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Favourites of the month: August – flashback to last year - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Favourites of the month: August – flashback to last year [Aug. 2nd, 2017|11:29 pm]
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[music |an episode of Adventure Time in the background on Bert's computer]

August flashback faves

Photo of the day: 2.8.2017

Most of them really, so that's something :).

M.A.C quads

M.A.C, pro palette eye shadow x 4 compact
I still use it, it’s still mighty practical. In fact, I bought a second one and I also have one for 2 shadows, which is currently empty. But it's super practical to have on stand-by.
As you can see from the photos, I've moved shadows around a little since the original quad.
One palette is my steampunk quad and holds Amber Lights, Bronze, Coppering and Gorgeous Gold. The other one has Gesso (white), Indian Ink (purple), Lime (green) and Rule (orange), which are the 4 colours I use most.


Yves Rocher products

Yves Rocher, conditioner for dry hair
I switched to the repair conditioner somewhere last year, and I have to say that I like that a lot better. So I don’t use this one anymore and I wouldn't put it in a faves again either. To be honest, I had one bottle of this left, used it 3 times and gave it to Bert to use up. 'Nuff said really.

Yves Rocher, nail varnish remover and repair shampoo
These are both still regular products I use all the time and love tons.

The one downside to the nail varnish remover is that it stinks to high heaven (as these things tend to do) so I go outside to use it, and that can really suck if it's cold and/or wet (luckily we have an awning, so I never get too wet).

I've been over the repair shampoo last month, so I'll just link to that post rather than to repeat myself :).


Soltan SPF 50 sunblock stick

Soltan Kids, hypoallergenic sun protection stick
This stuff is still awesome and so good for tattoo care, well protecting tattoos against the sun I mean. It’s super practical to carry around and regularly retouch SPF 50+ sunblock over my ink to keep it from getting sun damaged. It's another one than last year's though, because you know: respect the expiration date of sunblock! I still have another spare, so I'm good for a little longer :).
Click here for ingredients



Disney Store Japan, giant Darth Vader tote bag
I frigging LOVE this bag. I think I love it more now than I did last year.
I take it grocery shopping, shopping in general, I’ve used it to carry stuff for my painting classes, … it’s just so practical because it holds SO …MUCH …STUFF!
Plus it has a zipper, which just adds to the awesome.
It was so worth importing this from Japan.
I would definitely import another of these totes if they come up with a design I like!


Chip is cute

Disney Store, Chip plush make-up bag
This actually lives on my computer table. I keep USB cables and my phone/tablet charger in there. So incredibly cute and practical. Still love it!


Darth Vader headphones

Darth Vader headphones
Still own this, still use it, still love it. Bert still uses it too. These were really such a great buy, would absolutely buy another pair like these, but hopefully I won't have to for a good long while!
These are actually headphones for kids, which meant they were cheaper than regular headphones of the same quality. BUT you can easily set them to fit adults. They have a super practical "remote" in the wire (which is ridiculously long, that's the only downside to it) that lets you easily sort out both volume and bass levels. Seriously, they are SO GOOD!



Photo of the day: 12.8.2016 (day 225)

Darth Vader lunchbox
I don’t actually use this very often at all. In fact, I haven’t used it in forever. I still think the design is super cool, but I just don’t gravitate towards using it because my other lunch box is just a little more practical.
I definitely wouldn't call it a fave this year.


drinking bottles

Disney Store Europe, Mickey Mouse water bottle and Paperchase water bottle
I still use and own both. I have a bunch of water bottles, so they don’t all get used at the same time (obviously), but all of them do get used at one point or other.
I did cut the part keeping the lid of the Paperchase one attached to the bottle off, because I found that if the bottle was nearing empty, the dangling lid often caused it to fall over, spilling water everywhere. Third time that happened I had enough and cut off attachment part of both of my smaller Paperchase bottles. The other one has a totally different size and shape so the dangling lid doesn't matter. I would advise all other Paperchase bottle owners to do the same. I did notice that the plastic of my Paperchase bottle is getting dull and I think it has something to do with the double layer of it because none of my other Paperchase bottles, which are just one layer don't have this issue. Regardless, it's still functioning, but the second my water starts tasting funny it'll have to go!


Ghosts of Karnak

George Mann “Ghosts of Karnak
I really did enjoy reading this book last year, and I keep meaning to read it again, but I haven't gotten round to it yet. I do like the Ghost, but I feel like I like Mann's Newbury and Hobbes series just a little more. Because I've only read one novel in the Ghost series (this one) but I've read nearly all of the Newbury and Hobbes ones. I've not read the last two because I knew from a friend that book 4 ends on a cliffhanger, so I'm waiting for part 5 to be released so I can read them in one go.
So yeah, wouldn't list Ghosts of Karnak as a fave anymore this year, but I do still own it!
The only reason it is NOT in the product overview photo is that yesterday I lent this to my friend Claire for her train ride home (which is nearly 2 hours!). Because frankly, my friend's travel entertainment is more important to me than a product overview shot :).
For those that want to know a little more about this book, I wrote a review about it on The Gatehouse, which you can read here.