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Review: M.A.C, Tropic Cool - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Review: M.A.C, Tropic Cool [Jul. 5th, 2017|02:00 pm]
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M.A.C - Tropic Cool

After my review of Semi-Sweet x 9, it's now time for a review of my other eye shadows x 9 palette from M.A.C, Tropic Cool.
Like Semi-Sweet x 9, the shadows in this palette are definitely on par with the single shadows by M.A.C.

For my general thoughts about the M.A.C x 9 palettes, click this link and check out my Semi-Sweet review. Because I don't want to bore you guys with repeating myself :).

Before we get into the review, the stats!
M.A.C, eye shadows x 9 in Tropic Cool
Limited edition for summer 2017 (or I've been misinformed) 
Some shades are original, some aren't. But it's best to compare the names with the single shadows available in your country, as I've noticed stocks aren't the same everywhere. 
0,8 grams per pan.

ingredients - M.A.C, eye shadow x 9 in Tropic Cool

Click here to get a larger view of the ingredients.

The colours are incredibly rich, pigmented and a dream to work with. I find that there is a little less kick-back with this palette than with Semi-Sweet but regardless, I have made it a habit to really tap off any brush before using it. It's a good habit, because it avoids trouble from everything but the most crumbly, glittery, horror shades (which thankfully, are nowhere to be found in this palette, phew!).

Tropic Cool swatches

I used cotton swabs to swatch instead of finger swatches, and I feel they do NOT do the shadows justice at all, because they are so much more vibrant!

People that know me may find it a little strange that I went for a palette with this much colour, especially considering that my go to looks include creams, whites and browns. A lot of browns. And then some more browns.
The thing is, I do like colour, but I previously owned a bunch of single purples (from various brands) and the infamous NYX brights palette.
Of which the quality leaves more and more to be desired the longer I've had it (about 9 months at the moment).
So basically, I did want to use colour, I was just waiting for a reliable brand to come out with a palette I liked, and that didn't include a ton of pinks (that basically ruled out every other brand that doesn't break me out or contain ingredients I'm allergic to, it seems).

I swatched this one in the Antwerp Meir store (Antwerp has two M.A.C stores nowadays) and kinda fell in love with the blues from the get go. But I basically love most of the shades. And whilst this isn't my go-to palette, it is something that has already served me well, and that is going to serve me VERY well when I start on 31 days on Halloween.
So yeah, it's an occasion palette, but my experience teaches me that you are better off investing in a good one.

That said, you could TOTALLY use this as an everyday palette if that's your jam. The colours are all really good quality, and have been picked out to either allow you to do a complete look with just this palette, or to compliment other palettes should you want a pop of colour, or heck, even to add some greys or taupe. So even though it may look a little limited, it's actually really versatile, and you could even wear pretty neutral if you just stick to the two light shades and the dark grey, which are all three super wearable.

Looks I did using this palette

Day 50/100 days of make-up in 2017

Colours used: Bright-Sided (yellow), Liquid Sky (blue) and Blue Envy (dark blue).

Day 48/100 days of make-up in 2017

Colours used: Neopreen Green and Blue Envy

Day 52/100 days of make-up in 2017

Also just an FIY, but Fresh Blade is the most amazing inner corner highlight shade. Come on M.A.C, release this in a single already!

I realise that the photos of me wearing these shadows aren't super detailed, but if you click them, you'll be directed to my flickr page (or open them in a new page, up to you) and if you click them there, they enlarge :). Roundabout, I know, I do apologise!