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November flashback favourites - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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November flashback favourites [Nov. 1st, 2017|11:24 am]
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[music |Spiritual Front "The Days of Anger"]

November flashback faves

Photo of the day: 1.11.2017

Not that much it seems...

the marvelous Monsieur Miaou

House of Secrets Incorporated, Monsieur Miaou Voodoo Cat pin
I still don’t regret taking a shot at designing pins myself, I still love Monsieur Miaou. I just wish it had sold better, because the sales not really going well did put me off designing more pins. But hey, at least I tried it and I got to have a cool voodoo cat pin!
If you want to get one, drop me a line at hilde dot heyvaert at gmail dot com!
I sell them for €15, shipping (to whereever you live) included :).


Photo of the day: 1.11.2016 (day 306)

I Love Crafty x Pony People, ghost cat necklace
This is still one of my fave necklaces. The design is just so cute! I love it!
I don't just wear it in October, but whenever I feel like it :).
They brought it back this year, but it's seasonal so if you want one, better snap it up fast or you'll probably have to wait for it's return next year!
I did replace the chain it came with, with rope, because that's just entirely what I prefer. I quite like being able to adjust the lenght by means of a sliding not. There was nothing wrong with the original one, its just not what I like best. To each their own!


Kuretake brush palette

Kuretake, 36 colours Gansai Tambi palette
I still love and use this palette. I like it far more than regular watercolour paint, even though it is slower to dry. The colours are just so beautiful and vibrant and I love how they can be both a super transparent light wash of colour or super opaque and everything in between. It's just so versatile. I especially love that I can paint on other materials than paper with it as well, like wood. That's a definite bonus.


Yves Rocher black eyeliner

Yves Rocher, black eyeliner
Much like the pencil version, the retractable variant was pretty rubbish. The only advantage this one has, is that at least it can still be used to draw out stuff on skin. So at least I still have _some_ use for it. Albeit very little. Would not repurchase, and it’s definitely no longer a favourite.
I use the one by NYX now, which is much better. Not perfect, but better.
It's very strange though, because some of the Yves Rocher ones from this line are very good. I have the brown and dark purple ones, and they stay all day without hassle. But this one just was lacking, and the turquoise one, albeit also staying all day, irritated my eyes. So yeah, hit or miss really. This one was a miss.


It's beginning to look a lot like ... Christmas?

Yves Rocher, Christmas 2016 collection hand cream, lip balm, body lotion, fragrance and shower gel in cranberry and almond
Well, this was a whole slew of products and whilst initially I did love them all, the love didn’t last for all of them.
The hand cream and body lotion I ended up ditching a few months after I started using them, because they started drying out my skin. Yes, you read that right, they started doing the exact opposite of what they were supposed to do. Seriously not ok.
The lip balm was nice, did everything it needed to do, no complaints there.
As for the fragrance, well I used it nearly daily when I first got it, then started using another fragrance again and now I just switch them around. Eventually it’ll be gone and you know, it won’t be a huge regret because whilst the scent was fun and candy like, it did become boring.
The shower gel, however, I would still be buying it if I could. I’m not even joking. That was SO GOOD.
But as it was limited edition/availability from last year’s Christmas collection, I of course can’t.
Wait and see what they come up with this year!


Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons swatches

Too Faced, Chocolate Bon Bons palette
I still own this and use it a ton. I definitely use some colours more than others, but it's absolutely still in rotation with all my other much beloved palettes and eye shadows.
Honestly, I do feel that so many good neutral palettes have come out since I bought this one, that I probably wouldn't repurchase it, but I am sure that for as long as I have this, I will enjoy it. But whether or not I'd buy it again will entirely depend on what's out when I run out of this or it expires on me.
As a side note, the packaging of this is immensely sturdy, I accidently dropped mine on a hard wood floor and it was 100% fine, no cracked or smashed shadows, not a scratch on the tin. Definitely a bonus!

I did a comparison between this one and Natural Eyes (also by Too Faced), here on my blog for those interested :).

Flashback faves from the past.