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Best in beauty - 2017 - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Best in beauty - 2017 [Dec. 28th, 2017|09:18 pm]
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Out of all the products I bought/was given in 2017, these are my absolute favourites :)
I know, some of these are the same as my Ride or Die, but that's holy grail products in general.
These is all the things I like best that I discovered this year alone.

Best in beauty 2017

- Belladonna's Cupboard, Moon Magick highlighter palette
- M.A.C, pro longwear concealer in NC20
- M.A.C, extra dimension skin finish in Beaming Blush
- M.A.C, in extreme dimension color lash mascara/work it out in Muscle Tee
- M.A.C, sized to go strobe cream
- Nocibé, pinceaux flotteur (crease blending brush)
- Sephora, charcoal exfoliating cleanser
- Sephora, pomegranate cleanser
- Steamcream
- TonyMoly, Panda’s Dream so cool eye stick
- Too Faced, Hangover primer
- Too Faced, Love Flush Blush in Baby Love
- Too Faced, Love Light prismatic highlighter in Blinded by the Light
- Too Faced, Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer
- Too Faced, Mr Right
- Weleda, Almond soothing facial cream


Bye bye dry skin!

Primed and ready to go
I love this stuff because it's not just another primer that tries to make your skin a blank canvas by suffocating your pores. This primer won't do anything in terms of camouflaging any bumps and pores on your skin. It's much much better because it's a skincare primer that goes in and makes sure your skin is happy underneath your makeup. It's also really good if you are having skin problems. My skin can get super dry, and feeding it some Hangover Primer, even if I'm not wearing makeup, will instantly make things a LOT better, if not solve the issue right away. When I suffered from the Glamglow incident and not even prescription cream was successfully combatting the allergic reaction, this is what pulled it through.
If I could keep only three beauty products, this would be my first pick (the other two being my concealer and strobe cream).


Too Faced - Mr Right

Well, the claim is not a lie
Because this IS the right facebrush and Mr Right is aptly named. This brush makes applying bronzer or blush utter child's play. You can NOT screw up application with this brush. Bert bought me this as a Halloween present, and it's hand's down my favourite face brush out of all the ones I own (and I own several). If this would be practical to apply eyeshadow, it'd be my fave brush full stop.
If it weren't so pricy, I'd buy several more!

Nocibé flotteur brushes

The French are up to something with their catchy, short word for crease blending brush. Although this brush is good for pretty much anything eye shadow related I find. I use it as a blending brush, a crease (blending) brush, a packing brush, an inner corner highlighting brush. Its very mutifunctional, and very affordable too. Sadly I have to physically be at a Nocibé to buy it, which is not as easy as I have to be in France, but hey, it could be worse.
They discolour like there's no tomorrow when you use super pigmented shadows, but whilst they loose their original colour, they loose none of their quality, so all is a-ok as far as I'm concerned. Just saying, because I know mine look a bit dodgy due to the discoloration. They are all clean, bar the one full of ochre eyeshadow because I wanted to have a photo of all of them (and I didn't have time to clean my brushes AND get this post up), they just lost their original shade ages ago.


M.A.C pro longwear concealer in NC20

Bye bye panda eyes
I get really dark circles underneath my eyes. So dark, in fact, that most concealers can't cope with them. Add to that that many concealers crease, and I don't have the smoothest skin to start with.
That's what I love about this one, I very seldomly have to colour correct before applying concealer to get rid of the dark undereyes and this stuff doesn't crease. Sure ok, my skin IS creased, but it doesn't make matters worse. I'm ok with the natural state of my skin, but I don't want to start looking like a sharpei. That's why I love this stuff.
Also, NC20 is my perfect shade. In winter it matches my exact skin tone (and I lighten it with my Too Faced setting powder) and in summer it's a few shades lighter.


A picture before the embossing on the blush is all gone

Baby Love
This blush was in my January faves as it was the first thing I bought, make-up wise, this year. And I LOVE it, OMG. I only need one layer of this, it’s super neutral and makes me look really healthy. It goes with pretty much everything and it is super long wearing. Hands down my favourite blush.
That pretty embossing is all gone now though, mine now has a serious dent in it, that's how much I've used it.


Too Faced - Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer

Chocolate sunshine
I know that there is quite a bit of critique on Too Faced for making a lot of products that supposedly only look good on pale white girls. And whilst there is something to say for that, I am a pale white girl and I am really happy they thought of people like me when they were making their bronzers. Because this is one of the very few matte bronzers that is not too dark or too muddy on my skin at all. This is the perfect shade for my skintone, and it smells like chocolate. It stays all day, and it goes on so easily and smoothly.
First I only had a travel size of this (well I still have half of that) that I got as a free sample, and I loved it so much I shelled out for the full size. 'Nuff said.

Too Faced - Milk Chocolate Soleil


MAC, strobe cream

Before you GLOW
There's a trick to make your skin look healthier without highlighter. There's also a trick to make your highlighter POP. And it hydrates at the same time. This wondrous thing is called strobe cream. It comes in different colours, but I just use the sized to go original white one. A travel sized tube lasts me AGES (and I use this quite often) and it's actually cheaper to buy two travel sized tubes than one full size one. Go figure.
This is one of those things I will repurchase the second it looks like I'm going to run out. I can not go without strobe cream. In fact, if I only could keep three beauty products, this would be one of them!


Belladonna's Cupboard - Moon Magick palette

Glow to the next dimension
This is beyond amazing. Everyone knows me knows that I am pretty obsessed with highlighters. Preferably as blinding as possible. So when I got sent this as PR from Belladonna's Cupboard, I was super excited. I was even more excited when I used it, because this isn't just glowing to the gods, this is blinding the next dimension. And the shades are super versatile too.
Best highlighters I've ever used.
I share this palette with Claire, and its at her house at the moment, so that's why its not in the opening shot. But it is one of the best products I've used this year, hands down!

Moon Magick swatches

Too Faced, Love Lights prismatic highlighter in Blinded by the Light

Subtle or bright
With this highlighter you can do either, and I really love that about it. It's so buildable, but it doesn't build up looking like you put thick bright stripes on your face. Even after several layers, it still looks really natural. It's hands down one of my very favourite highlighters, ever, because I love how versatile it is. Its literally perfect for any occasion.
Mine is so well-loved that the pretty design is all gone now though, so I've used an older photo so you can see how lovely it once was.

not my colour hooman

Everyday gold
I love that this is a very soft duo-chrome pink vs light gold highlighter because it means it's a gold that will match my pale face. Other gold highlighters are too dark and/or too harsh for me, but that's not the case with this one. The pink shift also makes it very day-to-day wear, which is great because I love my makeup super versatile. I want to be able to wear it whenever I feel like it, regardless of the occasion.
And that's awesome, because I do love gold highlight!


M.A.C - in extreme dimension color lash mascara/work it out in Muscle Tee

White-out lashes
My all time favourite mascara is white mascara. Sadly this is very much a trend kind of thing, so it's not always available. When M.A.C came out with a whole bunch of different colours earlier this year for their Work it out collection, I went a little bit insane and ended up buying 5 tubes of white mascara before it could disappear again for lord knows how long. So hopefully I'll be set 'till the next release! :)

Day 49/100 days of make-up in 2017


Sephora pomegranate cleanser

Clean skin is happy skin
Both of these are from the same cleanser series by Sephora, but they do different things altogether.
The pomegranate one is revitalising, which is really good if you haven't slept enough or have had a long day. And the charcoal one is a very mild scrub, excellent for people with sensitive skin like mine.
They're bother very thorough, which is awesome and despite them coming in only 50ml tubes, they last a really long time as you don't need much product at all. I've bought spares of both, because I think they are both ace products.

Sephora charcoal cleanser


TonyMoly eye cream

No more tired eyes
Because stinky panda will fresh them up right away! It's not really stinky, I just don't much like the scent, hence the nickname. It stuck though, because nearly everyone I know uses it. I may have gotten several of my friends hooked on this too.
This stuff is Korean beauty at it's best, just smear some under your eyes and its instant refreshing and banishment of tiredness.
I think I've gone through 5 since I discovered them in Nantes back in February and I always have at least one spare ready


Weleda - almond hand cream

The skin saver
This stuff really saved my skin when the Yves Rocher BB Cream screwed me over (more about that in my worst in beauty post), so the spot in the best of 2017 is 100% justified. It smells of nice, artisanal, marzipan too, albeit very faintly, because it’s so full of almonds.
It's very soft on the skin, but very nourishing at the same time. A little goes a long way, so even though I use this at least once every day, it still lasts me several months.
It can be used as day and night cream, which makes it super excellent to travel with, or if you just want the one cream.

Photo of the day: 7.3.2017 (day 66)

Good for pretty much everything
The Japanese apparently came up with this, and boy they did good.
This is good for so many things: cleanser, dry skin, against burns and as a hair mask. That's what I use it as, and since I've been using it my hair has grown ridiculous amounts. I don't think it's ever been this long and this healthy. All because I put steamcream through the roots and on the ends once a week for 10 to 15 minutes (sometimes a little longer).
I also like how the little pots it comes in can be super easily cleaned out and reused. I've got three empty ones that I use as storage for little bits and bobs. I will continue to use all other jars I have, and if I have too many, I'll give them to friends that have use for them. It's much better than packaging you just throw away because there's no use for it, for sure!


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