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Comic Con Gent, hell yes! - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Comic Con Gent, hell yes! [Jul. 5th, 2018|03:04 pm]
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[Current Location |Ghent, Belgium]
[feeling |busybusy]

MC Matthew

Comic Con Gent is one of those events that Bert and I look forward every year, and we make sure we can get there every year. It's probably the smallest out of the three Comic Cons, but it's always a good time regardless.
This year they weren't for once clashing with that other con: Japan Expo, but it was the world cup. Meaning that once again Comic Con Gent proved once more it doesn't need to have a huge come out for it to be succesful.
And it really did.

Steampunk at Comic Con Gent

As usual, the steampunk part of the convention is up on Never Was Magazine, click here for that.
Fun story about that photo though. The first time I encountered these guys, they tried to make me try some of their alcohol, but I couldn't because I'm not allowed alcohol (it doesn't mix with my meds) so they gave me a sticker instead (which I still have!). Now we just wave at each other every edition and I generally take photos :).
If you like mead etc, do stop by, they are very friendly and I've been told by friends their stuff is legit good.
Actually vendors at Comic Con are really nice people, bar the asshole from the pins stand, but he doesn't deserve more attention than this mention.

Next stop: Comic Con Antwerp!

We got there around 11am, said hi to Anneleen and Sven, and spent some time hanging out with Sven. I think Bert might have exploded with happiness when Sven told him that they booked Jeremy Shada (the voice actor of Finn the Human in Adventure Time) for Comic Con Antwerp :).
It's cool that they always give you something else to look forward to even though you're at the current edition.

Comic Con Gent

The set-up of the convention might have been a little confusing at first, but it was actually really good. Because this way you were sure to see all the areas and they avoided congestion in the busier areas. Well done. Because even with a small convention, it can get congested really quickly. Also: bonus points for turning on the airco because it was HOT, omg.
There would have been more bonus points if the cosplay group shot and cosplay competition hadn't been in that dark room and in the auditorium mind. The auditorium is really good, everyone takes a seat, the photographers can get up front and people can sit high enough up not to be bothered by them.
Now, I felt bad shooting the competition because there were people behind me. And the light was so fail in that room that even Bert, with his pro equipment, couldn't get good shots. It would have been so easily solved by having all of that happening in the auditorium.

MC Matthew

I did get a few good photos of MC Matthew, by sheer dumb luck. I feel like Matthew should (co)present the cosplay competition, that would be HILARIOUS! Can we please get him involved in that next Comic Con? Please? :)


And I made this funny video of Maarten's skit, but sadly I missed his epic on purpose nose dive (his dedication to his characters is amazing, but maybe we should, for his own safety, make sure he portrays someone that stays upright next time!)

This girl had the pretties hair and pride make-up! :)

Not opening the auditorian didn't mean there wasn't room to sit though, there were quiet areas all throughout the convention and even though the weather was stellar and you could totally picnic outside in the park right next door, there were plenty of picnic tables in a room that was mostly reserved for people wanting to eat and/or sit down.



Bert had a hotdog from Würst and I had a matcha pudding tayaki because they are delicious. And the people from that food truck are SO nice!
I love going to their truck. Shinto might never ever forgive me for not bringing home a red bean tayaki twice in a row though, oops!

Dorian and Ditto

But yeah, we really enjoyed ourselves. We took some photos with Dorian in the Citadelpark right outside.



Outfit: 1.7.2018

My outfit:
I originally wanted to go more all out steampunk, but it was so hot outside and I had to be in the car for nearly two hours to get there and then again to get back home, so I choose comfort instead.
Hat Failsworth
Glasses: Theo
Goggles: just a pair of welding goggles
Pauldron: Poorman's Gold Label
Dress: made it myself
Bag: Bioworld
Socks: ASOS
Jelly sandals: Vivienne Westwood


I didn't really get a makeup shot because the light outside was so harsh, but hell Bert did his best to shoot my portrait regardless! So I feel I have to share this one just because he tried so hard.

11 and the dalek

Seppe is still the most amazing 11 aside from Matt Smith. Just saying!


Comic Con Gent

And plenty of photos inside.
I've got a ton more I have to edit, but it'll have to wait 'till next week when the next edition of BCM is out first!

Oh no! Reptar has escaped the box!

Oh, and I bought a Reptar Funko Pop, it was €5 in a bargain bin :). Could not resist!


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