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January faves [Jan. 31st, 2018|03:15 pm]
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Fashion, accessories, makeup and skincare. So quite the variety this month!

January faves

- ASOS made in Kenya, chunky rib turban
- M.A.C, pigment in Pure White
- Monki, soft long sleeved top in rust n dust
- Too Cool For School, pumpkin sleeping pack
- Too Faced, Melted in Fig
- Too Faced, Melted Chocolate in Chocolate Honey
- Too Faced, Shadow Insurance
- Yves Rocher, Grand Rouge Mat 156
- Yves Rocher, Sexy Pulp mascara in Brun

Too Faced - Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer

Prep your eyes!
I got this deluxe sample size of Shadow Insurance in one of the Christmas kits (Beauty Cracker) Bert got me for well, Christmas. I really like it, which is obvious or it wouldn't be in my faves, but hey.
I know I have talked about first impressions of this on my blog and I stick to those.
It's not given me any grief what so ever, so I really quite like this. It's very lightweight. Even though it feels much like a silicone primer, it's not giving me clogged pores or making my eyes feel heavy. Especially for days I know I will be wearing my eye make-up for quite a long time, this is an absolute go-to product.


Photo of the day: 10.1.2017

It was horror to get but it's awesome to use!
It was a real battle to get my hands on this (full story is here, if you like to read about companies misbehaving, you'll love it),
BUT the product itself is A+. It's not as crazy pigmented as it's shimmer counterparts, but it's good stuff nonetheless. I basically only use it to simulate white eyeliner with my trusty NYX mixing medium (from last month's faves).
If you're looking into buying a M.A.C pigment, or only own the small sized to go ones, make sure to check this list to see if what you want/own is eye and/or lip safe, because not all of them are and M.A.C only gives out that list with the full sizes. Basically I copied it to my blog because I feel people should have this regardless of the size they buy and should be able to read it BEFORE they buy.


Yves Rocher - Sexy Pulp mascara in Brun

Just classic brown lashes
Like I've mentioned before, Yves Rocher's Sexy Pulp series is in reality a dupe for, and a better version of Too Faced's Better than Sex mascara. And cheaper too. And it comes in more colours.
I already used the Noir Extréme version, but because I was in the market for a new brown mascara, and I got a really good deal on it during the sales (over 50% off) so I decided to give the brown one a go too. And I like it just as much. I think I'll just stick to this from now on for brown mascaras. At half price off cost of course, otherwise I find it rather too pricy.


Photo of the day: 26.1.2018

Red nr 156
Yeah this series only has numbers, which is kinda sad because in the past Yves Rocher has come up with cute names like Pomme d'Amour for their lipsticks. Anyway... this is amazing.
I actually got this for free via a loyalty coupon, but I would quite happily shell out for a lipstick in the Grand Rouge Mat series.
The colour is super long lasting, which is surprising considering it's a matte lipstick.
This formula is very much a comfort matte one because it is not drying at all, it is super comfortable, even if you wear it all day long.
Oh and it requires very minimal touch ups!
Love this!
I wish I had gotten this before I bought Always Red by Sephora, because I definitely love this a lot more!

Too Faced - Melted in Fig

Sweet things for the lips
I got both of these deluxe sample sizes in Too Faced Christmas products, but I didn't get much wear out of them last month. As I did this month, it made much more sense to put them in my January faves.
I really love these colours. Chocolate Honey is a beautiful every day light browh, and it smells like chocolate too (no surprise, seeing it's Too Faced) and Fig is a very day to day appropriate purple. They are also super hydrating and nice on my lips.
So obviously I get a lot of wear out them, I really love them. Chocolate Honey even lives in my on the go make-up bag (together with Meow by Winky Lux).

Too Faced - Melted Chocolate (deluxe sample) in Chocolate Honey


too cool for school - pumpkin sleeping pack

Nighttime pumpkin
I got this in the giveaway from Aly that I won, and I gotta say, I've only been using it since the 23rd, but I really love it. It's really cleared up my skin, made it less dry and more healthy and glowy. I'll definitely keep using this!
It also dries into my skin almost immediately, and that's a definite bonus, especially for a night cream. If it keeps performing the way it does, I will be repurchasing this for a long, long time to come!



Huge bows are awesome
I have been trying to tie a scarf into a bow like this for many a times, and failed miserably. So when I saw this on ASOS, I just grabbed it :). I like how this also has this 1920s feel to it, which is something I dig a lot anyway.
And it keeps my ears warm on the bike!



Stripes, yay!
First of all a warning, these things run BIG! I initially ordered a size small, and had to return them for an XS. I never have an XS, so there you go. Luckily, Monki's return policy is super good, efficient and free, so that wasn't much of an issue.
I really love these, they are 52% organic cotton (Monki claims to love the planet, so they should use less plastic in their labeling and packaging though, but I digress), and so so soft and comfortable to wear!
They're super cute with skirts and dresses for that otome kei feel, but way cheaper than buying a striped top from actual otome brands. If they come out with other colours I like, I'd definitely get more of these :).
Mind you, winter weather is shit, because I've worn the two I have tons of times, and I don't have a single decent shot of them in an outfit :(. There's just no light at all for outfit shots when Bert gets home from work and the weekends haven't really worked out either. Oh well.