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A fun day out in Liège - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A fun day out in Liège [Apr. 30th, 2018|09:25 pm]
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[Current Location |Liège, Belgium]
[feeling |busybusy]

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Yesterday, Bert and I spent the entire afternoon and evening in Liège. You may wonder why, seeing neither of us are that keen on Liège. Well, because first we were meeting up with our awesome friend Mary, and then we were going to see haru live. Good enough reason to brave Liège. Or not?

We were going to meet Mary at Le Garage, and then wander to a café to spend some time hanging out. We were early and just as Bert had parked right by the venue, and I had gotten out, I saw a large Arabian man sprint out of his house, on his slippers and without shirt, to run up at another Arabian man to grab a woman's purse from him. I figured out there was some kind of purse snatching going on, and was determined to ignore the situation. And then suddenly the shirtless guy had run up to pretty much in front of our car, to block the way for the other guy, who had indeed snatched a purse and was pleading with the shirtless guy to be allowed to escape. Right up to the point where the cops came (who had been called by someone else altogether). It might sound like quite the ruckus, but once the cops were there, shirtless guy turned out to be nothing but calm and eloquent and just explained what happened. In the end he was allowed to return home, with the purse, and the other guy was loaded up in the police car and driven off.
Mary missed all of that, because she got stuck in traffic due to the market.
So yeah, that was erm, different.

Bert can haz cake

Mary arrived, we said hi to her mum who dropped her off, and then we wandered off to Point Chaud. Where Mary (thank you!) treated us to dessert and drinks and we sat outside just chatting whilst Mary (thank you thank you thank you!) translated my interview questions for haru. Seriously, I would not know what to do without her (and not just for the translating because she's super awesome full stop!)!

raspberry donut

This is not just a pink donut, no no, it is a delicious pink donut with raspberry filling and it was GLORIOUS!

We hung out 'till they were closing, and then moved to the café next door, where Bert treated us to drinks (I will pay for the Starbucks next time Mary and I meet).

I hadn't seen Mary since December, and Bert hadn't seen her since October, so it was awesome to be able to hang out again!

With Marie

We had to be back at Le Garage at 6pm, so we wandered back, and because the team from REALive hadn't arrived yet, we spent some time petting Mishka and Danté, Mary and Mary's sister's dogs, who were also in the car. They are both super sweet and Mishka is SO SOFT, omg! I should have taken their photo, next time!

When Mary left, we went to wait for the crew inside, and then when they arrived I interviewed haru. Who was also super glad Mary had translated the questions and he could just speak Japanese. haru is legit so friendly, and his concert was really cool too!
As always: keep an eye out on Bert's instagram for photos that will NOT be in the next edition of BCM (contrary to an interview, a page haru wrote for the readers, a signed instax give-away and other concert photos).

haru live

haru live

haru live

My camera is NOT suited to take low light photos, but I just wanted to shoot a couple of quick shots to go with this blog post, as Bert's photos haven't been edited yet and I wanted to share at least something from the concert :).

selfie with Valentine

Selfie with Valentine. I suck at framing selfies.


Bert, not drinking beer btw.


haru during his signing session

Fun concert selfie

A brave attempt at a group selfie

Fun concert photo

Thanks to Crystal, we got a much better photo :)

After the concert we hung out some more with Crystal, Valentine, Fred and Jeremy and haru 'till it was time to head home to avoid being total zombies today. Neither Bert and I had to work today, but Bert wanted to start on spring cleaning and I wanted to get a lot of work done on the next edition of BCM. But yeah, it was a great day!
I will definitely do my utmost to be able to see haru live again next time he comes to Europe!