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The not so fun version of Barrio Cantina - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The not so fun version of Barrio Cantina [May. 22nd, 2018|01:00 pm]
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[Current Location |Ghent, Belgium]
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Last year, Bert and I went to Barrio Cantina, the food truck festival, in Antwerp.
It was so much fun, so obviously, we wanted to go back this year.
This year, however, it's not organised in Antwerp but in Ghent, Ostend and Bruges.
So we opted for Ghent, as we knew where it was in Ghent and it's easier to get to for us.
And oh, what a mistake it was...

As you can see from the photos in my post about last year's Antwerp edition, there was tons of room to walk around, sit and eat, etc.
In Ghent, they had literally CRAMMED everything together. But seriously, CRAMMED.

Barrio Cantina

That's Barrio Cantina in the background. Once you got in (they could have done with a couple more entrances/exits) it was SUPER crowded. You could barely move. And OF COURSE plenty of people, in little groups, found it absolutely necessary to clog up the small walkways, making it even harder to get from point A to B. Some parts were so crowded we couldn't even get in and see what they were selling there. It was utterly ridiculous. There was hardly any place to sit, and even though people KNEW this, a lot of them would just sit there in the sunshine, or under the tent in the shade for AGES, no longer eating or drinking. And I suspect there were people simply hanging out and occupying much needed space for no good reason from the get go. I feel that this is just plain bad form, at an event like this, especially one that busy, you don't continue taking up space longer than necessary. Not when there's plenty of other available seating in Ghent, even free spots in parks and such. It was all very unpleasant.

Barrio Cantina

Barrio Cantina

I wanted to take food truck photos, but there just wasn't any room for it :(

Bert is not impressed

Bert was also thorougly NOT impressed. By neither the event nor the food he had gotten.

Broodje Krokodil

I was in rather more luck than him, because I had found Karibu quite quickly, so getting a crocodile sandwhich was not that hard. I also ordered a portion of sweet potato frieds with home made sambal mayo for Bert, because I knew there was no way he'd be full with that tiny burger he had. Just like the crocodile sandwich, the fries were delicious. And the people from Karibu are SUPER friendly too.
But sadly, Karibu and their glorious noms are not epic enough for us to EVER go to Barrio Cantina again if it's not at one of the big Antwerp squares.

After having stuffed our face with noms, we decided to check out Primark, but not before Bert got more giant mattentaart for himself and his granddad at the little artisanal bakery we went to when we went to Japan Matsuri a couple of weeks ago.

With Sok

It was already a hot day, but Primark was positively BOILING! Clearly they are cutting costs of clothes by not using any climate control what so ever. I feel really bad for the people working there!
But yeah, I got the Solo t-shirt from the men's section I saw last time we were there. I wanted to get it in XL (I like wearing oversized tees with bell skirts, although the cut of this one is so unisex it would have looked cute in any size) and XL means Bert could wear it too. But sadly L was the biggest one I could find. Oh well :)

As seen at Primark

They also had this cool Harry Potter bag, but I like the traditional Hogwarts satchel (I have the brown one) better so I just took a photo :).

Loa cat and the Vader blanky

I did, however, buy a second hooded Darth Vader throw, because they still had a few and they were still €10 instead of €18. And I LOVE them so much that having two is really not a bad thing :)

After the boiling heat of Primark, we were both parched, so went to Comic Sans for drinks :)
Hail Comic Sans!

M.A.C - brow styler in Fling

Walking back, I popped into Pull & Bear because I really needed a few extra shorts, as two of mine are pretty much dead, so they needed replacing. Which I did.
And at M.A.C I picked up some brow pencils for my friend Marie, as they were out of stock in her regular shop.

And that was that, really :)


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