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Favourites of the month: July – flashback to last year - Random thoughts — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Favourites of the month: July – flashback to last year [Jul. 1st, 2017|04:45 pm]
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For those that don't know what this is about, this is a thing that Emily Fox does on her YouTube channel, where she looks back at past favourites to see if she still owns and loves them. I always really enjoy watching those videos, and so I decided to so a similar thing on my blog. I'm looking back to my faves of last year to see whether or not I still own them and how I feel about them now.

Flashback faves - July 2016 vs July 2017

Flashback faves - July 2016 vs July 2017

Molten Metals

Barry M, molten metals in bronze bae
Much like last year, I haven’t gotten ‘round to opening Copper Mine yet (because I want to finish the opi copper first), but I still ADORE Bronze Bae. I use it loads, and I absolutely do not regret getting a spare when I bought these last year.


technakohl liners

M.A.C, technakohl liner in Snowed In and Sourpuss
First of all, I still love both of these.
However… whilst I use Sourpuss off and on, I don’t feel like I use it often enough to warrant spending €16,50 on a repurchase when I run out or this expires on me.
Snowed In I have used an absolute ton, and I totally would repurchase this. In fact, I used it all up this morning, so I need to repurchase this sooner rather than later.

M.A.C x Brooke Candy - Witching Hour

M.A.C x Brooke Candy, lipstick in Witching Hour
Totally and absolutely still loving this. It's not streaky, it's an amazing shade and the formula isn't drying on the lips. Even though it's a matte. I haven't been using it that much lately, because I have so many lipsticks and I switch around between them, but this is still my fave purple lipstick.


NYX, color mascara in Forget me not
It’s not that I don’t like the pastels in the color mascara range. They add length, they look nice, BUT… they are such a goddamn pain to remove. I really just don’t have the patience for it.
It turned out that I hadn’t used this one nearly enough to justify repurchase when this expired, so yeah.
Don’t own it anymore, wouldn’t buy again, the love is definitely over with this shade from the range.



Yves Rocher, anti-fatigue ice gel
Yup, still a winner. It’s really come through for me on so many occasions that I’ll be very sad when Yves Rocher stops making this. But seeing they just redesigned the packaging I think it'll be fine.
Click here for the ingredients.

Yves Rocher, repair shampoo
This is still my regular shampoo. Heck, I still have the travel sized bottle from last year's faves! It’s just a handy refillable bottle, so chucking it out is frankly ridiculous and wasteful because I can just refill it for short trips.
Bert started using it as well, and he loves it too.
Double still in love with this, I guess :).
Click here for the ingredients.


Collistar, anti-age lifting body cream
Whilst I like the product, I never did purchase a full size (I saw the price tag and instantly decided against it). As it’s all used up, I don’t own it anymore.
Should I get another sample, I will absolute use it up, but it’s not the kind of product I want to spend money on.
Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s a great product. I just think there are cheaper dupes out there, which I enjoy just as much and that work just as well. No need to spend more if you don't have to after all.


UNIQLO Alice in Wonderland tee - Through the Looking Glass series

UNIQLO, Alice Through the Looking Glass collection t-shirt
I still own this t-shirt, I still love this t-shirt and I still wear it lots. And despite it having been worn a ton and thus having been washed a ton, it still looks and feels exactly like the day I got it.
That said, I generally rinse wash it (I only ever put it in the delicate cycle if I spill on it) and always let it air dry, and that does help, but still, it still looks like it's never been worn, which is great really.


Zatchels - Foxton Kilworth bag

Custom Zatchels Foxton satchel
Still own it, still use it, still like it. It’s in the rotation of my most used bags for sure. It’s super practical, classy, a timeless design and looks good with nearly every outfit. Whatever could anyone want more from a bag, right?



Dead Man Walking

Simon R Green “Dead Man Walking”
Still love this book. I’ve re-read it a few times. It’s an ace detective story.
Read a proper review I wrote about it here. (For those that want to know more about it).

Jules Verne omnibus

Seven novels omnibus of Jules Verne’s Extraordinary Adventures
It’s a Jules Verne omnibus. Seriously, OBVIOUSLY I’m still loving this!

Flashback faves of the past.