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March flashback faves: 2017 vs 2018 - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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March flashback faves: 2017 vs 2018 [Mar. 6th, 2018|03:16 pm]
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I'm actually delving into territory of my old blog with these, but there you go!
Click the cut to see what I still like from my March 2017 favourites.
What do I still own, what do I still like, love or what don't I reach for anymore at all?

March faves

March 2017 on my old blog
March 2018 in this blogpost right here!

March flashback faves


Belladonna's Cupboard - Moon Magick palette

Belladonna’s Cupboard, Moon Magic palette
It's currently at Claire's house, hence it's absence from the main photo. BUT it's still an amazing palette. Belladonna's Cupboard did a truly stellar job on this. I 100% stand by my review I wrote about this in BCM last year.
If you like glowing to the point where they can see you from Mars, check out Belladonna's Cupboard highlighters.


XOXO from the afterlife

Fiendies, Valentine’s Day mini planchette and pin
I don't wear the pin often out of fear of loosing it (not gonna lie!) but I do love the design. The planchette I turned into a necklace, and that I wear quite regularly. So yeah, still own both, still love both!


Photo of the day: 14.10.2016 (day 288)

Japan Camera Hunter, JCH Street Pan 400
If shipping on this wasn't so ridiculous, I would ONLY shoot this on 35mm. If shipping wasn't so ridiculous and my Agfa cameras wouldn't spit on anything over ISO 200, I would ONLY shoot this on medium format.
That's how amazing this film is.
If you can afford more expensive film and like shooting in black and white, I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this.
I actually bought a roll of each of the formats when I was in Tokyo last September, and I totally regret not buying more.
Ironically buying them in Tokyo was the only way I could afford them, which is ridiculous considering the film is, wait for it, MADE IN BELGIUM.
But you know, that aside, this film is amazeballs.
And yes, I haven't used them up yet, I'm keeping them for when the weather is better again, considering they're not expiring 'till 2021, it's a legit thing to do!


Photo of the day: 14.3.2017 (day 73)

Luxie Beauty, Luxie rose gold blush brush 514
I still own this, and I still think it's a great brush. Right up 'till when I got Too Faced's Mr Right, this was my go to bronzer brush. Now it doesn't really get much use, because I have other brushes I prefer for blush and bronzer, but if Mr Right is dirty and I want to use my other bronzer, this is the one I reach for.
I got this in an Ipsy bag, and I probably wouldn't have bought it otherwise as it's quite expensive and to be honest, there are cheaper alternatives out there. But if you're looking for a high quality brush and you don't mind spending a bit of cash, this isn't a bad option to look at. I wouldn't buy it again, but only because I love Mr Right more.
If I didn't own Mr Right, I would definitely repurchase this, and it would still be my go to bronzer brush.


MAC white mascara

M.A.C, in extreme dimension lash/work it out in muscle tee
It's white mascara, OF COURSE I still love this. I don't own the tube I had open last year anymore because I emptied it out. But I have bought 4 spares, so I'm good for a while longer as I still have 3 left:D. White mascara will forever be my go to mascara, provided it's available of course, which is sadly not always the case (hence the spares, I grabbed it when I could!).


8.3.2017 (day 67)

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, volume 2: Cosmic Cooties
I still love all my Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur volumes. That entire series was the best thing Marvel did in a LONG time. They will say, it has gone downhill a little in recent issues, but it's still a heck of a lot better than many things, comics wise.


no hooman, that's not my colour!

NYX, butter lipstick in lifeguard
I still own this, and I still use this whenever I feel like it. It's just that I own a lot of lipsticks, and several reds. And to be fair, this isn't my fave, nor my fave formula, so whilst I definitely still like it, and I'm glad I own it, it's not my favourite red from the bunch. But it's a good colour to own for sure.



Yeah, still love this show. It's so well put together, I wish more shows had this much attention to plot and character development.
More please!



Shadowhunters is the best thing I've ever seen bar most of Doctor Who. Sure, it took me most of season 1 to REALLY get into it, but my god, I love this! I will admit I mostly watch this because of Magnus Bane, but even episodes without the high warlock of Brooklyn have been consistently very good since season 2 episode 3 or 4.
I hope this keeps running for a lot more seasons!
Bring on season 3!


Photo of the day: 29.3.2017 (day 88)

Spectrum Collections, A04 face brush
This was my go to highlighting brush before I got the essence hololighter brushes. And now it's my go to brush to use with my Too Faced setting powder. So yeah, still own these (I have three), still use them, still like them a lot!


Photo of the day: 7.3.2017 (day 66)

I've gone through several pots of this (and cleaned and kept all of said pots or gave them to others who could use them for storing things) and I will undoutedly go through many more. I actually like the Japanese version a little more than the European one (there IS a difference), and I am super grateful that my friend Aurélie is my steamcream from Japan dealer :D.
But yeah, I use this as a hair mask once a week, or to give my skin an extra boost when it's super dry. Or to help burns heal faster. Or to give relief from bug bites. Its super multifunctional and I love it. This is one of my ride or die skin/haircare products.


Winky Lux - Meow

Winky Lux, matte lip velour lipstick in Meow
This is still my favourite nude. I have quite a few nudes, and they all get worn, but this is the one I reach for most. Unless it's summer, because it doesn't get on well with warm weather _at all_. To the point where it lives in the fridge the entire summer, together with Uncorked by the same brand. But yeah, it's such a great formula, it doesn't dry out my lips at all, it's long lasting and super comfortable.


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