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Favourites of the month: June 2018 - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Favourites of the month: June 2018 [Jul. 3rd, 2018|08:20 pm]
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All the things I liked in June, quite a few more than the past months :)

- Beautyblender, pro (black beauty sponge)
- Disneyland Paris, Baby Groot cup
- Disneyland Paris, Mickey Mouse pride pin
- Redbubble, Gravity Falls top
- Redbubble, Oozma Kappa top
- Snazaroo, glitter gel in Red Gold and Star Dust
- S'well, waterbottle in Sparkling Champagne
- Yves Rocher, sensitive végétal eye cream
- Yves Rocher, flawless skin concealer in Beige Clair

June faves


Beautyblender - pro - black

To apply concealer
Yeah those Primark sponges from last month's faves didn't last long. The egg shaped one is already in my empties bag because it would NOT hold it's shape anymore when wet. I'm still using the other one when my Beautyblender is dirty because that's still not entirely dead. It probably won't last much longer though. But yeah, the Beautyblender I like. It's not anywhere near as dense, but it makes my concealer look like my skin so I'm all for it. Too bad about the price though X_x (I got this one 10% off and I got a €5 off coupon for my birthday for ICI PARIS XL that I'll likely use on a spare).


Yves Rocher - flawless skin concealer in Beige Clair

Just tap it in
Quite a while ago I owned the previous version of this concealer. I didn't much like it, because it wouldn't stay on very long and the packaging wasn't very good, causing the product to expire earlier than it was supposed to. Since then, at some point, Yves Rocher reformulated the concealer and changed the packaging. It still looks much the same, just smaller and sleeker, but now it does stay on all day, even when it's super hot. And it's very easy to apply, just pull a couple of stripes on your face, tap it in with your fingers and you're good to go. You don't even have to set it with powder! This makes it the perfect concealer to travel with. I like liquid concealers like M.A.C's pro longwear or Too Faced' Born this Way but the faffing about with brushes, blenders and powder on holiday is just not something l like. Plus, this is very easy to just take along for a very low makeup day. If I just want to conceal dark circles and wear a little nude lipstick I could just do my makeup on the train. So yeah, love it as a secondary concealer, hell yes!

Snazaroo glitter gel in Star Dust and Red Gold

Another thing that can just be tapped in is the Snazaroo glitter gel. Glitter is a notorious disaster, with a ton of special adhesives around to make it managable, but the reality of the matter is that working with/wearing glitter is generally a recipe for disaster and you'll find glitter everywhere for pretty much the rest of your life. Not with this product! The gel feels super pleasant on the skin, and once it dries you can't feel it's there. It goes over make-up, no problem at all, it's 98% transfer proof AND it REALLY washes off with warm water and soap. Or lukewarm water and cleanser (which is what I do). At most, and I've worn this stuff several times already) I have found ONE spec of stray glitter afterwards. One. So yeah, love this! Which is why I have two pots of it. Technically I have three, because the facepaint kit I bought for 31 days of Halloween had two smaller jars in it, but I'm giving the silver one to Birdie as that's not a colour I need.


Yves Rocher - eye cream

Kind to sensitive eyes
After my brush with pneumonia last February, where they ended up putting me on a treatment of both steroids and antibiotics, my skin started hating on most of Yves Rocher's Hydra Végétal series. Which I had been using for years, without any issue. But now it suddenly started drying out my skin. I didn't have a lot of issues replacing the other products from that line I couldn't wear anymore, but eye cream was a struggle and a half. I even tried (the kind shop lady gave me samples) one from Kiehl's but it was super expensive and I didn't like how it felt on my skin at all. I also didn't notice it doing anything for me, so I didn't feel like spending €45+ on a tiny bottle of the stuff. So I got this one instead, under advise of the super kind and helpful Yves Rocher manager from the local store. And so far so good! Contrary to with the Kiehl's one, this feels super refreshing and pleasant on my skin AND I notice that my under eye area isn't quite as dark, and that in a short amount of time. So yeah, sticking with this. It's a lot cheaper than Kiehl's too, I didn't even pay €8 for this! (I think it was €7,45 but I'm not sure anymore).


Disney tops from Redbubble

Disney Style
I love Gravity Falls and Monsters University. So when I discovered these designs on Redbubble and they were having a 20% off everything sale on, it was a no brainer and I got them. Now I just need to get my hands on some more Oozma Kappa/Monsters accessories to make a proper themed outfit :D.


Loa pride

Pride month
They actually released two new pride designs for pride month, but I liked this much better. I didn't think I'd be able to get it as it's a design from a few years ago, but some stores still had it (or they brought out the old stock because it's June) so that was lucky.
Click here to see a video of it :)


Baby Groot is now a vase

Say it with Groot
When I saw the special food, snacks and souvenir cups that Disneyland Paris was stocking for their Summer of Heroes, I immediately had my mind set on this Baby Groot one. When I went to Disneyland Paris, this was the hardest to get as, contrary to the Infinity Gauntlet and Iron Man helmet ones, it was only sold at one stand in the Walt Disney Studios Park. Luckily we were there very early into the season, so that stand still had plenty left. From the get go I wanted to use it as a decorative piece, and I figured: what better way to use it as a tiny vase? I did put in real flowers for this photo, but now I just put fake ones in there because I feel water in a closed container is just a recipe for disaster if one of the pets pushes it over.



Stay hydrated
It's a waterbottle. In gold. Officially the colour is called Sparkling Champagne, but trust me, it's gold. If there had been brass or copper, that would have been the colour I got. But they didn't, so gold it was. And I bought it locally because Nou carries it. That said, I ended up shelling out more for a S'well because it's drop proof, and I'm clumsy. Plus, if I wanted a gold bottle, a Yoko Design one (which is not drop proof) wasn't much cheaper. I also like how water still tastes like water, without the added alluminium flavour like what happens with the HEMA bottle I bought for Bert. I don't think we'll be using that much anymore to be honest. But it's pretty so it might end up becoming a vase or a décor piece. Anyway, this keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24. I've not actually tested the times, or used it with hot water, but it's keeping my water on room temperature even at 30°C so I'm pleased. When we go out, I use my last surviving half liter plastic bottle and I'll put cold water in this for Bert. That's another reason I got this. Plastic reusable bottles only last for a couple of years tops, so you still have a lot of plastic going into the environment after 2-3 years. Sure ok, you've avoided a LOT of other bottles being chucked, but it's still plastic. This should last a LOT longer, so it's also better for the environment.