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This is what happens when you stand up for yourself against B-post in Belgium - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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This is what happens when you stand up for yourself against B-post in Belgium [Jul. 13th, 2017|11:48 am]
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I am going to start by saying that I am extremely displeased by B-post’s dealing with customers right now. (And that’s putting it mildly).

As many that follow my twitter account know, I have had some issues with the post delivery lately.
Most of one week, we received no mail, because our mail kept being delivered on the wrong addresses.
I tweeted B-post, they said they would look into it.
That night I was told about some things the mailman had told my mother in law, that led both me and Rosa (Bert’s nan, housemate) to believe the issue was probably not going to get solved any time soon, so I ended up calling B-post.
I wasn’t initially met with a friendly response (which I could at least somewhat understand because I rang really close to closing time, and I get that after a day of complaints, the lady wanted to go home, and she did apologise for being snappish, so no foul there), but the lady was professional and put in a report.

The next day, I was rang up by another lady of B-post’s customer service, who was very friendly and professional and assured me that they would do everything they could to get the post delivered properly again. And they did.
So I considered the matter closed.

Yesterday, however, it was absolutely pouring. When the rain went down a little I went outside, only to find all of my mail folded in a bundle (even cards that could have been put in separately no issue) sticking out, soaking wet.
Understandably I did not appreciate that, so I complained at B-post via twitter again. They again apologized and said they would look into it.

I will admit I have threatened with going to the police, because legally they are obliged to properly deliver the mail. And I was just simply THAT fed up.

What was the result?
Today, out of the blue, two people of B-post (the mailman AND I guess his representative or some such) show up at my door. To, what I can only conclude is to reprimand me for having had the outrageous guts to complain.

What they of course can’t know (well they could, but I HIGHLY doubt that B-post looked into me enough to find out) is that I suffer severe social anxiety, and they’ve just put me under a lot more stress than I can handle. But I have been suffering really bad arrythmea all week, and this sort of crap does NOT help.
Basically, I feel extremely ill at ease, even unsafe, in my own home now, because I can’t even be in peace where I should be feeling safe and at home. Just great…

Of course, they can’t know about my (mental) health, so that aside, what the bloody fuck…
To just show up at someone’s house, unannounced, to basically reprimand them for the fact that I complained?
Do they really think I wouldn’t have addressed it with the mailman if it had been possible? He shows up, stuffs the mail and leaves again, he’s on a motor cycle, by the time I’m outside he’s halfway through the street!
Am I really expected to just take a chair and sit next to the mailbox to speak to him?
What does B-post have contact points for then?
What if I worked full time? Should I take the day off and park myself by the mailbox and just hope that there’s even mail that day?
Trust me, if I could I would have spoken to the mailman! Obviously!
But I couldn’t, and B-post has contact points, so why not use them?

Is this what it’s come to? That people have got to bow down to the will of corporations even if they are in the wrong?
And that if they dare complain a few times, because there are issues, that the company will send representatives to their homes to reprimand them?

And they can say they weren’t reprimanding me all they want, that’s still how I experienced this situation.
I feel like B-post is literally bullying me. That is LITERALLY how it feels to me. Whether or not they are is besides the point, that’s how they made me FEEL.
I fully expect them to continue this, by bringing tons of my post to the post office and making it hard for me to get stuff now.
Never mind that it is hard for me to go and get it. Never mind that tons of it is in Bert’s name and so I won’t even be allowed to pick it up.

And all just because I said “hey B-post, I am unhappy with your service, the only thing I want is my mail to be delivered properly”.
How is it that I am the bad guy for standing up for myself, that’s what I’d like to know.

Feel free to explain it to me in a comment, because I sure as hell don’t get it.