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anti-haul: what I'm not gonna buy #1 - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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anti-haul: what I'm not gonna buy #1 [Aug. 14th, 2017|11:10 pm]
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First of all, anti-hauls were started by Kimberly Clark. You should all check out her youtube channel because she is AMAZING!

I am aware that there are far more make-up releases than what I'm picking from. And even though I could get products from the US thanks to friends that live there, I am focussing on products I can buy in Europe. Or what I think I will be able to buy in Europe eventually. I may guess wrong though.
I am also not including drugstore make-up, because sadly, most of the drugstore brands here are either not cruelty free (and I make very few exceptions when it comes to that) or simply not something my skin can deal with without breaking out in some way or another.
Same goes for designer and really high end make-up, in my experience I'm better off spending my money chez M.A.C or Sephora.
So I am instead focussing on brands that tend to use better quality ingredients, so stuff I would be able to use if I wanted to.
Which I don't, clearly.

Check out what I'm not gonna buy!

- Anastasia Beverly Hills, Subculture palette
- Benefit, the pore minimizing makeup
- Jeffree Star, Chrome collection
- Kat von D, Saints and Sinners collection
- M.A.C, M.A.C Girls collection
- NYX, Fall 2017 launches
- Sephora, pro palettes
- Too Faced, Clover palette
- Too Faced, some of the things from the Peaches and Cream range
- Urban Decay, Naked Heat collection


ABH, Subculture palette
Mixed reviews aside, I really don't need this in my life. Furthermore, the packaging simply looks cheap. I prefer my packaging sturdier and especially of the kind that closes properly. This just looks like it'll be in constant need of spraying with isopropyl alcohol to keep the germs out.


Benefit, the pore minimizing makeup
I'll keep my pores, thank you very much. I know this sort of thing is a bit of a rage, but come on, people have pores. We really don't need to clog them up with all sorts of products, think about the long term effects on your skin, it just can't be good! My pores are welcome to stay the size of dinner plates, thank you very much!


Jeffree Star, Chrome collection
First of all: the reason I'm anti-hauling this has nothing to do with the man behind the brand. I know he's controversial, and think of him what you will. The reason I'm not buying this is that I simply don't need this. It's not the kind of palette I would use a lot, and the lipsticks are either colours I don't use, wouldn't use enough, or can get from other brands I know I love. So I have zero motivation to spend money on trying out new things. I prefer to stick with something tried and true.


Kat von D, Saint and Sinner palette
My problem with this brand is that they are less than forthcoming with their ingredient lists and tend to use parabens. So that immediately puts me right off buying from them. I don't care how nice some of their new stuff is, if they can't properly be transparent with customers, then I'm not buying from them.
Also: that entire “we are totally cruelty free” spiel is the same kind of cruelty free that people are now holding against Too Faced.
Kat von D may be cruelty free, Kendo, who owns the brand may be cruelty free, but they in turn are owned by LVMH, which is Not cruelty free. Sounds like there is a lot going on there that isn't kosjer, so to speak, and I want no part in it.


M.A.C, M.A.C Girls collection
I love M.A.C, everyone that reads my blog knows I do. But these palettes, they're just not screaming my name. I either already own similar shades, or they simply don't appeal to me. I don't care that they are releases by one of my fave brands, I'm not gonna be spending my cash on stuff I don't have need for.
Also, what about the M.A.C guys? I feel that in this day and age, a big brand like M.A.C should do better when it comes to coming up with names.


NYX, fall 2017 launches
Literally nothing from this video. The only things I would still buy from NYX are their eye shadow base, the Wonder Pencil in Light and the Wicked lippies in Wrath (even though the packaging SUCKS).
For me personally (I know NYX is amazing to a lot of people, I'm just not one of them) NYX is more miss than hit, so I'm sticking to other brands.


Sephora, pro palettes
Now, I won't lie, some of these look interesting. But do I need them? No, I really don't. From what I gather from reviews, there's also too many miss shades in them to my liking. If I buy another palette, it'll be smaller, and have less shades I have no interest in or use for.


Too Faced, Clover palette
First and foremost, I like that this is an animal charity thing. However, there are plenty of animal charities here locally (like the shelter we got Loa from) that I'd rather donate the money to. Simply because of the colours in this just really don't appeal to me. There's a few I do like, but they are a vast minority and too few to make this worth my buck. Heck, judging from the product photos, I'd rather spend that amount on the Peaches and Cream palette or the upcoming White Chocolate Bar palette. Sorry Clover, ain't gonna happen. I'll just donate some cash to a shelter directly instead.
Another Clover related thing that is also not happening is me buying that Clover plush. Cute and all, but why, really?
Are people really THAT into Clover the chihuahua?


Too Faced, Sweetie Pie bronzer
Too Faced, peaches and cream bronzer, blushes and highlighter

These are all products from the new, Sephora exclusive peaches and cream series. Seeing it's a Sephora exclusive line that is going to stay in the Too Faced arsenal so to speak, I'm pretty sure that eventually (lord knows when though) this will end up in the European Sephora stores also.
Obviously I didn't want to add products I don't generally use like foundation and setting powders/sprays because that would just be ridiculous (as I don't tend to buy those full stop), so I focussed on the kinds of products I like in general, but am not going to buy.

I have literally NO desire to use a bronzer with that much pink in it. I love my Milk Chocolate Soleil, I like my Sweet Peach Glow bronzer and I simply don't want to add another one to my make-up collection. I have a matte and a glowy bronzer and I really don't need more.

As for the other three products: I don't like cream products. It's not that I can't work with cream products. It's not like I can't apply them. I can, I just don't want to. I vastly prefer powder to cream, so I'm giving all of these a miss.

I might get the palette or a lipstick from this series at some point. So I'm not point blank saying “na-ah” to those, but it still remains to be seen whether or not I'll be right about that European release.



Urban Decay, Naked Heat
Aside from my general dislike of all things L'Oreal, I'm not anti-hauling this because it is Urban Decay. I'm anti-hauling this because I just don't need it.
Yes, the formula feels really nice when you finger swatch it. Yes, the pigmentation and the colours are beautiful.
No, I don't need more coppers. Because that's basically what this is: a bunch of shades I already own and a bunch of shades I wouldn't use.
Aside from Ember, Ember is AMAZING, but I'm not buying a palette just for the one shade.
Same with the lipsticks, Fuel just isn't my bag, Heat is a lot like a red metallic by M.A.C I own (Fresh Moroccan) and Scorched isn't very copper at all, it's a lot like NYX' Wrath from their Wicked lippies line.
The eyeliners (Alkaline and Torch) are alright, especially Alkaline is nice, but again, colours I wouldn't use enough to justify it.

Naked Heat release day

Crappy smartphone photo from the collection release at ICI PARIX XL yesterday.


DISCLAIMER: all imagery is official product imagery taken from either the company websites or social media. Bar that one mobile phone photo right at the end, that one's mine. Everything else isn't.
Also: it's not because I don't want to buy these products that you shouldn't, if it's something you want and will actually use, go ahead, get it, it's your money, spend it anyway you want :).