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Favourites of the month: October – flashback to last year - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Favourites of the month: October – flashback to last year [Oct. 2nd, 2017|07:09 pm]
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[music |bloodthirsty butchers "youth"]

Flashback faves

Flashback faves was started by Emily Fox over on her YouTube channel. As I'm not a youtuber, I run these on my blog instead :). 

Flashback favourites - October 2017


October pin buys

Cousin’s Collective, four eyed cat pin
Hannah Hitchman, Halloween 2016 pins
Punky Pins, mystical cat pin
Sparkle Collective, moon cat pin

I still have and love all of these. What’s not to love, they are cute cat pins! :)
The mummy dog isn't in the photo anymore as that was my friend Charlotte's, and it's at her house now :). I just wore it 'till it went to her really :D.


Halloween decorations

Flying Tiger Copenhagen, Halloween decorations
I still love these a lot. In fact, after Halloween last year, I simply incorporated them in the décor of my house, so that says enough doesn’t it? :D
I actually got a couple things from this year's range yesterday, let's see if they make it in to the faves at the end of this month.


Fave Yves Rocher products of October

Yves Rocher, Hydra Végétal facewash
Still my go to, every day, facewash. Good stuff :)!

Yves Rocher, So Elixir body lotion
I do still really love this, but I don't own it anymore. Last year's bottle ran out, and I did repurchase it, BUT, at one point in June I had 3 large bottles of body lotion I had to get through before expiration dates, and that was just not going to be possible. So rather than having one expire on me, I decided to give the So Elixir to my friend Lora. Who was well pleased, because she had just ran out of her lotion so getting mine was perfect timing. Much better than it going to waste. So yeah, still love it, but there's just only so much lotion I can use and this one ended up having to go.
I now rotate between my Urtekram fragrance free body lotion and my Yves Rocher lipid replenshing one.

Yves Rocher, pur bleuet – sensitive eyes
Gods, I have repurchased this at least 2 times since last year (I also got the 100ml version for free twice, so that saved me one repurchase [regular size is 200ml]). This stuff is awesome, as long as your make-up isn’t waterproof (or some brands of smudge proof) mascara.
It’s also awesome to wipe away the oil and isopropyl myristate from the wipes I use to get rid of waterproof eye make-up and mascara. I’ll keep on using this for as long as it’s available (unless Yves Rocher takes the parabens back out of the regular pur bleuet, then I will switch back to that).


Weleda skin food

Weleda, skin food
I'm not sure why this was in my faves two months in a row, but regardless, I still own and love skin food. I still believe it is a must have holy grail skin care product because it'll solve just about anything and everything when it comes to skin related issues.
I actually just opened up a new tube a few days go because mine expired.
That's the down side, because I don't use it that often, I can never empty a tube before expiration date :(.
Weleda needs to start making these in 30ml tubes!


Thank you Snazaroo!

Snazaroo, SFX kit
It’s actually the last Halloween season I can use it before it expires, and I plan to make good use of it! Fun stuff!
I’m not sure I would repurchase it. It will depend on the make-up I plan for next year’s 31 days of Halloween.



Swimmer, horror bat bag
It took me forever (years and years and that is neither a joke nor an exaggeration) to find a bat bag I like, so it goes without saying that I still own it and still use it (not that often, but I do use it). Sadly, Shinto tried to steal either the eyes or the bow (probably both) so it does have some iguana scratch marks on it’s cute little face. But oh well, c’est la vie.

Outfit: 8.4.2017