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The week in photos: May 21-27 2018 - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The week in photos: May 21-27 2018 [May. 28th, 2018|02:37 pm]
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Feels like summer...

Photo of the day: 21.5.2018

Monday, May 21 (day 141)
Camera: Sony XPERIA L1
Went to a café with Bert, and these are some of my summer fave things (it's not summer yet, but tell that to the weather).

Outfit: 21.5.2018

Outfit of the day:
It was hot, I couldn't be bothered, Bert needed to test his Tamron lens to make sure it's really fixed. It seems to be, so far so good.
Glasses: Theo
Tops: Friendly Oak and UNIQLO
Necklace watch: Disney Store Japan
Shorts: H&M
Socks: Disney Store
Shoes: Secret Shop

Shoes and socks :)

Close-up of the socks and shoes, because they are pretty awesome :)


Photo ofthe day: 22.5.2018 (day 142)

Tuesday, May 22 (day 142)
Camera: Sony XPERIA L1
After all the bank holiday first weekday that isn't actually Monday madness of May, it's that kind of day.
Let's just ignore for a second that it's my fave mug and I use it whenever I can ;)


Photo of the day: 23.5.2018 (day 143)

Wednesday, May 23 (day 143)
Camera: Sony XPERIA L1
Photo at Nou concept store, because I was there in passing and they have pretty things :).


Photo of the day: 24.5.2018 (day 144)

Thursday, May 24 (day 144)
Camera: Sony XPERIA L1
Birthday boy!
Loa is 4 today, and he's spent most of his day sleeping and eating treats :).


Photo of the day: 25.5.2018 (day 145)

Friday, May 25 (day 145)
Camera: Canon EOS 700D, 18-55mm Canon lens
My friend Marie is going on an epic adventure to California next month, so I customised a notebook for her and got her a little Marie card holder at Primark. And let her borrow my old instax mini 7s, because she doesn't have one and now she can still take instax photos. And figure out better which instax she wants herself :).


Photo of the day: 26.5.2018 (day 156)

Saturday, May 26 (day 146)
Camera: Sony XPERIA L1
Went to Louvain with Marie and we had such a good time we forgot to take a selfie together like we usually do, oops.
So here's a picture I took in Starbucks. My bag isn't actually that full with shopping, there's just a bunch of stuff in there I was lugging around (like my umbrella, camera etc).


Photo of the day: 27.5.2018 (day 147)

Sunday, May 27 (day 147)
Camera: Canon EOS 700D, 18-55mm Canon lens
Just a random photo I felt like taking :)


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Make-up and outfit shots (unless otherwise indicated) by Bert Van den Wyngaert.


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