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Favourites of the month: March 2018 - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Favourites of the month: March 2018 [Apr. 3rd, 2018|05:47 pm]
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- Fujifilm instax mini 90 NEO CLASSIC
- Fujifilm instax square SQ10
- HEMA, speech bubble stickers
- Polar Frost – pain relieving cold gel with aloe vera
- Yves Rocher, chamomile cleanser
- Yves Rocher, long-lasting moisturizing hand cream

I stopped buying quite as much make-up and beauty stuff like I used to do. Not because I suddenly lost interest in it, I havent at all. Quite on the contrary. But the reality is that I have what I need, and buying more would just end up in more stuff that barely gets used. And that's just a waste of both money and product. So that's why there are fewer items in this month's favourite than what you'll come to know from me.

Favourites of the month: March 2018


Photo of the day: 25.3.2018

Instant photography fun
I do really love instant photography! I am now constantly trying to resist buying the instax Wide as well. I do really love the format, and it's not more expensive per frame as the square, but its so big and cumbersome to carry around! I don't think I would much enjoy carrying that beast around!
So I think that I'll just stick to these two!

Fuji instax mini 90 NEO CLASSIC

When my old instax mini 90 NEO CLASSIC died last June, I initially refused to buy a new one. But after several months of seeing instax fun everywhere, I admitted I missed taking instant photos far too much and replaced it with a brown version.

Fuji instax square SQ10

And because one wasn't enough, and the NEO CLASSIC isn't that practical for editorial work, I got a Square SQ10 as well.
At one point I'm going to write a blog post on these two.

speech bubble stickers

HEMA is carrying a lot of really fun instax accessories and decorations. These speech bubble stickers are by far my faves.


Polar Frost

Freeze the soreness
I first discovered Polar Frost when I was getting physical therapy a while ago. It was so good that I had to have a tube all for myself. It really does feel very cold, and it smells like peppermint but it does wonders. Like, seriously, I kid you not. And it is far more efficient than the chemical variations you usually get at the pharmancy and without chemical rubbish. It's also really good against bruises. I had an accident a while ago where a drawer dropped on my foot, two days of regular use of this and all was well again! So yeah, loving this!


Yves Rocher - chamomile cleanser

Yves Rocher, chamomile cleanser
I absolutely ADORE this! I use it every morning on a hydrophilic washcloth, and it really cleans my skin. I also use it to remove make-up and again: so good. It really gets everything off. It's replaced my usual Hydra Végetal cleanser because this is way better. And since I started using this, my skin has become a lot clearer, too.


Yves Rocher - handcream

Yves Rocher, long-lasting moisturizing hand cream
I quite enjoy this. I got a free one at some point. I have had it before, but they changed the formula a little and now it's definitely in the same league as the Weleda almond hand cream. So I believe I will be using this from now on because it's cheaper and just as good.


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