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BCM #33 is out now for FREE download! [Jul. 3rd, 2017|09:59 am]
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BCM #33 is out now for FREE download!

Get your copy here! :)

Summer's here, and so is the summer edition of BCM!

We’ve got a wide variety of subjects in this edition, ranging from beauty with a tutorial by Claire dans la Lune and an interview with Birdie, aka BirdBrain FX.
Even though they cancelled their tour, we still published the email interview we had with Matenrou Opera about their EU tour that was supposed to happen in July. We caught up with DJ SiSeN and Mikaru of G.L.A.M.S when they were in the country.
Photographer Helcanen is back again with more beautiful photos of Japan, focusing on Atami and Narita, showing you sides of these areas you wouldn’t encounter in a travel guide.

Furthermore there is art, reviews of events, exhibits, concerts and music and you can win a few autographed instax photos.

Have an awesome summer everyone!