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Antwerp with Charlotte - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Antwerp with Charlotte [Nov. 14th, 2017|07:26 pm]
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[Current Location |Antwerp, Belgium]
[feeling |soresore]

Autumn in Antwerp

On Charlotte's first full day over, now nearly a month ago (oops!), we decided to go to Antwerp.

So basically that morning after having had breakfast and gotten ready, we got in her car, drove to the local train station, where we managed to snag the very last spot in the car park (and only because someone was leaving) and hopped on a train to Antwerp.
There's a lot of road works going on in Antwerp, causing absolute traffic HELL. On top of that, parking space is super limited and underground parking is expensive, so taking the train was a far easier, cheaper and less stress inducing option.


Halloween nails

Completely random photo of my nails, taken whilst waiting for the train.

Because it was a beautiful day, I had left my DSLR at home and took only the disposable camera I got in Japan with me. Well, I also had the camera in my phone, of course.

We got to Antwerp without delay, which is quite something for the NMBS, and decided to go on a hunt for fancy Sprite Zero (mint or cranberry flavour). You may wonder why I was on the hunt for Monsanto juice. The answer in simple, because I had two coupons for a free can of the stuff each. I shan't say no to free drinks, even if they are by Monsanto.
Well ok, I might still say no, but not on a sunny day where thirst is unavoidable!

First we checked Kruidvat, where they had both flavours but sadly they had to be bought in packs of 6. That was really not happening.

Photo of the day: 17.10.2017

We wandered up via Meir, popping in Stadsfeestzaal to check out Flying Tiger Copenhagen (because Jos wanted more touch pens, he always wants more touch pens) and decided to have a look at Delhaize downstairs. No dice on the Sprite, but I did find Vampire Fanta, which I bought for the sole purpose of Halloween blogging. Sad truth is sad, I won't be making that mistake again next year!

nom nom nom

At the register, the super friendly lady working there said that we could each (despite Charlotte not buying anything!) have a to go snack pot. They were expiring that day, so they were giving away these delicious yoghurt treats. Which is a really clever move, because that way people try something they might have not tried before and like it enough to buy it again. I most certainly would, because mine was delicious! Charlotte really liked hers too.
So score for Delhaize I guess. Seeing it's a healty treat, it's actually not a bad thing to be turned onto.

Charlotte and the big red cat statue

Going down to Delhaize we had noticed this giant red kitten statue on display, so of course we had to go take photos with it. Should have made a selfie of the both of us with it!

Outfit: 16.10.2017

Outfit of the day, photo by Charlotte.
Hat: vintage/thrifted
Glasses: Theo
Top: H&M
Dress: made it myself
Brooch: I Love Crafty x Pony People
Bag: Fossil
Giant totebag: Mint Neko
Socks: ebay seller
Shoes: sacha
Accessories: Skullery, Roxy, handmade, Han Cholo, Fossil, Tokyo Disney Sea

Urban Decay - Vice special effects in Regulate

Once we had eaten our delicious snack break noms, we wandered into ICI PARIS XL to say hi to Kenzo and swatch glorious beauty products.
I nearly bought this amazing glitter lip top coat from Urban Decay, but then I realised I had a €5 off coupon at home, so decided to get it on my next trip to Antwerp. And I did, you can read my first impressions review about it here.

We did find the Sprite cans at Carrefour Groenplaats. Well, they only had the cranberry flavour, but free drinks are free drinks! I decided to give mine to Bert though.

We popped into Dille & Kamille, where I bought a tiny air plant (they literally live off moisture in the air), a nice glass for it to live in and a kit to make gingerbread at home. All for Bert :). Who was very happy with his gifts.
And Charlotte got a whole bunch of things, so much that she got a free totebag. We also got catalogs, which is always fun to leaf through.

Autumn in Antwerp

Autumn in Antwerp

analog selfie

Autumn in Antwerp

Autumn in Antwerp

Autumn in Antwerp

Autumn in Antwerp

Autumn in Antwerp

Because Charlotte was hungry (I can live off Snack Break as I have a small appetite, but normal people can't) we went to Groenplaats, and first took a ton of photos of the beautiful autumnal trees.

We decided to go have a look in Greenway for food, and OMFG what the hell was wrong with the girl working there. She was RUDE AF.
She got SO annoyed at me because I asked after ingredients because of allergies. She practically got angry at me over it! Jeezes fucking Christ! I am starting to get SERIOUS issues with the Antwerp Greenway! She could just have made me a burger allowing me to pick stuff for it that I can eat, like the nice guy that used to work there always did, but no, she insisted on being, well frankly a bitch. Totally put me off going there again!
I had enough points on my loyalty card for a free brownie, so I decided I was just going to ask Bert to bake fries at home and eat that in the mean time.
If there is a Jfashion meet in Antwerp on a Saturday and we have vegetarians and vegans in the group, or if I'm in town with vegetarian or vegan friends, I will absolutely NOT object going to Greenway, I'll just have a drink there and then get food for myself somewhere else.
Untill they can give customers proper service, they won't see me there again for an actual meal.
Also, way to put people off trying to do their best to eat vegetarian and vegan, because instead of being a bit more accomodating, they're literally forcing me to go some place else, which might involve meat. So no, they're not doing a good job at all!
But at least Charlotte had a meal she really enjoyed so it wasn't all bad!

Whilst Charlotte went to the toilet, I leafed through the Dille & Kamille catalog, as one does, and discovered a coupon for free Christmas tea! So back to Dille & Kamille it was, because come on, free tea!
D&K generally has AMAZING tea, so it was all with good reason!
It's really good too, actually, might buy the full size at some point :).

You might think that Antwerp is a town full of freebies, but it's really not, not normally! That was just an exceptionally lucky day :).

We checked out a few other shops, Charlotte bought a few other bits and bobs, and we wandered back to the train station.

graffiti along the way

The train home had a slight delay (no one was surprised, but everyone was annoyed nonetheless) and whilst we were standing still in Berchem, I took this photo through the window.