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Favourites of the month: June – flashback to last year - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Favourites of the month: June – flashback to last year [Jun. 1st, 2017|10:34 am]
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June favorites

First of all, let me be 100% honest and say I totally copied the idea for these posts from Emily Fox.
I just think it’s so much fun, and I love to see her flashback faves videos, so I want to do them too. But in blog format as I'm not on youtube.
My first favourites of the month post was from June last year, so it stands to reason that the first flashback faves post will be that month :).

So what’s this about?
Basically I look back to last year’s favourites, and see how I feel about them now, a year later.
Do I still love them, do I even still own them?

Flashback favourites to June 2016

I have to admit, in my June 2016 favourites, I completely forgot to photograph my sunglasses clip. I didn't forget this year, which is why it's in just one of the photos.

So let's get into it!


Ambre Solaire, sunscreen SPF 30
I don’t actually use this anymore and as you should only use sunblock for 1 year, I don’t own this anymore either. The only reason I got this in the first place, was that I had run out of Soltan and needed sunblock.
Of course, since then I’ve been to London and I bought Soltan (which is only sold at Boots, a UK drugstore chain), so yeah. Hail Soltan!
What I do use by Ambre Solaire, is their Sensitive Advanced Face Mist SPF 50. Which is a facial spray for fair and sensitive skins that is paraben free, won't cause black heads and doesn't mess up your make-up. It's in my faves from last month actually, because I do love it a lot.


ICI PARIS XL - eye shadow applicator

ICI PARIX XL, eye shadow applicator brush
I still have this, I still think it’s a great applicator. I still like it. But I haven’t used it in ages because I used it with a specific eye shadow from Sephora and I don’t own that anymore (I gave it to Claire back in November 2016). But I’m definitely keeping it in case I end up owning a similar formula and need this again.
If you are looking for an affordable eye shadow applicator brush that washes out easily and comes with two spare brush heads (so to speak), I would really recommend this (if you live in a country that has ICI PARIS XL at least).


MAC technakohl in brass band

M.A.C, technakohl liner in brass band
Ah, my trusty brass band.
I don’t think the love affair with brass band will ever be over.
I actually used that nearly all up now, which says everything really.
No seriously, I adore this one, it’s definitely my fave eyeliner.
It was last year, and it still is this year.
I do need to replace it soon because it's pretty much all gone AND you shouldn't be using eyeliner for longer than a year anyway, but chance is that it'll be completely gone before it expires.


NYX products

NYX, extra creamy round lipstick in bruised
I still like it for the colour, but I wish the formula wouldn’t suck so much.
It feathers like CRAZY, seriously it’s INSANE. It’s also pretty patchy on it’s own. What I do is I will use Barry M’s lip liner pencil in Plum, which is a perfect match (and cheap), followed by the Too Faced melted matte liquid lipstick in Evil Twin and then I will add a layer of this. The lip liner stops the feathering, Evil Twin provides a staying, consistent and opaque colour (it’s the exact same colour as Bruised btw) and Bruised makes sure that Evil Twin isn’t drying out my lips.
It’s a LOT of effort to make this work, but this is one of my favourite colours ever, so yeah.
The second that M.A.C or Winky Lux come out with this exact shade, I’m chucking this in the bin, for sure.
Colour: YES, YES a 1000 times YES.
Formula etc: urgh, no, so much fail, the fail has practically reached epic proportions.

NYX, wicked lippies in Wrath
Contrary to Bruised, I still adore this. It also has none of the issues of Bruised. It doesn't feather at all, it’s not drying out my lips, and after reapplying it 2 times, it will STAY. It’s very bizarre, but I love the colour, I love the lipstick and I would definitely re-purchase. In fact, I have a spare, that's how much I love it.

NYX, wonder pencil in light
This is still an excellent concealer for small spots, blemishes and scabs because it allows to do fine detail work. It also stays on really well. So yes, I still like this product.


Brushes, you will be clean!

Real Techniques, brush cleaning tray
This is still as awesome to clean my brushes with as it was when I first bought it. In fact, I love it so much that I bought a second one to clean my brushes that I use for acrylics paint and it works just as well for those, too! I still don’t like the colour though, but the product itself is A+ and I would definitely recommend it.


Scrub and cream

Yves Rocher, Hydra Végétale day and night cream (the gel one)
I still love this, but because my skin got so dry in winter, and definitely needs the extra care all year round, I now exclusively use this as a night cream, rather than as a day and night cream.
So yeah, I still love it, I just had to adjust my skin care routine a little.
For those curious, during the cold(er) months I use Weleda almond (the regular, not the light) facial cream and during the warm(er) months I use Weleda pomegranate day cream.

Yves Rocher, botanical scrub with apricot
I’ll keep it short: still love it, still use it, still great :). Bert uses it too now, and loves it tons also.

The tube in the 2017 photo is smaller than that in the 2016 one, because when it's someone's birthday, they give you a deluxe sample version as a present (if you have a customer account with Yves Rocher Belgium at least). I got one last year. My mum got one this year, but as she doesn't use it, she gave me hers. So I decided to photograph that rather than the full sized one that's open and half empty :).


make up brushes

Spectrum brushes (and the one IPXL brush that's also in this post in the photo)
I still own these, and I still really love Spectrum. So obviously they get used quite a bit (bar the lip brush, as I don't often use a lip brush).
What I did notice that after a while, the colour of the bristles either starts to fade, or discolours. Which is a shame, but at least it doesn't diminish the quality of the brushes.
That all said, I love Spectrum, and by now I own a lot more of their brushes than just these three. In fact, I think most of my make-up brushes are by Spectrum.


Sprout, mint graphite pencil
Well, I didn’t succeed in using the pencil up quite fast enough, so I eventually cut off the end and stuck it in the ground. I’m still using the pencil part of course.
The mint, however, didn't grow at all. So I would have to say that this is just an overpriced gimmicky thing. It's a good quality pencil, but you can get equal quality, and even better quality, pencils for half the price of this or even less.
So no, I wouldn't recommend you spend your money on it. Buy a nice, much cheaper pencil, and a pack of mint seeds instead.


glasses to sunglasses :)

Theo, custom sunglasses clip
As if I could EVER tire of this thing. Not gonna happen. Still love this!


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