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Favourites of the month: April 2018 - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Favourites of the month: April 2018 [May. 1st, 2018|09:14 pm]
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Star Wars, make-up and skincare

- Ambre Solaire, sunblock spray
- Star Wars Identities Darth Vader t-shirt
- Star Wars Identities exhibition catalogue
- Too Faced, Melted in Chihuahua
- Yves Rocher, Maracuja shower gel
- Yves Rocher, liquid lipstick

April faves


this should be self-explanatory, really

Too Faced - Melted (deluxe sample) in Chihuahua

That sounds better if you have the Sugarcubes song stuck in your head, trust me.
Anyway, I like this because it's a pretty good substitute for my favourite nude lipstick: Meow by Winky Lux. Which I adore, but it does not do well at all with warm weather (it lives in my fridge during the summer, out of necessity). So in summer I use this instead.
Eventually, when I have run out of Meow, I will permanently replace it with Chihuahua so I can use one all year round. Much more practical.

Yves Rocher,  Grand Rouge l'Elixir in 104

And some more lipstick!
This was actually free. I got it with an Yves Rocher loyalty coupon. When you have a loyalty card with them, you get a coupon each month and you get discounts and all kinds of free things.
This liquid lipstick is actually really good. It takes a little longer to dry, but once it's dry it's super long lasting, and it doesn't feel dry on my lips either. I would definitely consider repurchasing this.


Yves Rocher, Maracuja shower gel

Smells like summer
I am really into the limited edition Maracuja range Yves Rocher has going on for summer. I'm not into it being limited edition though, because I love the smell of it! Of course, this is a shower gel, so it's not like it's exciting. It's just really nice to shower with and it smells super nice. Will definitely buy another bottle when this one is empty!

Ambre Solaire SPF 50+ sunblock spray

No sunburn this summer!
I initially got this when I traveled to Japan last September, and I don't know why this hasn't made it into my faves before. But yeah, better late than never. Whilst I have no love for L'Oreal and avond their products most of times, I do really like this one. It doesn't stick, it dries down to the point where it's not even greasy anymore very quickly AND it makes sure I don't get sunburn. At all. So yeah, awesome stuff. I'm just going to stick to this for as long as they make it I think, because my hatred for sunburn is bigger than that for L'Oreal.


Star Wars Identities stuff

exhibition tee

Star Wars Identities
I feel like the event in itself deserves a fave, but as it's temporary, I will just stick to the pieces with longer shelf life instead.
First of all, the t-shirt. Which has an awesome print (it's kinda like the 10 year + search for the perfect Batman t-shirt all over again), but it's printed on the most amazing and softed cotton ever! Which also can be said for my other Star Wars tee which I got from Undiz a few years ago (well, which Bert got for me).
But yeah, awesome. Love this, super comfy. I hope it lasts me AGES.
What I also loved is that they had a bunch of designs, and ALL of them came in children's, women's AND men's cuts and sizes. No more “only for kids/women/men” (scratch which does not apply) BS. I think that sort of thing is excellent.

Photo of the day: 7.4.2018 (day 97)

exhibition guide

What I also got from there, and I love it to bits, is the exhibition guide. Because it's full of super cool concept art as well as the other things on display. Very, very cool.
So yeah, make sure to have a look at it if you went to the exhibit and enjoyed it, because this is a great way to take all the pieces home with you.
I know I will cherish this book, like the geek that I am, for well, as long as my sanity allows me to read books (hopefully the rest of my life!).

As a side note: Star Wars Identities still runs in Palais 2 of Brussels Expo here in Belgium (the location is in the name) 'till September 2nd. So if you love Star Wars, go see it. It's worth the ticket price.
(Not sponsored, I just really enjoyed the exhibit and I know a lot of people are a little worried about the price so I just wanted to pass on that in my opinion it's worth it). I did a post about the exhibit, which you can here if you're interested :).



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