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Favourites of the month: December 2017 - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Favourites of the month: December 2017 [Dec. 30th, 2017|08:54 pm]
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Last month of 2017!
Plenty of accessories, some beauty and some skin care.

December faves

The list, in colour!
- Bioworld, Deathstar cross body bag
- Failsworth, retro cloche style bowler hat
- HEMA, hipster pompom hat
- Lazy Oaf, cloud scarf
- Maisons du Monde, Merry Christmas candle jar
- NYX, multitasker mixing medium
- Yves Rocher, Sexy Pulp mascara in Noir Extréme
- Sephora, blue clay mask
- Sugarpill, loose eyeshadow in Asylum
- Sugarpill, pressed eyeshadow in Kiss Kiss
- We Love Fine x Otto and Victoria, mini Otto pup plush


Sugarpill - loose eyeshadow in Asylum

Kisses from the Asylum
If you name your product Asylum, you can expect me making bad puns.
But this pigment is far from bad, quite on the contrary. It's been serving me very well this month, attempting holiday looks. I especially like to use it with some NYX mixing medium to turn it into eyeliner. Doesn't crease and stays all day, brilliant stuff!

Sugarpill - pressed eyeshadow in Kiss Kiss

Kiss Kiss is kind of the pressed eyeshadow version of Asylum I suppose. Because colour wise they aren't that much different. I like having both, because to be honest, I pretty much only like using pigments with mixing medium as eyeliner. So having both makes sense to me.
So whenever I want to wear red eyeshadow or red eyeliner, I'm set (especially because I also own Love+, which was in another favourites earlier this year).

Seeing red

Comparing Sugarpill red eyeshadows

So here's a couple of photos of all three Sugarpill reds, so you can see how they compare in both packaging and swatches.

NYX - multitasker mixing medium

Which brings me to the NYX multitasking mixing medium.
To be honest, I only use it to turn pigment into eyeliner, but I don't need it for more. I find that it's really good quality. It's not gross, it's easy to work with, doesn't alter the pigment at all (doesn't make it either matte or glossy I mean). It gives you more than ample time before it dries and at the same time it doesn't take forever either. Which is more than good enough for me. I don't think I'll be trying mixing mediums by other brands as long as NYX makes this in the current formula.


Yves Rocher - Sexy Pulp mascara

Extreme blackness
A few months ago, Yves Rocher launched this mascara and you could get a free one via all sorts of coupons. Thanks to my parents, who gave me their coupons, I ended up with three of these. I figured that if I didn't like it, I could give them away as little Christmas gifts to friends. But I actually like this a lot. To the point where I would seriously consider buying it if I needed a black mascara (it's around €17 regular price, and YR does a LOT of discounts, so yeah, it will be possible to get it cheaper).
Frankly, let's not beat around the bush, this mascara is a dupe for Too Faced's Better than Sex mascara, but where that one fails, this one doesn't. Same shade of black, same effect on the lashes without making them look clumpy or spidery at coat nr 3. No drying out within 2 to 3 weeks and turning into a flaky mess. At best, because the second tube of Better than Sex I opened failed on me on the SECOND time I used it. This is proper good stuff, and I thoroughly approve.
I know I said I got it a while ago, but I haven't properly started using it 'till this month, so December faves it is!

wand comparison

Wand comparison: Too Faced Better Than Sex versus Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp in Noir Extréme. There is a regular Sexy Pulp version too, which comes in black, brown and blue. But as I haven't tried that, I can't say anything about it. When I run out of M.A.C's Beets Me, I will probably give the brown a go though!


Sephora - blue clay facemask

Peppermint skin
At least that's how I feel my skin feels like when I use this mask. It may sound really weird, but its actually very refreshing and pleasant. I like this even more than the purple clay mask, and so does my skin! :)

Photo of the day: 15.10.2017


Hats and scarves and bags, oh my!

HEMA hat

Let's start with the most normal of the two, the hipster pompom hat.
Well thats what it is! But I like it anyway.
I do love pompom hats, but I could never find one that fits me, until this one from HEMA.
So obviously I had to have it.
Because clearly, I didn't have enough hats (I really do) or something.

Day 123/100 days of make-up

This blue cloche/bowler hybrid is something else entirely, but I love it. It has this really cool vintage appeal. And a build in elastic so it can't be blown off my head by the wind, total bonus! I have had it for a while now, but I just realised I had forgotten *gasp* to include it in favourites, which simply won't do because I LOVE it! I have been wanting a hat like this for ages, so I'm glad I finally own one. Seriously this could only be better if it were brown :).

Day 122/100 days of make-up in 2017


Up in the clouds
I was randomly browsing asos when I stumbled on this scarf. But as some of you may know, Lazy Oaf is not a cheap brand. So I did what any sensible person would do, and put it in my favourites to see if it would go on sale. And it did! The full €50+ price I would NOT have paid for this, no way, especially not as the quality isn't better than stuff you can buy much cheaper on the high street. But at the nearly half off discount, I was ok with paying a little more for a scarf with a really different design to other stuff own. I'm glad I did, because it's super cheerful and I've gotten quite a bit of wear out of it already.

Deathstar bag

That's no moon...
It is not, it is my bag!
And an awesome bag it is! It was an early Christmas present from Bert and I love it! It's not very big at all, but I actually like that, because it forces me to only pack essentials and not lug around a ton of things like I usually do.



It's an Otto the land octopus keychain!
I can take Otto EVERYWHERE with me now!
Otto was a Christmas present from my good friend Clara, who is made of WIN AND AWESOME (seriously, thank you so much!).
Funny story, she gave him to me, wrapped in a box, on July 31st when I saw her last, and he sat in that box 'till Christmas morning.
And now he can go on adventures with me, and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!


Christmas candle

Smells like Christmas
Or at least, Maisons du Monde claims this is what Christmas smells like. I'm not going to dispute it, because this candle smells really nice. And it had SO many burn hours in it. Many more than what I expected from a €6ish candle in any case! The jar is super cute too, I hope I can get it cleaned out after the candle is used up, so I can use it as a cute Christmas storage jar.