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January flashback favourites - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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January flashback favourites [Jan. 2nd, 2018|03:38 pm]
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I'm still continuing flashback faves this year, because I find it interesting to see how I feel about my past favourites.
It really helps me decide what to buy next because it shows what I still own, still like or love or stopped using and liking full stop.
So click to see what's happened to my 2017 January faves.

Favourite of the month - January 2017

2017 versus 2018

January flashback faves


M.A.C - Film Noir

M.A.C, lipstick in film noir
Yup, still love this. When I'm not wearing a brown liquid lipstick, or can't be bothered removing and reapplying a brown liquid lipstick, this is still my go-to brown lipstick. Well, it's not a true brown, rather a brown with a lot of red undertones, but that doesn't make it any less loved! I will admit that I wear it less than I did last year, because I like my brown liquid lipsticks more as they are a true brown.

Day 34/100 days of make-up in 2017


M.A.C pro longwear concealer in NC20

M.A.C, pro longwear concealer in NC20
I've repurchased this, as the other one was both empty and expired (well I managed to empty it out just as it expired). 'Nuff said isn't it. Part of me would like to find a nice cruelty free concealer, but after the Glamglow incident I'm not in the mood to go experimenting with new stuff again. Plus this one just really works for me, so I believe I'll just stick to it.


NYX - Diamond Lust

NYX, hot single shadows (refill pan) in Diamond Lust
I still own this, and I still like this. BUT, I do feel like I'm not as crazy about it now as I was last year. If I had bought it for the first time this month, I would like it, but I don't think it'd make it into my faves.
I have to say that since last year January I own a LOT more eye shadow, so it's normal that my faves in that regard have shifted I feel. If I hadn't bought so much more product, I probably would still list this as fave this year, also.


NYX - eyeliner in gold

NYX, retractable eyeliner in gold
It started to irritate my eyes after a while, (way before expiration date) and so I chucked it in my SFX kit to draw on skin, because it's still fine for that. I wouldn't buy this again though. If I really want a gold eyeliner, I'll just shell out for the M.A.C one. Doubt I ever will again though because brass > gold. Yup, still hooked on Brass Band by M.A.C from their technakohl liner series.


gold faves of January

Yves Rocher, botanical color eye shadow in Or Blanc
I don't own this anymore as a single shadow. BUT only because this colour is also part of my 40 shadows palette and there was no way I could use up both the full size and the palette pan. So I gave this to my friend Lora.
Basically, I still like this, and I still own it (just in another capacity), but I would say it has lost it's favourite status.


macademia nut lip balm

Yves Rocher, lip balm in Guatemalan Macademia Nut
This has definitely fallen from grace. In the end, it was just doing more bad than good for my lips, so it had to go. I much prefer Sephora and Weleda lip balms. Yes, those are more expensive, but they are by far much better quality, too.


Photo of the day: 6.1.2017 (day 6)

Too Faced, Love Flush blush in Baby Love
Still own this, still my favourite blush. Would totally buy this again if I run out. Hells yes. Mine is so well used pretty much the entire embossing is gone now. I own 5 blushes in total, and this is the one I, hand's down, reach for the most.

My fave blush, without pretty embossing


Photo of the day: 3.1.2016 (day 3)

Urtekram, no fragrance nourishing body lotion
This has been repurchased, because it is so well loved. And I have an extra spare (because as you can see from the intro photo, the current one is running out). I still use this on a near daily basis. My sole gripe with the product is that it only stays good for 6 months, so its a little hard to empty out the entire bottle.


Loa does not approve, it does not smell like chocolate

Weleda, Almond soothing facial cream
This is another one that's been repurchased several times because it is just SO GOOD. I use this every single day and I absolutely love it.
It really does wonders for dry skin. Of course, the super dray patches permanently damaged by Glamglow are still going to be super dry, but this at least makes sure they don't start to crack and bleed.
Careful with what you put on your skin people, permanent damage due to an allergic reaction can legit happen, I'm living proof of it.
But that aside, I would absolutely recommend this if you have dry skin.
This is also good as day and night cream, which is a total bonus because that way you just need the one tube.


Winky Lux - nice kit

Winky Lux, strobing balm in Bubbles
I really loved the colour, but I didn’t love the formula, at all. It emphasised ALL the texture on my face. That is, admittedly, something I don’t really mind, but I know a lot of people do, so I’m just sharing it in case someone is interested in their stobing balms.
It was also really difficult to work with, and that's really a formulation issue. Back when I was in Tokyo I bought two cream highlighters by Canmake and I can use those just fine, without glitches. So it's not a case of me simply not being able to use a cream product.
Last March, I ended up bagging it up and sending it out in the mail to Charlotte, because it was simply perfect for the make-up she was going to do for one of her LARP characters. At least this way someone is enjoying it. It’s not a bad product, it just didn’t work out for me at all.


Winky Lux - Lip Velour in Uncorked

Winky Lux, lip velours in Uncorked
I still own this, but I don't gravitate towards it, at all. I tend to wear it occasionally during the Christmas season, but that's pretty much it. I don't know, there's just other red lipsticks in my collection that I like better.
On the upside it's a super comfortable lipstick to wear. You don't feel it on your lips, it doesn't dry out your lips, the colour is pretty. But, it also requires a lot of building up and finessing and it lacks serious staying power.
So yeah, not my fave, at all.
I'm not going to get rid of it (not unless it expires), but I wouldn't buy it again either.

Day 120/100 days of make-up in 2017


Yes to ...this mud mask!

Yes to Tomatoes, Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask
Much like pretty much every other skin care item in this list, this has been repurchased, and there's spares (yes, plural, there was a deal on asos) in my cupboard where we store these things. I still use this every week, and it still does my skin a world of good, even though it claims to be for a different skin tone than mine. So yeah, good stuff. Will keep on buying it for as long as it's available.