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Cherry blossoms and Japanese fashion - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Cherry blossoms and Japanese fashion [Apr. 24th, 2018|10:40 am]
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[Current Location |Hasselt, Belgium ]
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[music |Star Wars soundtrack (Empire Strikes Back)]

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Last Sunday (April 22nd) Lora drove to our house, and then hopped into the car with Bert and I and Bert drove us all to the Japanese garden in Hasselt for a Jfashion meet.
Bert doesn’t normally go to meets with us, and he rarely dresses up for them either (he hadn’t this time), but sometimes he tags along to take photos if it’s at a location he wants to see.
Like a pretty Japanese garden.

Japanese garden

Getting there was a complete disaster. Whilst they know full well sat navs/gps systems have a hard time finding the location, the city still hasn’t bothered with proper signage. Nor with a proper description online. You can find it, you just need to really search for it in the vicinity the sat nav sends you to. So we lost about 15 minutes doing that.
But we got there!

Japanese garden

Sylvie, Maria and Maria’s friend who’s name I forgot (sorry!) were already there. So we got tickets (and NO people at the ticket desk of ultimate slow, Japanese fashion styles are NOT cosplay, god fucking damn it!), free tickets thanks to our press passes (although the lady was convinced Lora and I were cosplaying so she would have let us in free anyway *sigh*). And joined the others.
Because there wasn’t a lot of space to wait for the others, we decided to go a little further inside and wait on a bench in the shade. Maria and her friend went into the gardens, and we waited on the bench.
It was so cool to see Sylvie, because we hadn’t seen her in years (literally!).
And then Elsje arrived, and a little later Saltje, Tamara and their friend who’s name I also forgot (sorry!) and we found a spot to sit down and have our picnic lunches. There was food for sale, mostly BBQ type things, and some people did get food and drinks there because they were super cheap, which is great.

cherry blossoms

picture time!

The gardens were still pretty full of pretty blossoms, but pretty crowded (to be expected). So it was really hard to get a photo without other people in the background. Personally I don’t mind, those people are there to enjoy the blossoms just like the rest of us :).
I did mind the Russian family who had these super obnoxious kids that purposely kept running in front of cameras and grabbed branches to shake off all the blossoms. Especially because the idiot father kept on encouraging his spawn to do it because he was filming or taking her photo whilst committing the act of arboreal vandalism. Seriously.
There were also tons of people climbing on over the ropes even though it clearly notes on the sign at the entrance that you are NOT allowed. The garden really needs to have staff patrolling the grounds to deal with all the nitwits.



I will say, I was pleasantly surprised we weren’t constantly harassed by douchebags who take photos without permission. There were a few, but not as many as usual, so that was great. I think the fact that there are now often cosplayers on the grounds to take photos, and them telling people off a lot too, has really helped. Yay for cosplayers!


Lora and I

Anyway, Bert went wandering pretty quickly because the light was atrocious (he did take some photos of Lora and I).

koi fish

Elsje shared our big bag of fish food (a huge bag for 50 cents is such a bargain!) with Lora and I and we fed the fish.

Japanese garden

I took some more photos.

Japanese garden

Japanese garden

And also some more photos of the actual garden :).

Saltje took the normal and the derpy group shot of everyone that wanted to be in those, but sadly I can't share them with you because Elsje didn't want any photos of her to be on my flickr (and I'm assuming online at all). So seeing she's in them and specifically told me she wanted the photos of her taken down (which is well within her right): no group shots in this post.

Lora and I

Lora and I wandered the grounds to find Bert and then we met up with the others to say bye as it’s still a bit of a drive to mine.



When we got to my place, the light was much better, so we went to play with the inflatable # in the field and Bert kindly took photos.

And after that we watched Gravity Falls ‘till it was time for Lora to go home.

Good times! :)

All the photos from the Japanese garden are here.