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Watch the skies! (Disneyland Paris trip report: Air Kraken Day/St-Patrick's Day) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Watch the skies! (Disneyland Paris trip report: Air Kraken Day/St-Patrick's Day) [Mar. 25th, 2011|03:16 pm]
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Watch the skies for it is Air Kraken Day
Wearing green is also a good idea because it's also St-Patrick's Day!


The day, as usually, started with me dragging myself out of bed at an ungodly hour, this time it was 4am, which wasn’t too bad. I had an hour to pack the last bits and pieces and get dressed before my dad kindly picked me up to drop me of at Sam’s place. Sam and I left around 6am and got there around 10ish I think. In any case we got there before the Irish character meet and greets started.

parking entranceWelcome

There was an Irish musicians duet playing outside Main Street train station. Which was awesome. I wish I had managed to get a better photo of them but people kept on shoving and being obnoxious to get shots so I just gave up. Also it didn’t help that one rude person just shoved herself in the middle of the musicians for a photo, whilst they were playing I add, because it just encouraged others to follow suit.

Irish musicians duet

There weren’t any St-Pat’s program flyers out in the dispensers like last year, but I knew they existed because I had seen the design online. So I hopped into City Hall and lo and behold they were there indeed ^^ Apparently they had them out in the hotels too.

St-Patrick's Day program

Our friend mugi_hamster was already in the resort because her family had coincidentally booked a trip at the same time we were going (they were staying on site in Hotel New York) and obviously we were meeting up. So we waited for her to come to the gazebo on Main Street’s central plaza and went to meet Irish Minnie and Mickey. We had originally intended to try to grab the new special characters, leprechauns, first but we didn’t see those around initially so we went with Minnie and then Mickey instead.

With Irish MinnieWith Irish Mickey

Oh and Air Kraken Day badges (which I designed and had made) had to be given to Sam and Sue-Lyn so all three of us had one :)

Air Kraken Day badge

We did see the leprechauns (Two silly looking ones in tacky crushed velvet [honestly who thought it was a great idea to use that? It’s like one of the WORST fabrics in existence!] + GandElf [one of them looked like a cross of Gandalf and an elf, ergo GandElf]) when we were walking towards Frontierland, but they were just about leaving. In Frontierland Big Thunder Mountain was down (queue our collective screams of terror)

Big Thunder Mountain
so we hopped into Phantom Manor instead. It was a super short queue, only 5 minutes ^^

Phantom Manor CMPhantom Manor

Some Frontierland photos

paddle steamerSUGAR!


Of course we visited Boot Hill Cemetary too

to the cemetary or Thunder MesaBoot Hill cemetary

new grave :)Ballard graves

After that we decided to go to Discoveryland, and discovered the leprechauns were out again. This time we did succeed at grabbing a picture. I thought they were funny, they were very quirky and friendly and fun to interact with, but my sole regret is that they were French instead of properly Irish. They do the effort of getting actual Irish entertainment in from Ireland for the day, but the leprechauns were still local.

With leprechaunsWith a leprechaun

We then did get into Discoveryland where the queue for Space Mountain said it was 15 minutes, so Sam went on there whilst Sue-Lyn and I went into Constellations (the shop next to Buzz Lightyear Lazer Blast) to wait for him there.
Of course that just meant playing around with silly merchandise.

Wearing Minnie Mouse rain hats

After Sam rejoined us, and took some photos of us being daft, we went to get a return ticket for Buzz. Which was for 5 minutes later, so we went to the handicapped area and waiting to be let on.
I’m still pretty rubbish at the shooting game but that’s alright, I had fun :)

Buzz Lightyear Lazer BlastZurg is a bad toy!

From one space adventure we ambled on to the next for Star Tours, which remains AWESOME! On the way there I took some photos of Wall-e and Eve :)

Eve & Wall-e

The Star Tours queue was super short too so we did the normal lines and I think we were in there about 10 minutes in total and that’s waiting at the outside of the simulator included. If it was that much.


We checked out the merchandise in Star Traders afterward, which resulted in Sam nearly getting pummelled with a toy light sabre, which I thought was funny :D

fun with a toy light sabre

Briefly we did consider seeing Captain E.O.

Captain E.O.

but we decided against it in favour of Les Mystères du Nautilus (mainly because for E.O. we’d have to wait for 10 minutes in the freezing cold),


which one simply MUST do on Air Kraken Day. Well on every visit really, but especially on Air Kraken Day. The Kraken needs repairs by the way.

Sue-Lyn at the kraken displayWith Cthulhu at the Kraken display

Then there was some more picture taking

AutopiaJules Verne tribute

Discoveryland information and mapCafé Hyperion

and we went back on the way to Frontierland to have lunch at Fuente del Oro.

On the way there, however, we noticed the Feile Irish dancers were on the Fantasyland Festival Stage so we went to see them. Especially as Sam and I had missed them the year before.

Feile Irish Dancers with Chip & Dale

Feile Irish Dancers teach the crowd a few steps

Thunder had started running by that time, which made us very happy indeed. The warmth inside the restaurant also made us very happy.

fountaincounter detail

most of our lunches :)

(that’s not all of our food, not everything fit in the photo)

Sue-Lyn went back to the hotel after food to get her coat, and I was inwardly cursing myself for not wearing my aviator jacket instead of my tailcoat, although I wasn’t quite as freezing as poor Sue-Lyn was.
Last year we definitely got better weather on St-Pat’s!

When Sue-Lyn got back we cleaned up our lunch and went to get a return ticked for Thunder for 6pm and left Frontierland for Fantasyland.

Sleeping Beauty Castleglass in lead carrousel horse

We first went to visit the dragon in La Tanière du Dragon which is in the basement of the castle,

cranky dragon

and looked around in the shops on the next level inside the castle: Merlin ‘l enchanteur

shop detailsuper expensive crystal castle

glass artist

and Le boutique due Château.

Then we hopped into Blanche Neige et les Sept Nains (the French version of Snow White’s Scary Adventures I suppose) which I really like. It’s all about the witch really :D

entranceBeware the Wicked Witch

Video from an awesome detail in La Chaumière des Sept Nains, the shop next to the Snow White ride.

Then we got a return ticket for Peter Pan’s Flight, which was for 15 minutes later so Sam got popcorn to share with us (next time I really will buy the popcorn, it’s not fair he always has to) and I got a waffle. The waffle wasn’t that great so I shared it with the local sparrows and finches. One sparrow was really cool, if you threw a piece at him he would hop up and catch it from the air.
Sam was giving them popcorn too, they were very cute.

We just about managed to finish off our snacks before we had to be back at Peter Pan’s ^__^

eating popcornPeter Pan's Flight

Coming out of Pan we went to Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups and drilled into Sam’s head that he was not to make it spin at mach 5. We of course choose a green one on the account of it being Saint Patrick’s Day and lo and behold, it was one with mach 5 capacity. Thankfully Sam is a man of his word and he didn’t make it spin full speed.

Mad Hatter's tea cupsMad Hatter's tea cups

Preparing to spin like a mad personfun in the tea cups

We decided against the labyrinth because there was a queue for it which means it’ll be ridiculously crowded inside and then it’s just NO fun to be in there at all.

Sadly after tea cups it was time for the dreaded horror that is It’s a Small World. I really do NOT like Small World. But Sam likes to do it once every visit so yeah.


By then it was time to go see the pre-parade so we hopped off to Main Street via Adventureland

The Jolly Roger in the distancechandelier


buildingThe Jolly Roger and Skull Rock

and went into the handicapped zone.

Mickey & Minnie carChip & Dale

Feile Irish DancersPride of Murray Pipe band

Because there were 30 minutes between the pre-parade and the parade itself we went to hide in the stores for a bit first because it was simply too cold to stay outside for longer than absolutely necessary.

We managed to get back in time for the parade though so all was well ^__^

Mickey, Minnie and DonaldToy Story 2 float

PoohHook's crew

Peter Pan floatMaleficent

dancing royals

After the Once Upon a Dream parade it was time for Thunder so we went on that, and as usual the ride ROCKED. Best rollercoaster ever (of course the fact that Thunder is the only rollercoaster I get to ride may have something to do with that).

Big Thunder Mountain

Coming out of Thunder we bumped into Sue-Lyn’s dad, sister, brother in law and niece who had just gotten out of Phantom Manor and were going to Thunder.

Seeing we still had oodles of time ‘till the fireworks started we decided to go into Phantom Manor again, which still only had a 5 minute queue ^__^

Afterwards we went to Cowboy Cookout BBQ and found it closed, much to our chagrin. Well Sam and mine’s chagrin, Sue-Lyn was going to have dinner with her family, who we bumped into again outside Cowboy Cookout. We said goodbye to Sue-Lyn who went with them to the hotel where her mum and other niece were and decided to go find food somewhere else. I went to get croissants at Cookie Corner and Sam got a hot dog menu at Casey’s Corner. Seating was, as usual, scarce but we managed to find a table in the Discovery Arcade, which was still cold but at least less cold than sitting outside without any kind of cover.

Discovery Arcade

We wandered for a bit ‘till the fireworks started and then went to see it. Ok so there were a few trees in the way but seeing how high up the fireworks go that wasn’t much of a problem at all :)

The fireworks were gorgeous really, but sadly due to the damp air and the cold everything was fogging up like CRAZY. Halfway through the fireworks you couldn’t see the castle anymore and the sky looked like it was on fire (which, by the way, was an awesome side effect). We left as soon as the fireworks were over and even outside the park there was a thick fog! It made breathing challenging (I’ve got asthma) I can tell you that (but not _that_ challenging, I didn’t need to get out my inhaler so it was all good).

St Patrick's Day fireworks
So then it was time to go to our hotel and check in there. We were staying off site in a hotel friends of mine always use when they go to DLP, in the next town (Bussy St-George) and to be honest it was alright. It was cheap, clean and quiet so we really couldn’t complain. Don’t get me wrong, Sam and I LOVE staying on site, but it can get _ridiculously_ expensive.

Obligatory outfit photo

outfit 17.3.2011: St-Patrick's Day/Air Kraken Day

Scarf: H&M
Tailcoat: my own design, made it myself
Green longsleeve: made it myself
Cardigan: H&M
Bag: vintage, present from my sister
Hip bag: Eastpak
Skirt: made it myself
Petticoat: American Apparel
Tights: American Apparel
Spats: my own design, made them myself
Shoes: Secret Shop
Mittens: H&M
Umbrella: Lisbeth Dahl

It should go without saying, but no content of this post can be used without my prior permission. If you want to use something, ASK first ok!

All photos can be found here on my flickr page :)

The day 2 report can be found here :)

[User Picture]From: annsooo
2011-03-25 02:33 pm (UTC)
So cool to know that they celebrate St. Patrick's day in disneyland Paris! ;D

And I love your outfit!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2011-03-25 03:11 pm (UTC)
Thanks :)
I would suggest waiting 'till St-Pat's is on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday again because then the crowds will be smallest.
Actually Tuesday or Wednesday is probably best, we did it last year too and there were definitely a lot less people than this year.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: sancta_terra
2011-05-08 04:13 pm (UTC)
thank you for posting! loved the Fuente photos especially - i used to work there and it always makes me so happy to see the place!
(Reply) (Thread)