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trip report: Disneyland Paris Halloween (20 days 'till Halloween!) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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trip report: Disneyland Paris Halloween (20 days 'till Halloween!) [Oct. 11th, 2010|10:56 am]
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Bert had won a free entry ticket for a day in both parks via the Carrefour Disneyland Paris pins action (long story short: a local supermarket would give pins to celebrate the New Generation festival with certain product or if you bought for a certain amount and with the gold mickey ears pin you could win a free entry ticket). So out of the blue he decided that since I love Halloween at Disney so much, he’d take a day off and take me. My bf is the best :)

So on Thursday the 7th we got up at silly o’ clock (3am) to drive to the Disneyland Paris Resort :)

Of course I took a lot more photos than the ones in this report, you can see those here :)

First thing I noticed when we got to the parking lot is that it’s gotten quite a bit more expensive to park there. When I first got an AP back in 2008, it was € 8 for a car and now it’s already € 15! Good thing I have a Dream AP and we thus don’t have to pay parking.

We got there about 8.20ish and of course since it was low season, we still got to park in the very first row :D

So off we went to get Bert’s winning notification turned into an actual entrance ticket. At Guest Relations we were send to the ticket booths, which luckily weren’t crowded at all and the lady there handed Bert a ticket without any issue at all ^__^

Bert's entrance ticket

We then went into the park and the first thing we noticed was the lack of Halloween decorations. Normally when you go into Main Street USA you see this AWESOME decoration stating the dates of the Halloween season. Instead they still had the standard New Generation thing up!

Last year:

Main Street USA entrance

This year:

entrance sign

Other years you could see Main Street practically filled to the brim with Halloween décor, this year it was sadly really rather scarse. No pumpkin men in the streets, no gremlins, hardly anything! Not even the pretty flowers from last year!
There were some new pumpkin decorations around the Central Plaza stage though.


We decided to profit of Extra Magical Hours to ride Buzz with a 2 minute queue (it was a straight walk through) :D
Of course Bert beat me at it again with a total monster score, I don’t think he ever got that much!

Buzz Lightyear Lazer BlastBert's score

After that we went to Fantasyland to see whether there would be Halloween décor there and found some of the same new pumpkins scattered around. And they were already setting up Belle’s Christmas village which pissed me off slightly. I understand that seeing the Christmas season is so close to the Halloween season they need to start setting it up early but seriously, they were really rubbing it in that they thought that Christmas this year was a way bigger deal than Halloween and for someone like me, who thinks little of Christmas and a LOT of Halloween that was rather annoying!

Epic fail is EPIC, that's all I have to say about that!
Total clash of the holidays and Halloween is loosing :(


We went to ride teacups, because we both love teacups and then wandered around for a bit to take more photos :)

no queue!lanterns

Bert in the teacupsI <3 the teacups

And to go visit the dragon :D

The dragonLa Tanière du Dragon

After that it was nearly 10, so we went to wait for Frontierland

Frontierland = Halloweenland

to open and ride Big Thunder Mountain, which had a 5 minute queue :D

5 minutes wait :)Big Thunder Mountain Railroad goes Halloween!

Coming out of Thunder we went to look at the Halloween merchandise and bought some lollipops and a Minnie eared witch hat hairclip.

Halloween merchandise

Those hairclips were super popular, I think I may have snatched the last in the park O_o You could see people wearing them all over the place (and as usual the stocks on them were terribly low, even worse than last year's purple edition [which was prettier really]). And took more photos of course :D

Pumpkin ManPumpkin Lady

Halloween decorPumpkin Lady

I also picked up some pins for [Bad username: ansooo> who had asked me to bring pins back next time I went :) It was time for villain meet and greets then so we went to <a href=]Phantom Manor</a> where I took more pictures waiting for the villains to show up.

Out came Jafar

With Jafar and Iago


With Frollo

and Captain Hook

With Captain James Hook

Which is fewer villains then last year (when there was also Cruella, Ratcliffe, Gaston and Shan-Yu out) but I always like meeting Hook so it’s all good ^__^

On the way to the Jack Skellington meet and greet I took more photos of the Halloween décor :D

This way to Jack and Sallyroadsign

Jack Skellington had a 5 minute queue and I even managed to convince Bert to have his photo taken with him :D

With Jack Skellington

Generally Bert only has his photo taken with a character if the characters badger him into it haha.

We got some trick or treat candy too from Jack!

Then we went to go see if the AP office was crowded because I needed to get a new disability pass as mine didn’t list the rides from Toy Story Playland yet. The CM helping me was super friendly. She was a bit surprised that the rollercoasters on mine were scratched through and asked why it was. I told her it was done because I had cardiac arrithmea. She asked if she needed to scratch them through on the new pass too. I told her she could if she wanted but that she didn’t need to as I wouldn’t ride a rollercoaster I wasn’t allowed in anyway (which is the truth) and told her that I knew that I could only ride Crush and Thunder. She said she wasn’t going to scratch anything then because she trusted me not to go in something I knew was a bad plan. She was really super friendly and sweet! She also had my card laminated for me and everything :)
Bert thought the AP office was great too because it had comfy sofas and Wall-e on the big screen :D

After that we wandered around some more, found the Minnie train (which unlike previous years was also NOT decorated for Halloween, boo hiss!) and I found Devil Donald. A French girl who was queuing to take a photo of her friend with Donald saw my outfit and told me she loved it and asked if she could take my photo, which made me happy ^__^ She was super sweet too, I kindda wish I had asked Bert to take a picture of the both of us. I said goodbye to the nice French girl and went back to Donald who suddenly noticed I was a Halloween themed outfit and thought that was awesome!

Donald inspects my outfit (he didn't randomly pull at it, he did ask [well signed more like it as he doesn't speak] whether it was ok to touch my clothes):

Donald looking at my outfitDonald looking at my outfit

Donald thinks we should do scary hands for a photo together:

Donald thinks we should do scary hands

with Devil Donald

I love it when characters are interactive :)

Too bad Bert didn't manage to get a picture of us high fiving, there was someone who went to stand right in front of him, boo hiss to rude people!

A lot of CMs complimented me on my clothes, and a lot of guests thought it was pretty cool too. CMs especially were glad to see someone dressed up because they keep on trying to encourage people to dress up during the Halloween season but generally it fails pretty horribly ‘till Halloween itself :(

Mind you CMs have pretty cool costumes themselves!

Halloween CMPhantom Manor CM

I also had my photo taken with Pumpkin Mom, who is a pumpkin lady dressed in Victorian garb and my favourite pumpkin person :)

With Pumpkin Mom

After all of that wandering and running about we were quite hungry so Bert and I went to Main Street to go eat some cake or some such. We noticed Tiana and Naveen were going to start meet and greets soon so we queued for that first. The queue was quite long so I used my disability pass because standing for 45 minutes is never a good plan (especially when I’m tired and hungry as that just makes fainting happen sooner).
I love meeting Tiana and Naveen, they are always super interactive and I adore the skirt part of Tiana’s dress, it’s so gorgeous. I’m not a princess fan, but for Tiana I’ll make an exeption :)

With Tiana and Naveen

I had heard before that Dr Facillier would possibly rotate with Tiana and Naveen, so I asked a CM that was attending the meet and greet about it. She told me that it was best to ask a CM at the show, because Facillier was in it and sometimes villains would come down after the show and do meet and greets over the fence.

We decided to eat at Market House Deli as that was closest by and not crowed at all. The weather was also super warm and it has a nice outside seating area. We both got a slice of flan cake, which we generally love. Sadly the French flan isn’t nearly as nice as ours O_o Bert made the very accurate remark that it was so overly sweet that it made the Nestea taste like water X_x


After lunch it was about 20 minutes to the villains show, so we ambled down to Central Plaza and went to sit in the handicapped zone where we could sit on a bench and enjoy the sunshine and watch people and the pretty old timers.

I really adore the Villains Halloween Showtime. Generally you can’t get me to go and sit down to see a show at the parks but for this one I’ll gladly make an exception. My one big regret is that they canned Maleficent entirely and replaced her with Facillier. Don’t get me wrong, Facillier was awesome, but it just would have been better if they had both in the show! I miss Maleficent. They had this awesome bit where she did the tango with Jafar, that’s just irreplaceable :(

The Disney Villains&apos; Halloween Showtime

After the show I asked a CM whether Facillier would do meet and greets and he told me Facillier would be out during the second meet and greet times in Frontierland outside Phantom Manor. So Bert and I wandered around some more, went to Discoveryland to do Nautilus.


I wanted to make another Kraken video but sadly it was the day where everyone felt the need to go stick right against the Kraken so there were too many people in the way.
Bert demonstrating the daftness of other people (sadly this encouraged more people to follow suit, whoops)

Bert checks out the Kraken

We then went to the Liberty Arcade, which Bert really enjoys

Statue of Liberty Tableau

and looked at some shops

cubist Mickeycubist Goofycubist Donald

(I want to own all 3 of these cubist pieces, even Bert likes them and he generally HATES modern art and things like Cubism).

before it was time to go meet Dr Facillier ^__^
I really fear a total mob around him on Halloween itself X_x

With Dr Facilier

After Facillier we ambled to the Studios Park to ride Crush, which Bert and I hadn't done before. And took more photos on the way :D

Bert relaxing on a pagoda bench

The Sorcerer&apos;s Apprentice

I loved it when it started out, I ADORED the jelly fish part, and the shark part. I thought it was the most awesome thing EVER.

But then it got really wild and to be honest a bit too wild for me. So to be on the safe side health wise I won't ride it again. Don't want things to go wrong after all! Too bad because Crush is an AWESOME ride but I don't want to take unneccessary risks so I'll stick to Thunder, I know that won't give me any trouble at all :) Better safe than sorry!

The day after the trip I discovered the brioche I hadn’t eaten yet so I munched that :)

Nom nom Mickey briocheNom nom Mickey brioche

Inspite of Halloween being rather fail this year in comparison to previous years I had an AWESOME time :)

I also played the photo scavenger hunt again, you can see the results of that here :)

And now for the obligatory outfit shots:

steampunk Halloween lolitamy outfit for the day :)

Umbrella: H.Due.O
Witchhat hairband: my own design, made it myself
Waistcoat: made it myself
Brooches on waistcoat: Maleficent brooch by Disney, the other one I made myself
Shirt: my own design, made it myself
Necktie: made it myself
Hip Bag: Eastpak
Bag: vintage, Christmas present from my sister
Skirt: made it myself
Petticoat: American Apparel
Bow brooch on skirt: made it myself
Tights: American Apparel
Spats: my own design, made them myself
Shoes: Secret Shop

Copyright 2010 Bert Van den Wyngaert (photography) and Hilde Heyvaert (design).
All rights reserved.
No unauthorized use, reproduction or distribution without prior permission.

accessoriesbrooches on my waistcoat


It really should go without saying that none of the photos (or my designs in the photos) can be used, reproduced or distributed without my prior permission. So if you want to use something, be polite and please ask first!

[User Picture]From: falhawk
2010-10-14 04:08 pm (UTC)
Love your reports and photos, you lucky thing to go so often
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: sancta_terra
2010-10-30 01:44 am (UTC)
hey! I found this via tumblr, a lovely report of DLRP! I worked there this summer (and will be back for Christmas!) but couldn't work Halloween so I love to see so many photos of it! and Doctor Facilier looks amazing!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2010-10-30 07:21 am (UTC)
What kind of work did you do there? Some of the jobs there look really awesome :)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: sancta_terra
2010-10-30 10:54 am (UTC)
at Fuente restaurant :) the work isn't the best but the people are loads of fun, and I just love disney! thank you again for posting!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)