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Favourites of the month: November - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Favourites of the month: November [Nov. 30th, 2017|02:10 pm]
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November 2017 favourites

- bowler hats (one black, one green)
- HEMA, fuzzy house socks
- HEMA, plaid scarf
- Yves Rocher, 40 eyeshadow palette made in France
- Sephora, purple clay mask
- Sugarpill, pressed eyeshadow in Tako
- Too Faced, Melted Matte in Naughty by Nature
- Urtekram, Vanilla and Shea Butter lip balm

Compared to several other months, I don't really have a lot of favourites this month. But's fine, can't have tons of new things all the time.

Proper white, at last

Sugarpill - pressed eyeshadow in Tako

I'm not gonna lie, I have white eye shadow (Gesso by M.A.C) but I was fed up with spending half an hour building the damn thing up to be WHITE (M.A.C's mattes are NOT what they used to be!). Because I had really good experiences with the other three Sugarpill shadows I owned, I went and bought Tako. This still requires a little building up, but not more than you'd expect from any good quality eye shadow. There's no endless faffing about like with Gesso. My white eyeshadow needs are finally satisfied.

Photo of the day: 15.11.2017 (day 319)

I'm not gonna say no to 40 shades!
Not at €19,95 for 40 shades!
Basically, for the holidays, Yves Rocher decided to make a round palette containing 40 of their Botanical Color Eyeshadows. None of them are limited edition, which is an added bonus because it means that if I really love one and end up using it up, I can just buy the full size!
They're the same quality as the regular shades, and whilst the big 'round palette can be a little cumbersome to use, I think this is an extremely good value for money!
At some point I'm going to do a proper blog post about it, hopefully next month!


Too Faced - Melted Matte in Naughty by Nature

Naughty but very definitely very, very nice
After discovering that Melted Mattes are all more like Gingerbread than Evil Twin, I was totally up for getting more. So I got this one, because it's the perfect brown lippie for my skintone. There's not more to it, really!
I bought it last month when Charlotte and I were in Lille, but I didn't really wear it in October so it makes much more sense to be a favourite in the month I actually wore it in :).


Urtekram lipbalm

Winter cold is no match for this
I really quite like this Urtekram lip balm, it's nice and effective. Unlike a lot of cheaper lip balms, this hydrates my lips for several hours at a time. It's definitely in my lip balm top 3 (the other 2 spots are reserved for Weleda's Everon and the Sephora ones).


pumpkin eats facemask

Purple-ish mud
It's more like a violet tinged grey, but that aside, this stuff is pretty awesome! It does exactly what it claims to do, it doesn't irritate my skin, and it's very pleasant to use. It's also a mud mask that applies without any trouble. On top of all of that, it's also very affordable! All good things, really. Would definitely repurchase.


Bowler time!

Photo of the day: 17.11.2017 (day 321)

I found this one whilst scrounging around the Louvain T2 with Lora. She ended up finding a vest that is PERFECT for a Nautical steampunk outfit. We call it the Nemo vest, because it reminds us of Captain Nemo. I found this dark green bowler hat, which is shockingly my actual size! It was only €7, so I bought it as it's in near perfect condition, it fits super well and well, I think it's cute. I love hats like that.
Excuse the crap photo of the hat on my styrofoam head, I need to make myself a good hat background. But yeah, bow at the back, which I think is a fun detail because usually it's on the side.

Day 113/100 days of make-up in 2017

bowler hat

My sister gave me this one, she didn't want hers anymore so I got to have it, huzzah!


just a quiet Autumn afternoon

Who doesn't love comfy warm feet?
Pretty sure everyone does! I found these whilst browsing the local HEMA's sock isle, and at 2 pairs for €5,50 I figured I'd give them a go. Especially considered they were dryer-proof. And lo and behold, these are just as warm and even more comfy than my woolen ski socks I bought loads! I have one black glitter pair, 4 pairs of regular black ones and 6 pairs of black and white striped ones for around the house.
They've also got pads on the soles shaped like snow flakes so you can't slip on sock feet as easily as you could on normal socks. They don't hinder when you wear them in shoes either, so these socks are pretty damn perfect for winter in my book!


Day 116/100 days of make-up in 2017

Speaking of cozy things
I noticed with several Japanese brands that tartan/plaid prints are quite the thing this winter. I can appreciate these as much as the next person, so when I saw this cozy comfy big square scarf (admittedly I didn't realise it was a square 'till I got it home) at HEMA, I just had to have it. HEMA isn't particularly expensive, so this was a really good deal :).
Obviously I'll still wear it once the hype for this print is over. I'm only ever interested in trends when they happen to be things I like :D.

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