your name (I do apologise!), feel free to comment on the photo with your name so I can add it! :)
Or leave a comment here with the link to your photo :)







Lise and Liesa

Lise and Liesa







(I really love that dress!)


If I could get my paws on a violin totebag like that, I would not say no!


Tamara, who organised the meet :)

Tamara, who organised the meet



Kyla, who the meet was for :)

065 copy



Laurens and I weren't the only 'punks either!
Mdina and Matthew had both mixed ouji (boystyle) with Steampunk (Mdina) and Dieselpunk (Matthew). Awesome! Considering that since then they've both joined Artifakt, this totally counts as the Artifakt group shot. Photo by Fanny!

The Artifakt bunch

Annso and Vief were, as usual, running late as heck, so sadly they're not in the group shot :(
I did manage to get Annso's outfit photo when she arrived though :)


We wandered over the Keiserlei onto the Meir where we invaded New Yorker where our friend Daisy was at work. She couldn't join 'till the dinner group went to Wagamama later that day so we went to say hello to her. Isn't her hair absolutely AWESOME?!

Invading Daisy's workplace

checked out the Disney Store (which is sadly now closed),

Fun with the shop decor*click*

some of us popped into Think Twice (a vintage/second hand store) and into the 8tea5 bubble tea bar :)

bubble tea!

When everyone that wanted had gotten their hands on bubble tea, we decided to split up, as some wanted to go shopping and others wanted to see the Christmas market.
So I agreed with Claire that Laurens and I were going to quickly pop into the bank and then Verschooten (as I was going to pick up a Nerf HammerShot, a can of black spray paint and a pot of Citadel Warlock Bronze) and we'd join them again afterwards.
So off on our errands we went, and spend some time in the hobby shop talking Nerf and steampunk :)
After that we found the rest at Panos, where they were having lunch. Where some people from the Homestruck meet showed up and sang us a dodgy Christmas carrol :) Good times ^^

The Homestruck group singing a Christmas song

We had already had lunch, because I had brought food, so we waited 'till everyone had eaten to visit the Christmas market.
Sadly it was SWAMPED! Totally overcrowed as hell! It was far too crowded for me, so we decided to leave earlier. So hopefully next meet I'll get to hang out with people longer!

Laurens and I decided that on the way to the station we'd pop into two second hand shops that were on the way anyway.
In the first shop, of which I don't know the name, he showed me the vintage fur hat he loved. I took a photo because neither of us had enough cash to buy it (I would have fronted it if I had enough money in my pockets). The plant bit is background obviously, and not part of the actual hat ;)


Random raspberry along the way...

Random giant raspberry

And then in the Kammenstraat Think Twice we considered things to buy and played with the typewriter.

typewriter fun!Laurens plotting evil things

Laurens also kindly took my outfit photo.

Outfit: 22.12.2013

Hat: H&M kids
Holly hairclip on hat: mad it myself
Scarf tied in a bow: Taobao
Buttons on cardigan: Disneyland and my own design
Cardigan: Primark
Belt bag: Zara Kids
Mittens: H&M
Skirt: made it myself
Petticoats: Dear Celine and American Apparel
Nylons: American Apparel
Spats: my own design, made them myself
Boots: Kickers
Accessories: Theo, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, Poorman's Gold Label, Bows and Apples, Camille et Margot, Moonraven Designs, Pandora, Abraxion, Prague Goldsmith Street, vintage, handmade, Fossil, Atelier Tausandschön

Laurens did find an awesome waistcoat in Bert's size, so I did buy that (it was much cheaper than the fur hat!). Which in turn made Bert really happy because he had wanted a waistcoat like that for ages.

All my photos of the meet are here :)