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May flashback faves [May. 8th, 2018|11:29 am]
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It's that time of the month again, where I look back at last year's favourites of the month and see what I still own. And when I do still own the product, how I feel about it now.
Is it still a fave, has it fallen from grace, or is it lingering around (half) forgotten?

Favourites of the month - May 2017

May 2017 versus May 2018

May flashback faves


M.A.C - brow sculpt in cork

M.A.C, brow sculpt in Cork
Whilst I still use the brow sculpt (in Cork) whenever I do my brows and would go as far as say that this is my holy grail brow product, I haven't used Antique Velvet in ages. I still stand by everything I said about Cork (easy to use, lasts all day, exact shade of my hair, etc) last year.


M.A.C - antique velvet

M.A.C, lipstick in Antique Velvet
Last year I wore that, as well as Film Noir, a ton, but this year I've not. The issue is mostly that I have so many lipsticks now I can't even manage to use most of them. Which is a clear sign I need to stop buying more. But yeah, Antique Velvet has lost it's favourite status.


M.A.C - Beets Me!

Beets Me
More like Beet It. Initially I really loved this. And I would still use it for SFX scrapes, but that's all I would use it for. After a while of using this, I realised that it made my lashes fall out. Whenever I used it, the next time I would shed lashes like crazy. So you know, enough is enough. Especially when Yves Rocher makes an excellent brown mascara (their Sexy Pulp one) I can use instead (I only got this because I couldn't get a good brown mascara to start with).
If you don't already love Zoom lash mascara, just avoid it.


Too Faced - Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer

Too Faced, Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer
This is my holy grail bronzer. It is exactly the right shade for me, and I swear by it. Because powder products don't exactly expire quickly, I have bought the full size of this, and I use the deluxe sample (which was an actual free sample by the way) for traveling. No use dragging a big pot around when I don't have to after all. Oh and after a year, it STILL smells like chocolate, and that still makes me happy. Love this!
Clearly, mine is the old packaging, and obviously I won't repurchase it 'till it's completely used up (or expired on me). No need to replace a perfectly good bronzer after all :).


Daiso x Disney blotting paper

Best blotfilm in existance
I still swear by this. So much so even, that I properly stocked up on this when I was in Tokyo. I have just a few sheets left in the pack Marie gave me, but I've got plenty more where that came from (pretty much literally, as we both bought it at Daiso).


Yves Rocher - lip balm

Yves Rocher, macadamia nut lip balm
I have completely given up on Yves Rocher lip balms, and if it's up to me, I now only use Weleda's Everon one. The Yves Rocher ones were excellent for a while, but then they actually started drying out my lips the second there was no balm on them. Which even ended in split lips. And it wasn't just me, Bert had the exact same problem, so this just HAD to go. Never again. If I'm offered a free one I'll just give it to someone that does like them.

Weleda - almond hand cream

Weleda, almond hand cream
I still love this, and I still think it's great stuff BUT Yves Rocher does a hand cream that is just as good, for a fraction of the price. So I didn't repurchase this one and went for the cheaper one by Yves Rocher instead.
If you can't or won't use Yves Rocher, I 100% recommend this one though.


SPF 50 setting spray, hell yes!

Ambre Solaire, sensitive advanced face mist SPF50
I still use this whenever the weather calls for an SPF50 face spray. I still think this smells of grannies. I don't much like how dewy it makes my make-up look, but at least it does double as a setting spray and you can use it repeatedly without fucking up your make-up, so this is a pretty good product. It does what it needs to do and that's what matters.


Yves Rocher - after sun

Yves Rocher, aftersun
The sole reason I don't have it at the moment, is that my bottle expired and I chucked what little was left in it.
I'm holding off buying a new one 'till the next coupon comes, because if I can get it half price off, all the better.
But I definitely will repurchase this.


new glasses

Theo, WA258
I still love these specs and I still wear them practically ALL the time. Definitely still my favourite frames!


om nom nom

Albert Heijn, Wilde Muizen
I still love these, but I don't have any right now. The AH in the center of Antwerp closed down, so now I can't easily get my hands on them.


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