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Of sushi, Primark and Burger King. And a giant mattentaart. - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Of sushi, Primark and Burger King. And a giant mattentaart. [May. 11th, 2018|08:27 pm]
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[Current Location |Ghent, Belgium]

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When I heard the name Matsuri, it _should_ have rung a bell...
And yet, as you'll come to find out, it didn't...

On Saturday the 28th of April, it was the, rather spectacularly advertised online (at least on FB) Ghent matsuri. And Bert and I figured we'd go for BCM. We had some other things to do that day, so we didn't get there 'till 3PM and 'lo and behold our surprised.

Japan Matsuri Ghent

Japan Matsuri Ghent

Japan Matsuri Ghent

We had thought that the Stadshal (it literally translates to city hall, but more as in an event hall rather than the actual governmental seat that a traditional city hall is) would be an actual building. With a convention inside. But no, it was an outdoor structure, which is basically a roof on some pillars right outside the Belfort. So that was that. There were a bunch of stands, mostly food ones and a couple of entertainment and shop stands. There was a stage where some people were mulling about, but not much seemed to be going on. So we got sushi, took some photos, I talked to Bart and Angela for a bit, who were in the maid café, and then we decided to go to Primark.


On the way, Bert got a giant mattentaart, for reasons of food = good.

Loa cat and the Vader blanky

At Primark, I did find the hooded Darth Vader throw/blanky (it also has mittens) I had regretted not buying back in January when we visited the Liège Primark. At € 8 off, huzzah! I also got a Harry Potter tee and I bought Lora a Little Mermaid blanky for her birthday (it's not a spoiler, I gave it to her last Saturday). I'll get her a real birthday present in France next month, but at least I have gotten her something nice now already. Alas, the Primark Rick and Morty tee for men keeps eluding us!

cool sign in Ghent

Afterwards we popped into Comic Sans, the geek bar, for drinks, and then it was time to go home again.
Walking back to the car, I encountered this cool sign.

Burger King dinner

Burger King dinner

On the way back we did stop in the roadside Burger King, because I just had to have Burger King, even though I already had had some sushi (only three pieces though) before. Bert was still full of sushi and mattentaart, so he had a burger rather than a whole menu.
I was very amused by the insane drinks machine, which is providing people with every Monsanto juice imaginable, available anywhere in Europe. Including Fanta sans bulles, which is the only good Fanta. I actually like sans bulles, but as it's not commonly available, resisting the Monsanto evil at the supermarket is dead easy (well it is, in little cartons, which I don't buy on general principle, regardless of what brand it is).

Outfit: 28.4.2018

And back home, Bert took my outfit shot.
Hat: Failsworth
Glasses: Theo
Cardigan: Primark
Blouse: Honey Marble
Skirt: made it myself
Petticoat: American Apparel
Tights: Insua
Socks: gift from a friend
Shoes: Secret Shop

So yeah, basically I only did this very bleak write-up of my day to share pictures with you all :).


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