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High tea for Halloween [Nov. 15th, 2017|03:48 pm]
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[Current Location |Louvain, Belgium ]
[feeling |busybusy]

high tea at Nosh

On October 28, Tamara had organised a Halloween meet in Louvain. Which was much appreciated.

Lora and I had decided to meet up a few hours early so we could hang out together for a bit longer.
We met up at noon, and both had a waffle Bert baked so we wouldn't starve 'till it was time for high tea at 3pm.

We wandered around town for a bit, and complained about the weather being rubbish. I got more of the Dr Organic shampoo I love at Holland and Barrett. It's stupid expensive, but every couple of months they do a buy one get the second one for €1 deal, and then I get two (depending on how many I still have, of course). So yeah, got some of one of my fave shampoos (the other one is the Yves Rocher Repair shampoo, I switch them around).

As the weather was so shitty, we decided to go back to the station and just get a drink at Starbucks and sit in the comfortable warmth 'till it was time to meet up with the rest. On the way there we passed by a new fabric store, which we quickly checked out but we didn't get anything.

Because both Lora and I love the thrift shops, we went to T2 second hand store, which is also on the way to the station. Where they had SO MANY HATS. I ended up getting a forest green bowler hat for only €7, in my actual hat size (generally hats are too big) and Lora found the most amazing nautical type jacket. We call it the Nemo jacket :).

Vampire frappucino

Vampire frappucino

And after that, we really went to Starbucks. Where I griped a lot about the vampire frappucino. I had one the year before and did not like it at all, so I don't like the fact that they're such a big deal this year. But hey, to each their own, clearly a lot of people like it or they wouldn't be such a big deal.
The art they had out for it was pretty though!

drinks at Starbucks

We had iced tea drinks instead, which were really nice, but come the fuck on Starbucks, for that kind of money I want LESS ice and MORE actual drink! Next time I think we should just go to one of the café's across the station.
Much as I like Starbucks in general, I can also get really annoyed by them.


Lora at Starbucks.

When it was time to meet the others, we went to the meeting spot in front of the station. Koen and Tamara were already there, and then Glenn and Raina arrived too and we set on our way to find a space to take outfit shots and a group shot (Glenn, if I misspelled your name, I'm REALLY sorry!).
We ended up going to the best place in Louvain for this purpose: the Chinese globe. We don't just like the globe for how it looks, but also because it has handy benches to put our stuff down on. There's not enough people passing by to be a bother, but enough people to always find someone that is willing to take a group shot. Not that that was an issue this time as Glenn did it.


Tamara, who organised the meet.





Because generally most people at a meet don't know how to deal with a DSLR (which is totally fine, not everyone has photography as a hobby!), I had asked Bert to take my outfit and makeup shot before I left for the meet.

Outfit: 28.10.2017

The Halloween theme was optional, but there is simply no way in hell I pass up on a theme if I can dress accordingly.
Beret: customised by me (you can't tell from the photo, but the top is painted as a human brain)
Brooch on beret: (it's a brain in a jar) handmade by me
Glasses: Theo
Cardigan: Harry Potter (official merchandise, it's full of embroidered outlines of potions bottles)
Blouse: Ank Rouge
Bag: Swimmer
Skirt: made it myself
Petticoat: Dear Celine
Tights: HEMA
Boots: Palladium
Accessories: asos, Angelic Pretty, handmade, Roxy, Pieces, Skullery, Moon Raven Designs, Poorman's Gold Label

Day 107/100 days of make-up in 2017Make-up: 28.10.2017

- M.A.C, brow sculpt in Cork
- Nocibé, artist eyeshadow in Mambo Americano
- NYX, eyeshadow base in skin tone
- NYX, multitasking mixing medium
- Yves Rocher, Nude Botanical Color Palette in Magnolia, Péche Mordorée and Beige Abricoté
- Sugarpill, loose eyeshadow in Ghosted (as eyeliner)
- Sugarpill, pressed eyeshadow in Tako and Flamepoint
- Too Faced, Sweet Peach Glow highlighter (as inner corner highlight)
- Too Faced, Better than Sex mascara
- Too Faced, Melted Matte in Naughty by Nature
- Weleda, Everon lip balm (as primer)


I managed to shoot my own detail shot though, because thanks to the camera in my phone, I can actually do these things! Well, this kind of detail shot at least.

group shot

Because it wasn't the kind of weather for sightseeing, and Nosh didn't have the space to accommodate us before 3, we ended up in Greenway to have drinks and hang out 'till it was time to go to Nosh for the actual high tea :).
So following photos is what you get. Minus the photo of the soup. Which I couldn't eat because I'm allergic to rosemary, so Lora had to have mine.

high tea at Nosh

As much tea as you like, in pretty cups (see very first shot of this post). The soup is also served in a cup like that first shot one btw.

high tea at Nosh

high tea at Nosh

high tea at Nosh

high tea at Nosh

I love scones. Loa loves scones. So I try to get Bert to bake them for me, and it fails every time! So now I'm trying to talk Lora into baking them :D.

high tea at Nosh

high tea at Nosh

Basically, Nosh' high tea starts with soup and either one glass of cava or orange juice. Then you get half a bagel and some desert/pastry/petit four treats. And of course tea a volonté.
All the food I had was really good, but it was the kind of portion that fills up people with a small apetite but leaves big eaters very hungry.

It was a SUPER FUN meet, and I am really appreciative of Tamara for organising it. Especially because she was so accomodating to host it in Louvain, which was far more convinient for the others than her and Koen.
I did enjoy hanging out, I did enjoy the food and the tea at Nosh. The lady serving us was amazing and super friendly, I can not fault her service in the slightest.

The only downside to the high tea at Nosh was the price. €27,50 was really far too steep for what it was in my personal opinion.
Still, I am glad we went there, because we had such an awesome time together, and if people want to go there again, I will definitely go if I can make it.

Photo of the day: 28.10.2017

Blurry selfie with my phone. Minus Koen, who didn't feel like being in the photo.
This just goes to show that I can't be trusted to take selfies with something that allows me to see what I'm doing, because I generally make much better ones on devices without a selfie screen!

I hope I'll be able to go to more Jfashion meet-ups and events in the future :).

If anyone that was there reads this, this is how you get photos of yourself ;)
(I have a link, because else I have to keep on repeating myself over and over and over again).