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Things I hadn't gotten 'round to blog about yet part 5: August Artifakt steampunk meet - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Things I hadn't gotten 'round to blog about yet part 5: August Artifakt steampunk meet [Aug. 15th, 2013|11:37 am]
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Last Sunday (August 11th) was the monthly Artifakt meet in Antwerp.
I don't think we'll go somewhere else any time soon because you know, we're all from the province of Antwerp :)

I would put a group photo here but we forgot to have one taken, oops! So have this photo of Laurens and Sammy instead.

Laurens and Sam

Marijke had said, several times, she wanted to go to a tearoom for tea and cupcakes. Now these places seem to be rarer than unicorns, so when I passed by a rather more sizeable than one that seats 5 in total it seemed a good plan to go there.
And lo and behold, we turned out having the entire upstairs to ourselves!


There were no cupcakes so cake was had instead.

blueberry cheesecake




After that we braved the rain and went to the old city library around the corner to see the Van Eetvelt exhibit. Which was, sadly extremely underwhelming. Bad lighting, everything behind thick glass, thus organised so you could barely make anything out. The only thing properly visible were the buste statues and they weren't that interesting. Disappointing really.
And the beautiful globes, that should have been back in April, still aren't back from cleaning and restauration.
At least we were out of the rain I suppose.

At the libary exhibit

After that Marijke had to leave early to have dinner at home, we tried to sort out a library card for Laurens at the Plantin-Moretus only to find it closed, and went on a lenghty search for fastfood. We settled on the hallal place at the station, that sadly did NOT improve after it's refurb into the Hallal version of McDonalds. So seeing the food there is a bit fail we won't be doing that again. Oh why oh why is there no decent chip shop in Antwerp?!

Back home, I took out the cat and Bert took some photos, seeing I like those better than the ones in the tearoom (sorry Sammy!) I picked an outfit shot from those :)

outfit: 11.8.2013

Top: Strange Artifact band tee, had it printed at Geprint! (with the band's permission of course!)
Hip bag: Zara Kids
Skirt: made it myself
Petticoat: Dear Celine
Spats: my own design, made them myself
Shoes: Secret Shop

For more photos, click here.