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Tokyo haul - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Tokyo haul [Sep. 21st, 2017|07:41 pm]
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[Current Location |Tokyo, Japan]
[feeling |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |Loa purring next to me :)]

most of my Japan haul

I bought more, but I'm not posting about that because it would be spoilers for the people I've bought the stuff for. No can do!

The damage:
- Amavel, blouse
- ANA x Star Wars, model plane kit of ANA's R2D2 plane
- Ank Rouge, brown blouse
- Angelic Pretty, brown shirt, no idea what release it's from
- Angelic Pretty, Halloween Treats socks
- batteries for my Sonic screwdriver pocket torch (because they were like 60% cheaper in Japan, go figure)
- Canmake Tokyo, cream blush
- Canmake Tokyo, highlighters
- Canmake Tokyo, cream highlighters
- Canmake Tokyo, lip stain
- Croquis, sketchbook
- Daiso, Halloween lashes
- Daiso, Halloween wax paper
- Daiso, glitter stars
- Daiso, stars for nail art
- Daiso, Halloween confetti thingamajigs
- Daiso, Halloween flag
- Daiso x Disney, Alice in Wonderland blot film
- Daiso x Disney, Halloween washi tape
- Dars, Halloween chocolates
- Disney, Alice in Wonderland cutlery wallet
- Disney, Back to School totebag
- Disney, Halloween gatchapon keychain
- Disney, Stitch Tsum Tsum keychain from a gatcha in the airport
- Disney, Alice in Wonderland pass holder
- Disney Store Japan, stickers
- Daler-Rowney, watercolour paper
- Don Quijote, Maleficent socks
- Emily Temple Cute, antique pink blouse with gold polkadots
- extendable micro USB cable (bought for Bert)
- Fujifilm, box of 5 rolls of medium format Acros 100
- Fujifilm, disposable camera
- Gatchapon, fox mask cellphone charm
- Honey Marble, Wonderland blouse
- Harajuku x Rascal, gatchapon stamp
- Japan Camera Hunter, JCH streetpan (both 120 and 35mm)
- Kiddieland, Halloween hair elastics
- KitKat, Halloween edition
- Kuretake, watercolor palette
- Kuretake, brush pens
- Kuretake, calligraphy/watercolour paper
- Lawson Select, spicy dried squid legs (I got two bags)
- Meiji Jingu, omamori
- Mint Neko, probably the most giant totebag in the universe
- my way my love, stickers
- my way my love, she sky my heart with blue
- Pentel, brush pens
- Rollei, Superpan 200
- Sekaido, caligraphy and watercolour brushes
- Swimmer, cross and shell ring set
- Swimmer, ice cream and heart ring set
- Swimmer, Alice in Wonderland travel mirror
- Swimmer, cute notebook
- Swimmer, dubble ended black pen
- Swimmer, ice cream cutlery set
- Swimmer, Alice in Wonderland cutlery set
- Swimmer, label stickers
- Tokyo Disney Sea, tins full of chocolates or candy
- Tokyo Disney Sea, fashionable villain make-up bag
- Tokyo Disney Sea, plush Halloween bag charm
- Tokyo Disney Sea, light up bag charm
- Tokyo Disney Sea, Gelatoni towel
- Tokyo Disney Sea, Gelatoni totebag
- Tokyo Disney Sea, Gelatoni washi tape
- Tokyo Disney Sea, Tippy Blue bag charm
- Tokyo Disney Sea, Shiriki Utundu bag charm
- Tokyo Disney Sea, 16th anniversary postcard
- Tokyo Disney Sea, 16th anniversary pin
- Tokyo Disney Sea, Duffy cup sleeve
- UNIQLO, airism bra tops (I got three: a blue and white striped one, a skin tone ond and a teal-ish one)
- various washi tapes I found in several shops (BIC Camera, Daiso, Sekaido and Tokyo Disney Sea)
- vifArt, watercolour drawing book
- Yamada Denki, budget lashes
and I *think* that's it. Pretty sure that's it.

Yeah, I didn't manage to get everything into the haul photo. Mostly because there were clothes in the laundry and well, the giant totebag already disappeared under the stuff. I fear the clothes wouldn't have fared much better to be honest.
And btw, YES I do have money left! Quite a bit actually. Enough to go on another short city trip somewhere in Europe in fact :).
Basically nearly everything I got was cheap :).

I'm not going through every single thing one by one, because then this post would become more than a little extremely silly, but I will go a little more in depth. Or at least try to.

beauty haul (most of it at least)

Beauty products
I didn't get falsies because I'm going to start wearing them on the regular. These are both literally for one Halloween look each.
Also, normally I really dislike cream products, but I'm really digging this Canmake Tokyo blush and highlighters. I am digging their powder products too mind. I'm not that wild about the stain. Sure, it's nice, but it doesn't really taste nice and it really feels weird to wear. Not necessarily uncomfortable, just weird.
Some of the stars I bought I want to do an actual nail look with, but the glitter ones are all for make-up stuff. Of course, had I known Mykie was going to come up with that awesome Glam Pennywise look, I bloody well would have bought MORE glitter stuff!
I'm hoping I'll be finding some at Kruidvat *fingers crossed*

I did forget to add the make-up bag, highlighter brush and mirror.

Daiso x Disney blotting paper

Swimmer mirror

RosyRosa - highlighter brush

Fashionable Villain

And a special mention to my Tokyo Disney Sea fashionable villains make-up bag. Because this thing is AMAZING! I'm actually using this too, because it's that epic!

Canmake Tokyo

Canmake Tokyo makeup
Canmake is paraben free, MIT free and cruelty free, so of course I had to get some of their things. I mainly got highlighters, for obvious reasons.


stuff from Tokyo


Yes, those are burando blouses (well three are), but I got the Ank Rouge, Angelic Pretty and Emily Temple cute ones as new at Closet Child. So basically I paid a fraction of the new price in a second hand store for blouses that look like they are brand new. The other two are from Amavel and Honey Marble, which you can find on Takeshita Street in Harajuku. Amavel has their own corner shop in Alta, whilst Honey Marble is sold in one of the gal/otome/lolita stores.
I did buy the AP socks new, but socks aren't that ridiculously priced at AP. The Maleficent socks are from Donki, which is mega cheap.
The rings are from Swimmer and the hair elastics from Kiddieland.
The bra tops (so exciting, I know, they're not even cheaper in Japan, but they did still sell airism, which is seasonal in Belgium) are from UNIQLO and the wallet was 70% off at the Disney Store.
The cool Alice in Wonderland pass case I got at the Disney Store in Harajuku.


arts and crafts haul

Arts and crafts
The paint, brushes, brush pens, paper and sketchbook are all from Sekaido. The notebook and labels are from Swimmer and the cute round stamp is a Rascal one is a capsule toy from one of the gachas at the Rascal Harajuku pop-up shop in Tokyo Plaza.

washi tape

I couldn't resist some of the super cute washi tape they were selling. And boy, there was a LOT of washi tape, especially at Sekaido, where there was an entire aisle of the stuff! I kid you not!
I got the Halloween Disney one at Daiso, the black cats one at BIC camera in Shinjuku, the Jack o' Lantern faces one at Sekaido and the Gelatoni ones were a set from Tokyo Disney Sea.


Halloween haul

Seeing the Halloween season in Tokyo is staring at the very end of August, there was already a LOT of stuff out! A LOT OF STUFF!
Which made coming back to Belgium extra sad, because here there's no Halloween to be seen anywhere :(.
Not unless you count Pumpkin Spice drinks and the caramel pecan latte at Starbucks.



Sayaka gave me INORAN's new CD and Yukio gave Bert and I his latest album, on vinyl! And some my way my love stickers because he knew I really wanted some. I've put one of the black and white ones on my phone case already :D. Thanks guys!


modest film haul

Admittedly my photography haul is quite meager, with just a disposable camera (because I didn't want to take a real analog camera after the London disaster of last year) and some film. The JCH and Rollei film is made in Belgium btw, but ironically and strangely enough, it's CHEAPER for me to buy it in Tokyo. THAT is how ridiculously overpriced shipping is ladies and gentlemen. At least this will hold me up for a while :).


Disney haul

Disney stuff! :)

First Pumpkin Spice latte of the year

I feel like my Duffy cup sleeve deserves a special mention because it's already been put to good use several times :).
Bert got it for me at Cape Cod Cook-off in Tokyo Disney Sea, which is the only place you can get it at I think (they also have a Gelatoni and a Shellie-May one, and if I'm not mistaken they cost 520 yen).

Gelatoni face towel

I couldn't resist this face towel, it was too adorable! And it was cheap, which didn't help. It's not in the Disney haul or haul shots, because it was being washed (it smelled really bad when I took it out of the plastic), so here's a separate photo. It's so mega super soft, like you would not believe!

ANA R2D2 model plane

I got this plastic model plane of the ANA R2D2 plane from one of the flight attendants on our flight to Tokyo Narita. She heard me mention Disney to the lady sitting next to me (who had asked if I had any specific sightseeing plans) so she figured I'd like to have one. She was absolutely, totally right, and I thanked her for it quite a bit. I had a lot of fun putting it together, and now it's on one of my desks.


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