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August faves! [Aug. 31st, 2018|08:29 pm]
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August faves

My August top 5! (well no, I just have these 5, but hey, that's ok! ^^)

- Beautyblender storage box
- Boxlunch, Oozma Kappy spirit jersey
- Clinique, Pep-Start eye cream
- M.A.C, lipstick in Bronze Shimmer
- Too Faced, Born This Way Super Coverage concealer in Snow

small food pot = Beautyblender storage

Keep things safe
I could have bought a Beautyblender Defender, or whatever the little protective cases for them are called. But, personally I feel that putting them in a thing with holes in them, silicone or otherwise, is not exactly a good idea to keep them clean. Plus, those things are nearly as pricy as an actual beauty blender. So last time we were at Bioplanet, Bert got me this little storage put in bioplastic. I don’t remember what brand it is, because I pulled off all the stickers. But it was less than €4. And sure, it has a lid, but when my Beautyblender is wet, I put the pot on the lid so it can dry. It’s in there safely, and I can safely travel with it. Sounds like an excellent solution to me!
By the way, this is by no means a jab at people that did by the official protective case for it. Everyone has their own way to transport and protect their things, and whilst I wouldn’t spend that kind of cash on the defender, I can totally understand others would. To each their own!


Clinique eye cream

Some pep for your eyes
I got a sample of this with a Douglas order and used it for about a week before it ran out. And I really did notice the difference. The grey underneath my eyes, which is of vampiric horror movie proportions (no really, it is), actually started to feint significantly. To the point where I actually don’t need to colour correct underneath my eyes for my concealer to look flawless (or maybe that Too Faced super coverage concealer is just THAT good). Aside from all of that it just feels really nice, it’s super moisturising and my concealer looks nicer. So yeah, well worth the money I paid for the full size (but of course the €6+ discount was nice, I’m not gonna lie!).


Too Faced - Born This Way super coverage concealer in Snow

Begone foul undereye darkness
Like I said before, my under eye area is VERY dark. Vampire, horror movie dark. It doesn’t mean I don’t have no make-up days. I quite happily shock the locals on a regular basis by showing up without anything other than lip balm (no one likes dry lips!), but I’m not gonna lie, I also like camouflaging that darkness to look healthy and well, better (because those dark stains under my eyes aren’t exactly flattering). This is the first concealer that not just wipes out that darkness, but keeps my under eye area hydrated at the same time. And Snow is my exact shade match. How convenient is that!? It often looks a little lighter because of the setting powder I use, but hey, all good. I love the look of this, I love the feel of this, and it’s completely replaced my trusty M.A.C pro longwear concealer. I won’t be repurchasing any of my other concealers, that’s for sure. Hell, I’m sticking with this guy!

Loa the faithful feline blogging assistant


M.A.C, lipstick in Bronze Shimmer

All the brass, get on my face!
Before Bronze Shimmer there were Amber Lights and Brass Band. Which are my favourite eyeshadow and eyeliner by M.A.C, respectively. So when I discovered Bronze Shimmer, I had to have it. I did put off buying it for a good while though, because I had 6 Back to M.A.C program empties and I wanted to exchange them in France for Bronze Shimmer. Which I did. Huzzah.
I know that a brass lipstick is kind of out there, but I don’t care. I like brass. Even on my lips. I feel that this is actually really wearable, because of how it wears and sort of blends in with my natural lip colour.
I personally don’t pair it with lip pencils, but I think that could work super well too. It’s just very versatile in my opinion, and of course you know, brass.


Outfit: 30.8.2018

Dress like an MU student
Can someone explain to me what the deal is with oversized spirit jerseys? Don’t get me wrong, I like a comfy sweater as much as the next person, but why is it that these things HAVE to be at least 2 sizes too big? I am legit curious, if you know the answer, please leave it in a comment below!
That said: I love this so much I own two. In a medium. Because yeah, I did size up, but only because I wanted a comfy sweater. I’m 100% certain this would have also looked good in a small, which is my actual size in loose garments.
That said, I really love this, but I would NOT order from Boxlunch directly again, because the customs fees are getting beyond ridiculous. At this point in Belgium, we have to pay a €20 forfaitary charge just for customs to do their job. Do you get paid extra just to do your job? Me neither! This bureaucratic BS is getting way out of hand (it went from 10 to 12,50 to 20, like, just no) and I’m not having it again thank you very much!
But yeah, no complaints about the jersey, it’s Oozma Kappa, it’s totes O.K. (pun intended).

We're OK!


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