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B-post strikes again [Oct. 16th, 2017|09:33 pm]
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[feeling |enragedenraged]

Utter and total postage fail

First let me start off by saying that this is not our regular postie's doing, because he's actually nice and rings the doorbell when something doesn't fit the mailbox. So I really hope no one is going to give him grief, because that would be massively undeserved.

I don't know what whomever delivering the mail was thinking today, but clearly he wasn't having very competent thoughts, because that is NOT an acceptable way to put a BOOK in a mailbox. Or deliver any mail for that matter!
I've had it up to the next universe with this sort of postal delivery antics.
Today the mail delivered though it was ok to do this.
The next time this happens, I will think it is ok to take photos as proof and call the police.
Because this kind of thing is beyond not ok.