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Review: Too Faced - Unicorn Survival Kit - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Review: Too Faced - Unicorn Survival Kit [Feb. 13th, 2018|11:18 am]
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You may feel like this is coming way too late, but I didn't actually get my hands on this 'till the very tail end of last month.

I feel like a review of this is still relevant for two reasons:
1. The Unicorn Survival Kit is still available on the Too Faced website, discounted even.
2. Two of the products are available in single and full size and the highlighter is coming back in two products from the Life's a Festival collection that is released on the website later this month. So this may help you decide whether or not you want to get something from that.

If you want to know more about this, follow the unicorns...

Too Faced - Unicorn Survival Kit

Let's start with the packaging, because as always, Too Faced has once again gone all out with the cute.
I do really like this, because I feel the stylised unicorns make it work. Had it just been holo and hearts, it would have been a little too cute for my personal tastes, but the art style of the unicorns really rocks.
The back has full ingredient lists and photos of the items in the box, so no complaints there.

Too Faced - Unicorn Survival Kit


Too Faced - Unicorn Survival Kit

Now for the items that are actually inside the box.
I will list all positive and negative points of each item for an easy overview.

Everything is wrapped in pink paper inside the make-up bag, so it makes sense to start with that.
+ The design is gorgeous. The outside fabric shifts from a nice light blue to a silvery gray and it has the same super cute and cool art style from the box.
It's two sided, with Unicorn Survival Kit on one side, and just unicorns and hearts on the other.
+ The inside is made from a fabric that can be cleaned.
+ It's very sturdy, it's definitely not a cheap flimsy bag that will come apart easily.
+ It's an excellent size to make for a slightly larger coin purse or small wallet to just hold some basic documents like your ID and driver's licence and some cash, on days where you just don't want to carry an entire wallet.
- The make-up bag is most definitely big enough to hold all the products in this kit, but it's no where near big enough to be a functional make-up bag for most people. Unless you tend to only pack a lipstick, a lipbalm and not much else at all, you won't find this useful for this purpose


Too Faced - unicorn makeup bag

The next two items I'll talk about are both available at the moment, as part of other Too Faced lines. It's worth noting that they're both deluxe sample sizes, so NOT full size items.

Too Faced -  La Crème in Unicorn Tears, full size vs the deluxe sample

The one that has been around the longest is the one I'll cover first:
The Unicorn Tears lipstick from the La Crème series.

My first point is either positive or negative, in a glass half full or half empty kind of way. Because if you are really into Unicorn Tears, then this is just a tiny sized product. But if you just use this once in a blue moon, you really don't need a full size.
+ It's very creamy and comfortable to wear
+ It lasts on your lips for ages, even after eating and drinking
+ Oddly enough, this becomes more “wearable” the longer you have it on your lips. Whilst it starts out as an iridescent blue, it turns a lovely dark pink with blue sheen. At least on me it does.
+ Over a nude liquid lipstick, this is really very pretty. Just don't go overboard with it of course, because then you just end up with Unicorn Tears and you'll defeat the laying purpose.
- It stains. Not in an obnoxiously bright way so it's not really an issue on your lips, but if you swatch it on your hand, be prepared to have a pink stripe for an entire day if you don't wipe it fast enough. Of course if you layer it over a liquid lipstick, you won't have this issue.
- It makes your teeth look yellow. Or, if you don't bleach them (I don't), more yellow.
- Undoubtedly, this is not a shade that suits everybody (but of course if you just want to try it out, this deluxe sample size is a good place to start).

Unicorn Tears

Too Faced has not confirmed or denied, as far as I'm aware, whether it is this exact formula that is coming back as part of the La Crème Mystical Lipstick series from Life's a Festival.
But considering there's a Unicorn Tears in that that looks like it's the exact same shade, I think it's safe to say that it'll be part of the Spring collection. So up to you if you want the new or old packaging (or both) if you're in the market for the full size.
Personally I've got my eye on Angel Tears, but I do still have one tube of Unicorn Tears left, that has about as much in it still as the deluxe sample size, and another full size spare so I feel I'm set for a long time and will hold off buying more.


Too Faced - Melted Latex in Unicorn Tears

The next one is also an existing lip product. The Unicorn Tears lipgloss from the Melted Latex series.
Frankly, same story as the lipstick version, but I feel you get rather more in this deluxe sample.
I also heard in some Melted Latex reviews that this really stains your teeth, but on the few, short, times I have tried this formula, this wasn't a problem for me. It also didn't feel very uncomfortable on my lips, but I didn't wear it long at all so I'm not entirely sure whether these issues start after wearing it for a longer timer, or whether they don't happen to everyone.
+ The iridescence on this is beautiful
- All the negatives of the La Crème version.
- It's sticky AF. If you wear this, make sure your hair can NOT touch your face. AT ALL.

I'm not sure that this is the same as the Unicorn Tears Magic Crystal Lip Topper from the upcoming Life's a Festival collection, but it does sure seem to be.
In which case, you'll get a good idea about those from looking at/reading Melted Latex reviews. There should be plenty online by now :).

Too Faced - comparing glosses

A comparison between both Melted Matte shades I own. The nude is Hopeless Romantic, which is a deluxe sample size I got in a Christmas kit. As you can see, Hopeless Romantic is a much more opaque shade, and there's no colour shift to it like there is to Unicorn Tears.


Too Faced - Unicorn Tears highlighter

Last but definitely not least: the Unicorn Tears highlighter.
Like the bag, this is the only item that isn't available separately and in full size. But unlike the bag, this is coming back to the Life's a Festival collection. Sadly not as a single product, which I feel is a right shame because this is amazing.
+ The colour is absolutely stunning
+ The pink to blue shift makes this surprisingly very “wearable”.
+ It's not white based.
+ The deluxe sample size is not that bad, because let's be honest, most of us won't use this up in a hurry as this isn't exactly your every day highlighter colour (even though I feel it's still pretty “wearable”, I can imagine that this won't fly at a workplace or school with a dress code).
+ You can either be applied very lightly for a soft iridescent glow, or build up to GLOW TO THE GODS.
+ It applies super easily.
+ Beautiful design, the unicorn embossing is just too cute. It's almost too cute to use. Almost...
- No single (re)release. Which is a right shame because this is an amazing product. Sure, there is a Unicorn Tears Unicorn Horn Highlighting Stick coming up in the Life's a Festival collection, but that's a cream version and this is a powder product. From the one swatch I've seen on YouTube, it looks like the cream version has a lot more oomph to it. But that was just the one swatch.
- If you want to get more of this, you either have to buy another Unicorn Survival Kit or the Unicorn Bronzer or the Life's a Festival Eye Shadow Palette.

That said, I tried mixing the bronzer from the Sweet Peach Glow palette with Unicorn Tears, to get the “starlight” effect of the bronzer. Or at least get an idea of what it'll be like, and I have to say that it's quite lovely (bit of a pain in the ass with two separate products though).
I'm still on the fence about whether or not to buy the cream highlighter, because I really do love this, but I feel it's also quite pricy (as I'll have to pay shipping as well) so I'm very undecided at this point.

I feel there are plenty of lovely things in the Life's a Festival collection, but the reality is that I only wear make-up once or twice a week, most weeks, and I already do own plenty. So I'm kind of averse to spending money on more.

But as far as the kit goes. I am happy to have it, because for me personally the bag is very useful and I love the highlighter. I don't mind another Unicorn Tears lipstick but I'm not keen on the gloss at all. But that's just me, I really detest glosses.


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