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Flashback faves: February - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Flashback faves: February [Feb. 1st, 2018|01:19 pm]
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flashback faves

First of the month, flashback time!

February favourites

February 2016
February 2017

Photo of the day: 1.2.2018 (day 32)


Benefit porefessional

Benefit, Porefessional primer
Oh the love is definitely OVER.
I was done with this before it was half empty because this clogged up my pores and gave me all sorts of issues.
Not worth it! I will stick to my trusted Too Faced Hangover primer for as long as that exists, thank you very much!


I can haz?

Haribo, Croco Pik
Still love this, omg. I really wish this was sold in Belgium so I didn't have to raid half a supermarket stock whilst in France. It's my dad's fave too :). I don't have any at the moment, because I've run out, so that's why they're not in the "group" shot.


Are there any cookies left?

Les Machines de l’île, Les Dompteurs de l’araignée cookie tin
Still love this. I keep my liquid lipsticks in it. Actually I don't think I have ever used it for anything else than lipstick storage. In any case, it's a great tin! It holds a lot of lipsticks and it looks pretty on my desk. Can't want more out of a tin!


not my colour hooman

M.A.C, extra dimension skin finish in Beaming Blush
Still loving this! It's my fave gold highlighter. Because it's a pink shift, it suits my skintone really well and it's a very wearable gold. So I can get away with it with most looks. Of course I switch between highlighters a lot, but I still adore this one! If this one was used up and I had to decide which gold highlighter I wanted to buy, there's a really good chance I would just go to M.A.C and repurchase this one.


peach blush

Model Co, BLUSH cheek powder in Peach Bellini
I used this for a while, and initially I really liked it.
But I felt it didn't suit me all that much. And I liked the blush in the Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow palette a lot more, so I gave this to my friend Claire back in August last year. There's no need to have two peach blushes, really.


Loa approves of purple

Yves Rocher, botanical eye shadow in Lavende
Same thing as last month with Or Blanc. I still like this shade a lot, but it's also part of my 40 color palette and there's no way I can go through that much lilac eyeshadow. So this one was also given to my friend Lora. Giving it to a friend was a much better option than letting it go to waste in my eye shadow tin.
But yeah, still good stuff. I don't have any issues with it. If it hadn't been in the 40 palette, I'd still own it as a single for sure. I wouldn't say it's still a favourite though, I haven't used it in quite a while.


smells like flowers

Yves Rocher, shower gel in tiaré flower and ylang ylang
I've used up all the travel sized ones we had, and because there's so much nice shower gel available that Bert and I like just a little more, we've not actually bought a full sized bottle. We would though if none of the others we like is available and we need to buy shower gel. I still have the empty bottles though, because tossing a travel sized bottle that can be reused is just silly.


flashlight pocket mirror

Sephora, pocket mirror with built-in light
This lives in the make-up bag that resides in my bag. So I always have it with me on the go. I still really like this. Enough to probably repurchase this if it breaks. I'm going to have to buy new batteries for it soon though because at the moment, they've run out, so it's not actually having it's light function. I really need to get that sorted because the light is as bright as that of a small flashlight. It's just that the batteries are cheapest at IKEA and we don't go there often so I kinda keep putting it off. But yeah, good stuff! Very handy and compact and practical.


TonyMoly eye cream

TonyMoly, Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick
I've gone through so many of these, seriously I love this stuff. I still love it as much as I did initially. It's just so efficient! Whenever I go to Sephora, I buy a spare, can't risk running out!


Smells like peaches

Too Faced, Sweet Peach Glow
Sweet Peach Glow is one of those products I don't often reach for, but I can't really imagine my kit without it either because this has my shimmery peachy orange blush, and my shimmery bronzer. Let's ignore the highlighter, because that sucks. I know a lot of people have said that is the best part of the palette, but I disagree. I love how the bronzer has an almost copper tone to the orangy goodness and the peach bronzer is just the right shade of shimmery peach for my skin. Much as I love my matte versions of these products, I love having these because some days, I just want the shimmer.


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