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The week in photos: June 19-25 2017 #dailyphoto #photography - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The week in photos: June 19-25 2017 #dailyphoto #photography [Jun. 25th, 2017|08:08 pm]
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Photo of the day: 19.6.2017 (day 170)

Day 170: Monday, 19.6.2017
Camera: Canon EOS 700D with 18-55mm Canon lens
I did a bronzer battle on my blog, basically reviewing and comparing two different ones.
You can read all about that and find out which one won here :)


Photo of the day: 20.6.2017 (day 171)

Day 171: Tuesday, 20.6.2017
Camera: Canon EOS 700D with 18-55mm Canon lens
I'm sure this photo is pretty self-explanatory :)


Photo of the day: 21.6.2017 (day 172)

Day 172: Wednesday, 21.6.2017
Camera: Canon EOS 700D with 18-55mm Canon lens
What better to post on the first day of summer than some pretty flowers?
Incidently, Billy the caterpillar quite likes to eat honeysuckle. But not as much as he loves to eat raspberries!


M.A.C eye shadow x 9 in Semi-Sweet

Day 173: Thursday, 22.6.2017
Camera: Canon EOS 700D with 18-55mm Canon lens
I feel like I've been blogging about cosmetics a lot lately, even though I claim that this isn't a beauty blog. Oops.
What can I say, I blog about what I love, and I do love make-up ^^
Anyway, I did a review of this M.A.C eye shadow x 9 palette in Semi-Sweet here.


Photo of the day: 23.6.2017 (day 174)

Day 174: Friday, 23.6.2017
Camera: the crappy one in my phone
Lots and lots of origiami butterflies made out of newspaper in the local art school.
This isn't on my floor, I just happened to pass through there and just had to take a photo because it was amazing.
Sadly, I only had my phone with me, so sadly. the photo doesn't do this flock of paper butterflies any justice at all.

Outfit: 23.6.2017

Outfit of the day:
Hat: Disneyland Paris
Glasses: Theo
Shrug: ONLY
Treasure Planet top: early birthday gift from a friend
Skirt: made it myself
Jelly Sandals: Vivienne Westwood

Day 56/100 of make-up in 2017

Day 56/100 days of make-up in 2017:
- M.A.C, brow sculpt in Cork
- M.A.C, pro longwear concealer in NC20
- M.A.C, in extreme dimension lash mascara/work it out in Muscle Tee
- M.A.C, Tropic Cool eye shadow x 9 in Fresh Blade
- NYX, eye shadow base in skin tone
- NYX, hot singles shadow in Diamond Lust
- Too Faced, Chocolate Bon Bons palette in Divinity
- M.A.C, skin base primer
- Too Faced, Sweet Peach Glow blush
- Too Faced, Sweet Peach Glow highlighter
- Sephora, lipstick in Sexy Game
- Weleda, Everon lip balm

Outfit and make-up shots by Bert Van den Wyngaert


Photo of the day: 24.6.2017 (day 275)

Day 175: Saturday, 24.6.2017
Camera: Canon PowerShot D20
Selfie with Bert at the Beer Passion Weekend in Antwerp.


Photo of the day: 25.6.2017 (day 176)

Day 176: Sunday, 25.6.2017
Camera: Canon EOS 700D with 18-55mm Canon lens
Molly Sanderson viola in the garden.
I generally call them "gothic viola", for obvious reasons.