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Satsuki's final REBOOT - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Satsuki's final REBOOT [Apr. 16th, 2018|09:43 pm]
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[Current Location |Liège, Belgium ]
[feeling |sleepysleepy]

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I admit that the title of this post is more dramatic than is necessary, but I felt it sounds good so there you go :).

Yesterday it was the last concert of Satsuki's REBOOT tour at Le Garage in Liège, Belgium. Even though Bert and I dislike going to concerts on Sunday evening due to work on Monday, we still went because we wanted to cover the tour for BCM and all the other dates were actually even more inconvinient.
We both feel that it would be much more practical if Sunday lives would start at 5pm (doors at 4, start at 5 or 6 at the latest) so people can still get home in time via public transport and in time to get plenty of rest before the new week.
I think more people would come on a Sunday if they could get home at a decent time, or home at all considering a lot of venues are no where near a bus hub and/or train station.
But I digress.

We got there just a little after 5pm, because Aurélie had told me they'd be there between 5 and 6pm. Because the crew hadn't arrived yet, I popped in the neighbourhood convinient store and grabbed a can of Monster for Bert for the trip back. It's only marginally more expensive than at a regular supermarket so that was ok. After that we tried to find the kebab shop we usually go to for dinner, but it turns out that it was gone. So we went to the one a couple of doors down from the venue instead to eat French fries/chips.

When we had arrived, there was one girl sitting across from the venue to wait for it to open. And initially we thought she had a friend with her that had gone to get food or something as quite a few places near the venue do take-out. But when we got back to the venue after food, she was still there. We thought it was super sad she was on her own, and felt it would be a massive dick move on our behalf to just wander off and leave her there. Especially considering the area isn't that great (lot's of street harasment and such). So we crossed the street and joined her. Turns out she was Flemish too, so that was practical :).
So we just waited together :).


And then the crew arrived and Bert kept her company as she waited in the garage area of Le Garage (it's literally a garage with a venue attached to it) no joke. And then I went in to sort out my interview with Satsuki for the next BCM.

There were a lot of friendly people at Le Garage, so Bert and I had a lot of fun hanging out with friends and acquaintances old and new :).


Marc, the proprietor of Le Garage

Photo of the day: 15.4.2018 (day 105)

Selfie with Yume that we doodled on. She's a dragon, I'm a cat =^.^=

DJ Aurélie

DJ Aurélie. She was making sure the background tracks for the concert were running properly. I don't have any actual live photos of the concert. My camera isn't suited for concert photography, and Bert does all our photos with professional material anyway, so I just mess around a little with my smartphone and instax :).

If you want to see live photos, keep an eye on Bert's instagram in the time between now and the release of the next edition of BCM early July (its 3 monthly after all). He'll be posting different photos than the ones that will be published, so there is no way you'll be seeing photos on social media and then again in the magazine.

Checking photos after the concert

Bert showing Stefanie (apologies if I got your name wrong!) and Valentine the photos from the concert on his camera.

Satsuki performed a shorter live than he usually would have because he had been ill for quite a while and was totally beat. Frankly, kudos to him that he still went on stage and was so interactive with fans, both on and off stage, whilst feeling so bad. I feel like he still performed a really good concert, even though he wasn't feeling his best at all. I have to say that I liked his songs from REBOOT better live than on CD as well, so that was a bonus.

Of course, a shorter concert meant we could go home earlier. It's not like we wanted to run away from everyone, it was just that it was early rising for Bert this morning, so more sleep was definitely better. Of course, we totally overestimated getting home an hour earlier than planned, and sorted out a photo on his social media before bed, which meant we went too bed too late and spent most of the day as zombies anyway. Next time we will have to leave on time AND go to bed in time.


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