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A note on M.A.C pigments - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A note on M.A.C pigments [Jan. 11th, 2018|03:52 pm]
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M.A.C pigments photo for the blog

Before I bought a full sized pigment from M.A.C, I had already purchased two sized to go pigments in store. Chartreuse and Tan. They were in the standard sized to go packaging (mostly clear plastic). Now, with my full sized pigment (Pure White) there was a little note in the packaging, listing all pigments that are in fact NOT safe to use near the eyes and/or mouth and which are flammable.

So for those that only own sized to go pigments, or are thinking about buying a M.A.C pigment full stop, I'm sharing that information here.

Not to be used in the lip AND eye area:
Basic Red
Genuine Orange
Green Space
Process Magenta

Not to be used in the lip area:
Antique Green
Black Black
Chartreuse (would have loved to know that when I bought it LAST YEAR)
Deep Brown
Emerald Green
Hi-def Cyan
Landscape Green
Marine Ultra
Naval Blue
Primary Yellow
Pure White (good to know!)
Rich Purple
Steel Blue
True Chartreuse
White Gold

Not to be used in the eye area:
Acid Orange
Bright Fushsia
Electric Coral
Full Force Violet
Magenta Madness
Red Electric
Rock-it Yellow
Ruby Red

And the flammable caution goes to:
Platinum Silver