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February faves - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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February faves [Mar. 2nd, 2018|03:12 pm]
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This list and why I like the things on it!

- Bioworld, Hogwarts Express, Platform 9 ¾ bag
- Clinique, chubby stick in woppin' watermelon
- Hallmark, itty bitty's General Hux
- Lannoo Graphics, Star Wars notebook
- Primark x Disney, Marie make-up bag set
- Sephora, Wonderful Stars, eye and face palette
- Too Faced, Unicorn Survival kit (mostly the highlighter and the bag)

February faves


Too Faced - Unicorn Survival Kit

Shimmer like a unicorn!
This was a 2,5 out of 4 kind of product for me. I have quite a good stock (I have a spare) of traditional La Crème Unicorn Tears, but I'll never say no to more. I'm not digging the Melted Latex formula at all, so this is going to a friend. I am, however, 100% into this highlighter. I am all for crazy highlighters so of course this I had to have. MAKE IT PERMANENT ALREADY TOO FACED!
And of course, who doesn't like an extra make-up bag, especially one this cute! I know I do!.
Full post about this, here on my blog! :)

Too Faced - unicorn makeup bag


Sephora - Wonderful Stars palette

Fun with stars and squares
The face products are in squares, so that's an apt description.
I got this palette in the giveaway from Aly that I won, and I have to say I really enjoy using this. Nr 2, one of the blush shades, is a beautiful brown based nude blush, which makes it excellent for draping (bronzing with blush). Which is great because when I go on holiday I don't want to be faffing about with a million products (although I do have a deluxe sample of my milk chocolate soleil bronzer so I could just pack that too if I wanted to, but in case I don't, this palette has me covered!). The other blush (nr 1) and the highlighter (nr 3) aren't really good shades for face colours on me, but that doesn't mean I can't use them as eye shadow, so they're still useful.
The eyeshadows are what really makes the palette though, and not just because they are in cute star shaped pans.
They're really good quality. Which doesn't really surprise me as Sephora generally has pretty good quality shadows. And the shade range is really good to do a number of different looks, going from nude to smokey to metallic (that brass shade). As far as travel palettes go, this makes for a good alternative for my Too Faced Natural Eyes. When I don't want to travel with that (they do have different shades), I can travel with this. And it's always great to have options. If you can still find this in your local Sephora and you're looking for a good quality palette you can travel with, definitely look into this one (especially because this was from their 2017 holiday range so it's probably discounted now).
Shoutout to nr 5, the deep purply brown one, which is perfect to deepen the outer V of the eye. It's especially gorgeous paired with Everyone's Darling, the burgundy from my M.A.C Semi-Sweet x 9 palette.

Sephora - Wonderful Stars palette


Clinique - chubby stick in woppin' watermelon

Pink balm
I got this travel size Clinique chubby stick in Aly's giveaway and I have to say that I really love this. It looks pretty bright pink in the tube, but once applied it gives off a really lovely light sheer layer of colour. So I'm really digging this. Especially as it's super moisturising and pretty long lasting. I would seriously consider shelling out for a full size one. Don't know whether I'd repurchase this colour though, I saw online there's several and I kinda want to see them in real life in a store to make up my mind about which one I like best :). I really like this colour though, so I might end up getting this one again.


Shopping at Primark

Everybody wants to be a cat!
I seriously doubted between this and a Harry Potter version in black and gold, but sadly that had a lot of studs etc attached that looked like they were coming off the first second you looked at it in the wrong way.
So that's what made me go with the Marie bag in the end, even though it is super girly and pink and glittery and the bow drives Shinto absolutely INSANE (she hoards bows).
Of course, I don't actually use a make-up bag this huge for cosmetics, it's far too enormous for the amount of make-up I have. Especially for the amount of make-up and skincare I carry with me (lipstick, lipbalm, eye drops, under eye refreshment cream, hand cream, blot film).
BUT, however, it is PERFECT to carry my press/interview gear in!
It easily fits my paperwork, notebook, lanyard, voice recorder, spare batteries, writing supplies, the whole lot. With some room to spare. I just organise everything in this, and then pop it into my backpack.
SO practical. I love being organised :).
And cheap too! It was only €8 at Primark for these two big make-up bags!

New Harry Potter bag

Off to Hogwarts
Bert got me this bag at Comic Con Brussels. I had my eye on it for a bit, and when the Large stand had it, he got it for me because he is an awesome husband. I switch it around with my Deathstar bag, which Bert also got for me and which is also from Bioworld.
It's not big, but it's super practical to keep some small things in that I need to be able to get at easily. So good! And pretty!
And also excellent for concerts and other times where I just don't want to bring a full sized bag to :).


Itty Bitty Hux

You gotta imagine that in Snoke's voice, it's much better if you imagine it that way. Anyhow...
I got this as a present from my friends Dan and Jon, who are very much aware that Hux is my favourite character from the new Star Wars movies.
Even though I HATE how Rian Johnson (can Disney PLEASE take that incompetent OFF the Star Wars franchise already? Preferably YESTERDAY!) portrayed the character in The Last Jedi. Seriously, what's the use of building an entire character background in THREE separate books if you're just going to turn it into a bad slapstick charade persona there for what passes for comic relief? Someone needs to explain to Disney and Mr Johnson that Star Wars is NOT Galaxy of the Guardians, and it shouldn't be treated as if it was.
That rant aside, I think this is hella cute. And it's also very portable, so good for on the go geekery :). I just have to make sure Shinto doesn't steal it.


Star Wars pen and notebook

May the notes be with you
I got this notebook from my friend Marie for Christmas. But I didn't start using it 'till this month. I just use it to jolt down things for my blog and such, for which it's super practical. It's also quite big, so I'll be able to use this for a good long while I think. Love this!


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