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STEAMCREAM is it worth the hype? - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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STEAMCREAM is it worth the hype? [May. 16th, 2017|01:14 pm]
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STEAMCREAM is a pretty big deal these days, the Japanese steam infused natural oil hair and skin care product is slowly making it's way throughout the entire world, so I feel like it's high time to write a little more about it.

First of all, a little more about STEAMCREAM, to paint a complete picture.
The Japanese site will prove to be of little use if you don’t speak Japanese, but luckily, there is also a UK version. Aside from the UK based online shop, there is a variety of online stores that carries the brand, with various designs of the little pots. Simply googling STEAMCREAM should get you plenty of results. It’s a good idea to compare though, because prices, especially including shipping, do vary quite a bit.

It claims to have all natural, ethically sourced ingredients, and when they can, they try to be organic. Furthermore, STEAMCREAM is 100% cruelty free, vegetarian and vegan. Which is a total bonus.

I will say, that it has a very strong scent. It positively reeks of lavender. If you like/love lavender, this is likely totally your jam. But if you don’t, you might not like a whole lot. The Japanese have special versions, like an SPF 20 one and others, but so far, we only have the regular one, which is better than nothing.

Photo of the day: 7.3.2017 (day 66)

STEAMCREAM comes in a re-useable tin. As in: you can clean it out afterwards and use it to store small things. These tins come in a ton of designs (mine is number 577, ‘nuff said) and from what I understand, they are quite collectable by a lot of people. I’m not going to start collecting tins, but I like that I can pick a design I like and then afterwards re-use it. Even if it is to store hair elastics or something like that.
My tin was brought back from Japan by my friend Aurélie, which is why it also has a limited edition Alice in Wonderland design from the STEAMCREAM x Disney collab.
Mostly, Aurélie brought it along because bringing it back from Japan was the cheapest way for me to try it (thanks again Aurélie!).

Good for body, hair and face. Used to hydrate dry skin, as a hair mask, to remove make-up or to soothe insect bites (that last one definitely my favourite use).
I have to admit I have never used mine on my face or as a make-up remover (or facial cream full stop) but I will say that it does really hydrate dry skin (I use it on my body and hands) and it does work wonders against mosquito bites.
It's also a pretty good hair mask. I use it on the ends of my hair once a week and let it sit like that for about 10 minutes and then just wash it out under the shower.


All that said, is it worth the price tag?
Initially I would have said no, because I feel like there are other products out there that are less expensive, or the same price for more content. And that last longer, because you only have 6 months to go through a tin of STEAMCREAM. Which is of course totally doable if you use it every day, but if you, like me, pretty much only use it in ultra-dry skin emergencies or to soothe insect bites, that’s another story.

BUT, after having used it for a few months, and having discovered that when my skin goes Sahara dry, this is a legit alternative to Weleda’s infamous Skin Food, I have changed my mind. Because whilst this doesn’t 100% get absorbed by your skin, it is also not a disgusting greasy mess that is Skin Food (Skin Food is awesome, if you’re at home and it doesn’t matter that you are a greasy mess). Also: this soothes insect bites, and as I get horrid reactions to mosquito and horse fly bites, I love this.

So yes, whole heartedly YES, for me this is worth the money.

Especially because this is a travel friendly tin that is so multi functional.
Basically it's a hydrating body and face cream, make-up remover, hair mask and insect bite soother all in one, which I think is pretty awesome, even though I don't use it for all of those purposes.

Mind you, I am totally trying the new peppermint and aloë STEAMCREAM version they have out in Japan, thanks to my friend Aurélie, who has totally become my STEAMCREAM dealer haha.

[User Picture]From: countlibras
2017-05-18 03:21 pm (UTC)
I don't know why but I feel like there should chocolates or candy inside that tin instead. lol!
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[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2017-05-18 05:48 pm (UTC)
IKR! I blame the Japanese for putting cute candies in cute tins :)
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