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Louvain with Marie - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Louvain with Marie [Feb. 8th, 2018|12:27 pm]
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[Current Location |Louvain, Belgium]
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Another catch-up post, but not quite as far back as my Planckendael with Charlotte post.
This is also the last of the catch-up posts, I am all caught-up with this one!
Just before the end of 2017, on Saturday the 30th of December, Marie and I met up in Louvain for Starbucks, shopping and lunch.

Seeing Louvain is right about in the middle between both our home towns, Marie and I tend to meet up there. Because frankly, if we can have lunch together, get a drink at Starbucks and maybe look at a few shops, we are perfectly happy so might as well make it easy for ourselves and avoid someone having to take two trains!
Now all Louvain needs is a Hard Rock Café and it'll be perfect!

Red cups

We met up in, of course, Starbucks, because it's inside the station and so it's a very convinient place to meet up with each other.
Marie had already gotten a drink, and I just sat down because she was just finishing it and we were going to go to lunch.
We did exchange Christmas presents though!

Photo of the day: 4.1.2018

Le Pain Quotidien

She got me these amazing Star Wars notebooks and a super cute bear shaped bottle of honey from Pain Quotidien! And a super handy souvenir tin she got when she was in Morocco. Thank you again Marie!
Of course, idiot that I am, I only took photos of the Star Wars notebooks, in all my enthusiasm. The honey photo is from my first visit to Lille, but it's that exact same bottle!

We decided to have lunch at Domus, which was nice and quiet this time. Last time we went there it was SUPER busy, but I think we beat the lunch rush by being a little early.
Profiting of the place being nearly empty, we spent ages there having lunch and catching up, which was awesome.
And I forgot to take a food photo but I had a croque monsieur with a side-order of fries. There you go, just imagine it here :P.

Mickey is unconvinced

After that, we went on a hunt for Marie's last presents for people.

silly Starbucks selfie

Tea at Starbucks

And ended up at Starbucks again, because we really do love our Starbucks :). They were out of Christmas drinks and red cups (even though the cups themselves were still on display) so I got tea instead.