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Elftopia fantasy fair - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Elftopia fantasy fair [Aug. 24th, 2017|12:05 pm]
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[Current Location |Deinze, Belgium ]
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When we went to Atsusacon (link to the post about that event), Lora had told me that Tom and her were going to Elftopia on the Saturday (the 12th). My +1 press access was good for either day, but I did still email to ask whether coming on Saturday would be ok, and huzzah it was (really, the organisation is SO nice!).

It took us a bit of effort to find it, because the directions weren't that clear and it's a small town, but we found parking space in a street nearby (which was a good idea because the parking field just outside the castle was pretty full) and walked to Ooidonk Castle.

pink Fiat car

This pink Fiat 500 reminds me of Princess Bubblegum, must be all the Adventure Time Bert watches ^^. No seriously, I love how these Fiat cars come in so many cheerful colours.

Once we got there, however, I was pleasantly surprised, because everyone on the press list was being briefed by the staff that photographing people without consent was NOT ok. There was little briefing they had to do in our case, because I was all “oh no don't worry, I know”. But still, seriously impressed by how much care they put into visitor comfort and making sure no one was harassed!

Turns out that Lora and Tom (who had gotten there earlier than us) had already gotten staff involved because some douchebag photographer had taken her picture without asking first, and when he was asked to delete it and refused, the organisation made him delete it and gave him a warning. I have seriously never encountered this before, and I think it's great work on their part.
I feel that if more organisations actually step up to protect visitors, we'll see much less of this bullshit.



The steampunk photobooth of the Fototainer was seriously AMAZING! I really wish Bert and I had gotten a printed photo together. Oh well, hopefully next year!
The event itself was a lot of fun. I wrote a proper review on The Gatehouse here, as is usually the case with events I go to and as usual I won't repeat myself.
But that all said, I really did enjoy myself. It's a small and up and coming fantasy event, and there's some things they need to sort out, but they are all minor things, and nothing that would stop me from going back.

Faun and friends



bird of prey

I also really liked the steampunk camp, I think SteamNation did a great job on the set-up, so kudos to them. Too bad that we missed the steampunk group shot though, because I love those. But hey, hopefully better luck next year! :)

Fun at steampunk camp

Steampunk at Elftopia

The weather was really weird though, it went from grey to drizzly to bright sunshine and pleasantly warm to dreary again into an outright downpour, hot summer temperatures and right into steady heavy rain.
Seriously, fuck you global warming!

rainbow on the way home

If you look closely, you can see a rainbow :).

But yeah, crazy weather aside, I had a blast. Hopefully I'll be able to go back next year!

All my photos are here.

I didn't really get an outfit shot,


so here's a shot together with Lora instead :).

Lora and I

Day 73/100 days of make-up in 2017

- M.A.C, brow sculpt in Cork
- M.A.C, pro longwear concealer in NC20
- M.A.C, eye shadow in Amber Lights and Bronze
- M.A.C, Semi-Sweet eye shadow x 9 in Outre
- M.A.C, sized to go zoom lash mascara in Beets Me
- NYX, jumbo eye pencil in Cashmere
- Too Faced, Natural Eyes in Chocolate Martini
- M.A.C, sized to go strobe cream
- M.A.C, extra dimension skin finish in Beaming Blush
- Too Faced, Hangover Primer
- Too Faced, Sweet Peach Glow blush and bronzer
- Sugarpill, liquid lip color in Pumpkin Spice

Last three photos all by Bert, intro photo by the Fototainer.
More photos of the event are here.