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The past two weeks in photos: April 23 - May 6 2018 - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The past two weeks in photos: April 23 - May 6 2018 [May. 6th, 2018|07:13 pm]
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Catching up with the week before this one as well, so here's TWO weeks worth of daily photos.
And no, it's not all Loa cat and/or Star Wars stuff, rest assured :).

Photo of the day: 23.4.2018 (day 113)

Monday, April 23 (day 113)
Camera: Sony XPERIA L1
Was trying to take a photo of the card I got with my chocolate frog last week, for the friend I'm giving it to, and of course Loa cat had to come and butt in. It's ok, the photo is more fun with him in it :).


Photo of the day: 24.4.2018 (day 114)

Tuesday, April 24 (day 114)
Camera: Sony XPERIA L1
My collection of illustrated Harry Potter books is slowly growing.
No, this will not be Harry Potter week, don't worry.


Photo of the day: 25.4.2018 (day 115)

Wednesday, April 25 (day 115)
Today's feet, etc
Skirt: handmade by me
Tights: H&M
Spats: my own design, made them myself
Shoes: Secret Shop
Those tights are absolutely shit quality by the way. They are so fragile they already have two holes in them, just from putting them on. Urgh, what a total waste of money!


Loa cat and the Duffy bag

Thursday, April 26 (day 116)
Camera: Sony XPERIA L1
I tied a bow tie around Duffy's neck and wanted to take a photo. And then Loa happened, of course.


Loa cat is not pleased at so many things on the desk

Friday, April 27 (day 117)
Camera: Canon EOS 700D, 18-55mm Canon lens
I wanted to make a photo of these drinks I found at a local supermarket, because the cans remind me a lot of drinks you can find in Japan. And then, of course, Loa got involved :).
As these thigns go.
But the drinks are legit really good. I get them at our local Carrefour, I've had the mojito (not pictured), peach and lychee so far. The mojito and peach were really nice, and the lychee one really tasted like lychees! Which is great. I'm definitely going to buy some more at some point.



Saturday, April 28 (day 118)
Camera: Canon EOS 18-55mm Canon lens

Bert and I went to Japan Matsuri in Ghent. It was happening at Stadshal, which contrary to what the name suggest isn't a hall at all, but a roofed construction right next to the belford. This a photo of the sign at the belford.

Outfit: 28.4.2018

Outfit of the day:
Hat: Failsworth
Glasses: Theo
Cardigan: Primark
Blouse: Honey Marble
Skirt: made it myself
Petticoat: American Apparel
Tights: Insua
Socks: gift from a friend
Shoes: Secret Shop


haru live

Sunday, April 29 (day 119)
Camera: Canon EOS 18-55mm Canon lens
Bert and I went to Liège to spend time with our friend Mary, and then see haru live. Etc.
I wrote a blog post about the entire day, so instead of repeating myself here, I'll just link you to it :).



Monday, April 30 (day 120)
Camera: Canon EOS 18-55mm Canon lens
Puffball flower bush in the garden.
Bert's mum did tell me what they're called, but I forgot.


April faves

Tuesday, May 1 (day 121)
Camera: Canon EOS 18-55mm Canon lens
New month, time for faves of the past month. Click here to read all about my April favourites.


Loa cat and the Vader blanky

Wednesday, May 2 (day 122)
Camera: Canon EOS 18-55mm Canon lens
Loa is pretending to practise poses for Star Wars Day, but in reality he just wants to sit in my hooded Darth Vader blanket from Primark.


Photo of the day: 3.5.2018 (123)

Thursday, May 3 (day 123)
Camera: Canon EOS 18-55mm Canon lens
It's Bert's nan's birthday and we got her pictures and a fruit basket, well bowl, really.


May the Fourth be with you

Friday, May 4 (day 124)
Camera: Sony XPERIA L1
Aka: it is Star Wars Day!
I had a great time haning out with my buddy Gwendoline :)


Free Comic Book Day at Mekanik

Saturday, May 5 (day 125)
Camera: Canon EOS 18-55mm Canon lens
I look forward to this every year. I kid you not.
Here's a photo of Bert and Maarten.
There will be a post on my blog, probably next week :)


Photo of the day: 6.5.2018 (day 126)

Sunday, May 6 (day 126)
Camera: Canon EOS 18-55mm Canon lens
Molly, one of my mother in law's cats :). She's my fave out of the three of them because she's the prettiest AND the sweetest (even though she's about as good at posing as Loa).


All daily photos of 2018 are here.
Click here for all my outfit shots, and here for all my make-up shots.
Make-up and outfit shots (unless otherwise indicated) by Bert Van den Wyngaert


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