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Two years worth of August flashback faves

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For this post’s opener I have only photographed the things I still actively use and/or love, as two years’ worth of faves amounts to quite a few things.
If you are curious about my initial August faves that were on the basis for this post, as well as my August 2017 faves and August 2017 flash back faves, I have provided the links in this sentence :).
This one is very varied though, I’ve got beauty, home décor, books, accessories and kitchenware.

This is…

August faves

August 2016


August faves

August 2017

To see how I feel about these things today.



M.A.C quads

M.A.C, pro palette eye shadow x 4 compact (2016)
I still have 2 of these and I still use both. They are very handy to make little custom palettes out of, and very handy to travel with select shadows. Good stuff!
Some of the shadows have been worn down more than they were last year though.


Loa and the Z palette

Z palette, small size (2017)
I’ve got two of these. I find them very practical for miscellaneous single shadows, especially because they come with little magnets you can attach to your pans if you need to. Like the M.A.C one, they’re just very practical to store and travel with single shadows.


Photo of the day: 25.7.2017 (day 206)

Sugarpill, pressed eyeshadow in Love + (2017)
I would still say that this is the best red eye shadow I have ever tried. It’s super pigmented, the shade of red is lovely and vibrant, and whenever I need a matte red shadow, I will reach for this immediately.


Yves Rocher blue mascara

Yves Rocher, So Elixir mascara in Blue (2017)
I still have this, albeit the current one is a different one than last year’s, as that got used up. I wouldn’t spend money on them, as I use blue mascara so sporadically (it takes me a year to empty one, and it’s debatable whether you should be using a mascara for a whole year, but it’s not given me grief, personally). But every year, I seem to be getting a coupon that is good for a free So Elixir mascara, and I always choose the blue.


Sephora - cream lip stain

Sephora, cream lip stain in Copper Blush and Frozen Strawberry (2017)
I still on both. And whilst I use Copper Blush on occasion, it’s Frozen Strawberry that I reach for the most. They look very similar in the package, and even swatched (although a little less), but when worn they can give a totally different finish to a look. And Frozen Strawberry seems to match my make-up more than Copper Blush does. Regardless, I still love them both, and I would probably replace them both.


Sugarpill - Pumpkin Spice

Sugarpill, liquid lip color in Pumpkin Spice (2017)
I will forever regret that this is limited edition. Luckily I bought a spare, so I am guessing this will be in my August flashback faves for a little longer. The shade is brilliant, the gold sparkling isn’t too overbearing, and the formula is much more comfortable than many other liquid lipstick.



HEMA pocket wet wipes

HEMA, pocket wet wipes (2017)
I ran out of these and haven’t repurchased any yet. But only because I’ve not run out of my wipes by other brands. I am switching to the biodegradable and compostable Yes To ones after I’ve gone through my current stash though.


Sephora charcoal cleanser

Sephora, charcoal exfoliating cleanser (2017)
I got a new one since last year, as I really like this. I still use it at least once a week as an extra exfoliation for my skin. It’s really helping me keep my skin as clear as possible.



Soltan, hypoallergenic sun protection stick (2016)
I ran out of those, and because Boots’ shipping is so high, and I have a really good SPF 50+ spray now, I never replaced it. It is good stuff though, and I would really recommend it. Especially as it’s so portable.



nail varnish/polish remover

Sephora, white peach extract nail varnish remover (2017)
I still own a bottle of this. I use it when the weather is mank, because even though it doesn’t particularly smell good, it doesn’t stink up the house. So it makes more sense to use this inside and the Yves Rocher one outside. Aside from that, I would say both of them are equal, so I just buy the one which is cheapest at the time when I need a new bottle.
Yves Rocher, nail varnish remover (2016)
I still use this when it’s warm. So I can sit outside when I use it. Because whilst it is super efficient and nice to both nails and skin, it stinks to high heaven. And it’s really not for using inside because it will stink up the place, and scent will linger for a couple of hours.



Yves Rocher products

Yves Rocher, conditioner for dry hair (2016)
I used to like this a lot, but it has long since been replaced by the Yves Rocher repair conditioner. I like that one better.
Which brings me to the next point: Yves Rocher, repair shampoo (2016)
This is still one of my holy grail shampoos. I go between this and my Dr Organic tea tree one. I love them both equal. They keep my hair healthy, growing steadily without too many split ends. (I only need a trim twice a year). Excellent stuff, I’ll very likely keep buying this for as long as Yves Rocher makes it.



Freaks Circus necklace

Freak’s Circus, doll face necklace (2017)
I don’t wear this very often out of fear to break it, but I still LOVE this. I would wear it all the time if I wasn’t so afraid of wrecking it, I kid you not!


Otto Scarf

We Love Fine x Otto and Victoria, watercolor Otto scarf (2017)
My friend Clara got this for my birthday last year and I still love it! I don’t wear it very often, because I’m afraid to wreck it, as it’s so treasured. But I do adore it! The only reason it's not in the opening shot is because it's currently stored away with my other scarves and it was too hard to get to (especially in this heat) just for a picture.



Disney Store Japan, Darth Vader totebag (2016)
I love this. I still use it so, so much. It’s mega practical because it has a full length zipper so nothing can fall out. It’s definitely in my totebag top 3.


Chip is cute

Shop Disney (previously Disney Store EU), plush Chip make-up bag (2016)
Like last year, I am still using this as a very handy little bag to organise cables and charging plugs in. Super practical, and cute on top!


Darth Vader headphones

Darth Vader headphones (2016)
Bert and I still use these! All the time. He uses them at home, I use them on the go. They are still excellent headphones, and I still would repurchase these (or something similar) if they break. Sure, of course, I get a lot of curious looks from people in the street for wearing Darth Vader headphones as an adult, but I get strange looks regardless, so whatever. Two years later, I still feel that buying a pair of what is essentially kid’s headphones was a great move, because the quality is excellent, the volume regulator on the wire is super practical (I just wish the wire was shorter!) and they are comfortable enough to wear for hours on end.



Photo of the day: 12.8.2016 (day 225)

Darth Vader lunchbox (2016)
I still have this. I store film canisters in there that contain shaped confetti. Which I very use for photo backgrounds, crafts and make-up looks. At least it’s being useful, right?


drinking bottles

Shop Disney UK (previously Disney Store UK), Mickey Mouse water bottle (2016)
This is actually the last time this will be in a flashback faves opening shot, because as you can tell from the print in the cover photo, it’s pretty worn by now from being used a ton. I’m pretty sure that by August 2019 this will have been replaced by an aluminium bottle because it’s just gone too mank to still use. But as long as it lasted, it was a great bottle. Especially considering it’s a 750ml one and was only £3! It will eventually be replaced by a 500 ml Chilly’s bottle, but I have no idea which colour yet. Heck, I might even go for a 750ml Chilly’s. Yeah, at this point I just know I’m going for a Chilly’s.
Paperchase, wolf waterbottle (2016)
I don’t own this anymore. It just got too mank from being used a ton so it had to be thrown out. It ended up being replaced by a Swell bottle, which was a totally rubbish choice as Swell is shit at informing customers what can and can’t be used in the bottle (they did replace the cap for me though, so that’s good!) and it can’t be used for sparkling water. But hey, at least it’s not more plastic, and it keeps drinks cold, so that’s good.



George Mann “Ghost of Karnak” (2016)
I really enjoyed this book when I first read it, but I haven’t actually re-read it. So I wouldn’t say this is still a fave, but it is still a really good book. Which I now kind of want to re-read.



Cat and mouse dish

Maisons du Monde, cat and mouse dish (2017)
This is still on my desk, as it is super cute. But other than it sitting there, it’s not actually being used. So I wouldn’t say this is still a fave.


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