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Unboxing Aly's give-away! - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Unboxing Aly's give-away! [Jan. 23rd, 2018|12:26 pm]
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A while ago my friend Aly did a giveaway via her blog and instagram account, in which I participated. And ‘lo and behold, I won! So happy about that, thank you again for hosting it Aly!

Yesterday, I got the package in the mail, and after Loa cat had helped me unpack everything (and proceeded to steal the box, even though it was too small for him) he “helped” me taking photos.

This is very much a first impressions, because obviously I’ve only had these products since yesterday and haven’t had the chance to properly use and/or wear them yet! There’s also a few I haven’t touched yet, because I already have a product of the kind in use and I want to use that up first. So you’ll probably see several of these pop up in faves posts throughout the year!

Let’s dig into this!

Aly's giveaway


Clinique - cream shaper for eyes in black diamond

Clinique - cream shaper for eyes in black diamond
I haven’t opened this yet, because I’m currently using up my black eyeliner from NYX, but the second I’m done with that, the cap comes off this one!


Clinique - chubby stick in woppin' watermelon

Clinique – chubby stick in woppin! watermelon
I love this!
I’ve used it yesterday and I’ve put it in my make-up bag to take along with me.
I love how this gives off a feint, but still noticeable colour whilst hydrating my lips. It makes a nice change for when I don’t want to wear lipstick, but don’t want bare lips either.


HelloBody - coco rich and coco kiss

HelloBody – coco kiss and coco rich.
I’ve not used these deliciously smelling lip balm and lip scrub pots yet, because I’m currently going through some Sephora honey lipbalm scrub and Weleda Everon lip balm.
And I need to use those up first. But the second one of them runs out, I’m opening one of these.
I did smell them, because I couldn’t resist and they both smell DIVINE!


Limecrime - Velvetines in Red Velvet

Limecrime – Velvetines in Red Velvet
Absolutely stunning colour!
I just hope I can use up both this one and Sephora’s cream lip stain in Always Red before they expire!
Limecrime - Velvetines in Red Velvet

Limecrime Red Velvet vs Sephora Always Red

Red velvet vs Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Always Red.


NYX - soft matte lip cream in Istanbul

NYX - soft matte lip cream in Manila

NYX – soft matte lip cream in Istanbul and Manila
I already owned Antwerp from this series, so I knew I’d likely love the formula.
They smell like candy, which is always fun. But aside from them smelling nice, the colours are also super sweet.
I wore Istanbul yesterday, and it applied very well and stayed for a good amount of hours.
I hear a lot of people complain about this formula, but I think that as long as you stick with the lighter colours, you’re pretty safe.

NYX - soft matte lip cream

A picture of all three my NYX soft matte lip creams.
Left to right: Istanbul, Antwerp and Manila.


Sephora - Wonderful Stars palette

Sephora – Wonderful Stars eye and face palette
I love how compact this is! Not only has it 9 neutral and metal eye shadows that are totally up my street, it also has two blushes and a highlighter.
The highlighter is a little too dark for my complexion, but it’ll make for a beautiful eye shadow! I like both blush colours, but the second one in particular is my fave.
Most importantly, a palette like this is super practical for traveling, because it has so many products in it and it’s very thin and compact. Plus it has a really nice sized mirror too, which is a total bonus if you’re on the go.
I can’t wait ‘till the weekend so I can actually use it, that rich dark purple with dark brown undertones is really calling my name.

Sephora - Wonderful Stars palette

Sephora - Wonderful Stars palette

Some of the shades are definitely too light for me, but that’s ok, I can totally use them as transition shades or to set my eye shadow primer!
Or use them if I want to do a super nude “no makeup” style make-up.
I’m pretty sure I’ll be using all of these!


too cool for school - pumpkin sleeping pack

too cool for school – pumpkin sleeping pack
I have, very cautiously, tested this at this point.
I did the patch test on my wrist and the inside of my elbow, as well as tested it on a small part (very daringly a damaged part) of my face. And so far, so good! So tonight I’ll try it on my entire face.
This arrived just at the right time too, because I ran out of my Yves Rocher Hydra Végétale cream and was looking out for something to replace it with.
So hopefully this is the thing :).