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BCM #33 is out now for FREE download! [Oct. 6th, 2017|10:47 am]
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[Current Location |Belgium and Japan ]
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BCM 33 out now for free download

Download your free copy here!

It’s the last BCM of 2017 and you know what that means: right, holiday edition!
First of all a shout-out to our talented beauty editor Claire, who has managed to get you all covered for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas on ONE single page! Make sure to tag us #BCMbeauty if you recreate one of the looks on social media!

Our usual Japan travel photography contributor Helcanen is taking a break from this edition to sort through the many amazing photos she’s taken during her recent summer trip, and she’ll be back for next edition! This edition yours truly’s Tokyo photos are providing you with imagery of the landof the rising sun, focussing on areas of Tokyo.

Of course, BCM wouldn’t be BCM without music, and aside from reviews of recent releases, we spoke to haru when he toured Europe.

Aside from that we have our annual holiday fashion feature as well as a focus feature on alternative Tokyo based BJD brand Freaks Circus.

We’ll be back next year with more events, reviews, music, fashion, travel and art, until then, enjoy this edition and happy holidays!