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Worst in beauty of 2017 - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Worst in beauty of 2017 [Dec. 27th, 2017|12:07 pm]
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DISCLAIMER before I get into this.
This is just my personal opinion, by no means do I mean to diss an entire brand or people that love these products.
Beauty products are very much a personal thing, what doesn't work for me may be a holy grail for someone else.
This is just my personal opinion based on personal experiences that made these items end up on the worst of the year list.

There's no main shot of these, because I have gotten rid of most of these so it seemed a little useless.
Here's the reasoning behind my dislike though!

The list...
Out of all the products I bought and/or first used in 2017, these were the absolute worst.
- Benefit, Roller Lash mascara
- Glamgow x Sonic the Hedgehog, Gamermud version of Gravitymud
- NYX, Liquid Suede series
- NYX, Cosmic Metals series
- Yves Rocher, BB Cream
- Yves Rocher, skin perfecting toner
- Too Faced, Melted Latex series
- Urban Decay, primer potion
- Vichi, illuminalia cream


Urban Decay - Primer Potion

Priming for burns
I still maintain that the issue with this was a mispackaging error and that I got a US one (which does contain parabens) in a European packaging by accident. We'll never know for sure, because when I swatched this on my arm and it took mere seconds to start properly BURNING (chemical burns due to allergic reactions are real people, when someone says they are allergic, TAKE IT SERIOUS) and so I NEVER want to try this again.


I fail to see the hype
I honestly, really do. I know pretty much every beauty guru out there hypes about the Benefit Roller Lash mascara like it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I do not like it. Well, I really like the wand, I just don't like the product. Because it irritates my eyes like you would NOT believe. I just can't wear it. I wore it the whole of 3 times and then gave it to Claire, who does love it.
Loved the brush, but the actual mascara is not for me.


NYX - liquid suede and cosmic metals

Long lasting… misery
Long lasting is probably the least of all the gripes I have with NYX’ Liquid Suede and Cosmic Metals lines.
Now, I am aware that a lot of people looooooooove it, and frankly good for them, but I am beyond fed up.
Of course NYX’ marketing trick is really clever: first release a line of subpar liquid lipsticks, but give them such amazing colours people will WANT to wear them anyway. Especially because it’s mega hard to find good alternatives, especially in that price range.
Then pretend to make the crap formula “better” by releasing a matching lip pencil for every single lipstick in the series. A lip pencil that will proceed to dry out your lips just as bad as the actual lipstick I add.
But here’s the worst of it:
The pencil does NOT stop the lipstick from feathering! In fact, it just makes it WORSE. This means that after you eat, you can’t touch up, you have to remove the lot (which takes ages because you’ll lose half but the other half will STAY) and start over, completely.
Come the fuck on, they have released a combo of products that basically BOTH suck.
I’m done with this, I own two out of the line (and had I known how shite Cherry Skies was before I bought it, I wouldn’t have bought it). I may still use them if I just have to do a shoot for BCM or something like that, but definitely not in a situation where I have to wear them all day long, or where I know I will go out and eat.
Seriously, what a waste of money!
And yes, I know that I bought Amethyst back in June of last year, but I didn’t get Cherry Skies and all three lipliners (I also have the black one, which is only ok because my black lipstick from Barry M is so moisturising) ‘till January. So the 2017 complaining about these is legit.
To be honest, I am kind of fed up with liquid lipsticks. The only good ones I’ve come across are the Too Faced ones, and they’re just too expensive. I’ll just go back to buying lipsticks at M.A.C, at least in those I can trust, even in the matte ones…

The Cosmic Metals are just disgusting. They are patchy, sticky and stringy. Especially the green and orange ones. The rosegold is actually not too horrible, but one out of three simply being ok is NOT a good end result. These are literally the most disgusting lipsticks I've ever tried.
You may wonder why I have three. Well first I had the rosegold, which was simply not good, but not bad enough to merit a spot in this post. Then I bought the other two in the sales, because I figured that the formula wasn't the best but definitely not the worst and they'd come handy for 31 days of Halloween. At € 2,80 a piece, they seemed a good deal.
Boy, was I wrong!
Such unpleasantness on my lips, just no.

Too Faced - Melted Latex (deluxe sample) in Hopeless Romantic

Same kind of disgusting tripe is the Melted Latex formula by Too Faced. I'm glad this was in a set I got for Christmas. Because I would be super disappointed if I had spent €20 on a full size of this!
It's actually not vile on the lips, but the second even one hair gets stuck in it, my god, it is FOUL!
I guess this is a short haired person only kind of product?
Not for me in any case.


Turn your skin into the Sahara
The Yves Rocher BB Cream changed its formula and chucked out parabens. It smells DIVINE and when I swatched it in the store, it evened out really well, and light was exactly my skin tone. I had a 50% coupon, so figured: I’ll give it a go.
When I tested it on my face, however, it dried me out like you would NOT believe. It was fine when I wore it, it came off fine, but the next morning I woke up with my skin literally peeling off in several places from extreme dryness. I’m not even joking or overreacting. You know how your skin starts peeling after a bad sun burn? It was worse.
It took me over a WEEK to get it to settle again. So this product definitely deserves a spot in the worst of 2017!
If you have dry skin, do NOT use this product, you may fare the same as me, and trust me, it’s no fun!

The Vichi idéalia cream was barely any better, thankfully I didn’t spend any money on this, I got a sample at the pharmacy. And I’ll never spend money on this either!
For dry skin, my ass, to make skin dessert dry they surely mean.
What a load of rubbish!


Photo of the day: 23.8.2017 (day 235)

Glamglow, Gamermud
This looked like so much fun, and I really wanted to try this peel-off mask. So when I could nab this, I did and I kept it (in a cool and dark environment, so it was stored the way it should have been!) 'till Charlotte came to stay at mine so we could have fun with it together.
Initially it was a lot of fun and it seemed an A+ product.
The next day I woke up with a subdermal rash.
The day after that the rash was WORSE.
It was HELL (you can read the full story here)!
So no, I will NOT EVER be using another Glamglow product. No fucking way.

Day 5 of the allergy to Gravitymud...


And another fail product...

Yves Rocher and I cleary have different ideas of perfecting
Because this toner is without a shadow of a doubt the most DISGUSTING thing I have ever put on my face. It felt like some kind of slime. And this is coming from someone who used to play with toy slime as a kid, used keyboard cleaning slime quite happily and had pet snails.
So I’m not someone that is disgusted easily by slimy things.
At all.
I will still pick up slugs with bare hands, so for me to say that this is a disgusting slime, you know it is BAD.
This is worse than that slimy Cosmic Metals crap NYX calls a liquid lipstick (yes, even worse).
First of all, this is not a product I would ever buy out of my own accord, but I got it for free in store at some point, and figured that as I had it, I might as well try it.
I did exactly as indicated on the bottle.
And it was just GROSS.
It made my day and night cream just not go into my skin at all, instead my skin on my entire face became this disgusting slimy mess (thankfully, the slime could be washed off easily!).
Needless to say, after trying this a few times I took it’s photo for this post, smacked it right onto this “worst of 2017” list and chucked it in the bin.


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